episode 2….

The girl could see two men standing with a suitcase before her. when they both smiled at her she politely said ” I’m sorry. if you both are here for selling something thn pls go away… we r nt gng to buy it”.
the man just smiled at her and said “oh.. madam… we r nt here for selling… we want to meet Swara.. “.
the tall man out of the two continued ” we are her friends… school mates…. we came here to meet her… “.
a wide Grin came across her face and exitedly the girl says
” Ohoo… wait… don’t tell me that you are sahil and you are rahul… ” .
she is very much exited now.
but the two handsome gentleman shook their head in a no.
then the man told with a goofy grin” ah… I’m Rahul and he is sahil… so u are partly right and partly wrong… ” .
she smiled.
Rahul continued.. ” ma’am if u are done with your interrogation now… can we enter your apartment miss…… ??”
“Ragini … ragini gadodia… Swaras bestie… from our college days we both are together ” she could see the weird look on their faces now and she realized what her sentence meant.. ” no… no… not tat together yaar… we are friends only… now I can confirm tat u both are Swara’s friends… dirty minds ” she said and laughed. both sahil and Rahul also joined her laughter.

“also we both are working together in an architectural firm here.”
Sahil was looking at the door and gave we-r -still -standing -outside look.
ragini realizes it a and tells them ” shd I ask U to come inside… it’s more like urs… so come in… ” .
both the boys were very comfortable with ragini and thats when they heard sound from the kitchen.
” u lazy goose.. r u still here… n whom are u flirting with now??? ” .
” offo Swara… just come out and see to it yourself.. ” ragini said laughing.
Swara comes out with her casuals and her hair tied in a messy bun. she looks adorable in Watevr she wears sahil thought. he shoved his thoughts away when Swara ran to them and hugged them. sahil had a crush on Swara from his school days but he dint let her know about his feelings because he feared loosing her friendship.

“sahillllll… raaahulll…. hey… how are u both…? long time yar… how come here suddenly? ”
Rahul “we ca.. ” but will our Swara let him speak… that too when she is super exited ?? no way…
” wer is Preethi? dint she come wid u? and wat happened to ur crush Rahul ” she said wid a mischievous smile and again continued ” wat is Tis …? only I’m speaking.. u ppl r nt even replying… how mean? ” she said with a pout.
sahil smiled seeing her childishness .
all the three were waiting for her to stop but then they realized that this girl can keep talking for ages. so sahil said ” Yo… bullet train… stop… relax… now breathe in… breathe out … if u talk like this then u ll choke and die… ” . they couldn’t hold back anymore. they burst out laughing seeing Swara.

Swara gave her stupid grin which made them laugh even more.
she said ” acha sorry… now tell… ” .

“hey shona.. wait… did someone hit u on ur head or are u having memory loss r something? ” Rahul smiled widely and continued
” dint I text you tat I ll b comin today in fb… u dumbo “.
Swara scratched her head and said ” I din see rahul” .

ragini interrupted them ” so Swara.. now tat ur childhood buddies are here… I ll get to know all ur dirty Lil skl secrets ” she gave a devilish smile and winked at her.. ” bt guys u continue… I have a very important work to b completed… I ll just finish tat crap and I ll join u in an hour.. okay.. now bye” . she smiled and left.

so now the three idiots were left alone. they startd talking about their class fun, pranks and all. in fact they went back to their childhood itself. they had tears in their eyes thinking about their happy days in school. they laughed thinking about the times they cried together. the three were happily chit chatting.

Rahul asked Swara if she remember what day is today and smiled. but hearing about the day swara’s face fell. a silent tear escaped her eye and wiped it fast so that they don’t notice.
but alas! friends are friends. no matter how far we go and how long we don’t see each other … the feeling remains the same. both the boys were so protective about Swara from their school days.
Rahul thought of something else wen he mentioned about the date… but then he realised that he reminded something else.
he asked Swara concerned ” shonu… is everything okay? ” .
Swara flushes away those memories which she wanted to forget but couldn’t. she plasters a fake smile on her face and continues ” I’m alright… wats wrong wid me… it’s just that something went inside my eyes” .
this was enough for rahul. ” shona… u r my baby… u know I have tat extraordinary talent of catching up lies easily…. so now stop cooking up some story and tel me Wat happened… ” said Rahul concerned and threw his protective arms around her.
Swara tried diverting the topic. Suddenly the door opened with a thud and the man standing outside said with a frown ” fr how long will u act as if nothing happened shona…? “.

So guys… This is my second episode… Plssssssss do comment… Whom do is think of the man?

Credit to: Madhu

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