SWASAN – school love — two shots ( 2 shot)

Hi friends thank u for the valuable comment and votes. Thanks to uzmasham, sus, ricky, mars, anu and tara for ur valuable comments. so here is the last shot. Epilogue is also there for this story.



Swara stop thinking about sanskar and don’t even turn his side and see him today or again u will dream about that idiot and u will betray ur hrithik darling. Huh swara go to class instead of standing in corridor. Oh my god today i am late because of that idiot i could not sleep properly in night and I got up late it’s all because of him.


When swara entered the class sanskar came and blocked her from entering into the class

SWARA ?: y r u blocking my way move aside.

SANSKAR: late comer are not Allowed inside the class.

SWARA : what the hell i am late because of only u

SANSKAR ?: what did i do that u r late because of me ?

SWARA : only because of i did not get sleep and I tried to betray my hrithik. Poor he if he gets to know this then I don’t know what he will do.?

SANSKAR ? what the hell drama is this swara? And who is this hrithik?

SWARA: what u don’t know hrithik u know how much famous he us and u don’t know him?

SANSKAR: no i don’t know now what a big deal.

SWARA : ?don’t u dare to say a word against my hrithik he is my everything?.

SANSKAR: go to hell with ur hrithik.

SWARA: i will go to hell or heaven so what for u ah ?

Before sanskar could say any thing laksh sahil and all came and asked swara to go.

SANSKAR: crazy girl always want to eat my brain and first of all who is this hrithik ???

LAKSH: sanskar y r u getting jealous when she say hrithik

SANSKAR: no dude i am thinking how that hrithik( he don’t know that hrithik is hrithik roshan ?) manage this crazy girl yaar that it nothing else beter en me and swara.

SAHIL : really dude there is nothing between u both i saw yesterday how she helped u when u where hurt.

SANSKAR : so what all will help in that time.

KUNAL : much much hita hai.

SANSKAR : nothing like u people think.

KUNAL : arrest i just said the movie name.

SANSKAR : so funny i will laugh later for ur joke.


Swara was coming in a hurry as she has to submit her assignment and just then she bumped into  sanskar and both fell on each other  in the ground swara hugged sanskar tightly and closed her eyes feeling scared. And both there heart beat where beating rapidly .Sanskar held her by waist there lips sightly touched?‍❤‍?‍? with each other which made them shock and they both felt some different feeling when there lips brushed each other  ?and all the teacher ?where seeing this scene with wide eyes ?and some with closed eyes? swara slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to see sanskar who was holding her tightly she was on top of him in the floor then slowly she again looked at sanskar who was already looking at her both shared a eyelock which was broke by the teacher?

TEACHER (to SWASAN) : what are u both doing ?

SWASAN: sir it all because of her/he.

SWARA :no sir it was all because of sanskar he came in middle.

SANSKAR: no sir it was because of swara she coming hurriedly and dashed me sir.

SWARA: no sir sanskar is the culprit.

SANSKAR : no sir it’s because of swara

SWARA: sir sanskar

SANSKAR: sir swara

SWARA: sanskar

SANSKAR: swara.

TEACHER : ?ah u both stop and go to ur class. Today i have to take 10 headache tablets because of this two.?

Soon both SWASAN went to class but they where in there own thought thinking about today’s incident how they dashed there eyelock and there liplock? while thinking about there liplock they felt 100 butterfly flying inside there stomach.

SWARA after feeling 100 butterfly flying inside her stomach thought : I think I am hungry that y i feel some difference in my stomach. Swara don’t think too much and start eating. Soon swara stared eating just then kavita her classmate went near sanskar and proposed him which made swara hell angry on her and jealous.


SANSKAR ?: kavita what is this i have never seen u in this angle i was always think u as my sister? and how can u propose me like this see i have lots to fulfill then only i will think about this love and all but now i am really sorry and for ur kind information i treat u as my sister only. After saying this sanskar goes but swara felt hurt that he won’t think about love and all.

