SWASAN – school love — two shots ( 1 shot)

Hi friends remember me, thank you all for ur valuable time and comments for the previous stories. So let’s start with the characters.

Studying 8th standard in xyz school. Love his family alot. He best friends are laksh, sahil, kunal (from ek shringaar swabhiman) and karan (from ek shringaar swabhiman). And he is a first rank holder?, very punctual, arrogant?.

SANSKAR mom is sujatha and father is ram.

SWARA METHA : (age 13)

Free going girl, she easily mingles with everyone. Last rank holder? , very bubbly ?,  love to make friends?, she has just now joined xyz school as before she was studying in Bangalore.

So let’s see how they fall in love. If they love will it succed till end. LETS BEGIN THE STORY.


A girl sleeping cuddling with her teddy bear and dreaming about hrithik roshan?

Hrithik roshan : swara i love U i want to marry u. Will u marry me ?

SWARA : yes yes yes I love u so  much pls marry me. Saying this swara came near hrithik and was about to kiss him? but she  falls from the bed as a