But days passed soon now they are in 10th standard all was going smoothly always SWASAN used too fight with each other like this even 10th standard also completed sanskar left the school even swara also left no one is in contact with each other but sanskar was in contact with his friends.




now I have finished my UNDER GRADUATION AND I PERSUED MBA AND  FINISHED MY GRADUATION now I am going to join SHARMA COMPANY  as MR. SS’s PA i have heard lots about him HIS QUALIFICATION IS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT (CA)AND  COMPANY SCERATARY (CS). i have heard that he is kadoos boss. Huh y do i care about him ok swara let’s sleep as tomorrow is ur first day to meet and go to office. Swara got up after 5 minutes and said to herself ah y i still think about him i still can’t forget him after a long eight years leaving my school but also i am still thinking only about sanskar. Will he think the same about me ofcourse no he is very hardworking fellow he never even see a girl then y he will be thinking about me. By now he would have forgot me. But I can’t forget him i thought I will forget him easily but no i can’t forget as he is my first love. DID U HERE WHAT IS SAID YES SHE SAID RIGHT HE IS HER FIRST LOVE.

When I was in 9th standard kavita proposed him that time I felt like killing her and after that he said to his friends that

SANSKAR : i hate love and all yaar that to in this age no way I am from an middle class family i have some duties like i have to study well and do job and make my parents proud i hate people who don’t care about this things and love in small age itself if she loves me truly then she should come after i am settled in my life and when she is settled in her life if she comes that time and propose then I will think about accepting or not but in this age it’s just an attraction that all i am a passing cloud after some days she will forget if it is an attraction but if she loves me truly somehow destiny will make us together.

After hearing this that time I felt little sad soon i started realising that I am in love with sanskar but I can’t express my love as he already hates me and he will hate me more soon i left the school after 10th i thought I will forget him and move on but I got to know i love him truly but he will never understand that but I still love him i don’t know where is he ? How is he ? And what is he ? But my love for him is still the same. Thinking about all this swara sleeps.




A boy is getting ready in white shirt black blazer and black pant looking like a Greek god damn hot the world call him SS but still no one knows him media are trying to take his pics but they cant. Soon he got ready and took blessing from his parents and started to go for his office.


Swara to herself oh swara how u could get up late first day itself if u are late then what that SS will do oh god swara fast fast.

SKEHAR : beta slowly don’t go in a hurry.

SWARA: ok papa bye saying this she started her scooty.


Swara was going in jet spoedig in her scooty just then a BMW Car hit her scooty and she fell down. Swara took a stone and hit the glass of the bmw car the owner came out both SWASAN felt there heart beat beating rapidly but ignored.

SWARA’ hy don’t u have eyes can’t u come properly.

MAN : hy it’s ur fault u came in middle

SwARA : idiot because of u my scooty has got hurt?

MAN: stupid girl?

SWARA: u r stupid huh waste of time fighting with u today i have to meet Mr.SS

MAN (Smirked) : who are u for him?

SWARA: i am his sweet PA , huh i am saying u all this and wasting my time if I get late in first day itself that kadoos boss will kill me.

Saying this she goes the man angrily looks at her.


SWARA(to receptionist) : can i meet SS i am his new PA.

RECEPTIONIST: sure mam, sir room iss in second floor mam

SWARA: thank you.

Saying this swara went and now she is outside in his cabin. Swara knock on the door

SS : come in

Swara entered and she get shocked to see the same man who is siting in the SS cabin

SWARA : you what are u doing here ?

SS : oh SWARA METHA this is my office then where I will be.

Swara sakes faces where as SS smiles seeing her like this but hides his smile.

SS : so miss swara metha pls start doing ur work.

Swara left the cabin making faces

SS(to himself) : same attitude which she had 8 years before she has never changed a little same swara as when I saw in school she is always ready to eat my brain huh but she did not find me who i am she only know me as SS  but not as SANSKAR SHARMA. But she is more beautiful then she was in school days.


That’s it for today. There is an epilogue for this story which will continue

How sanskar knows swara ?

Will swara find out that SS is her sanskar ?

Do sanskar love her ?

Sanskar pov ?

I know this part is boring will try to give an interesting epilogue. Pls vote and comments



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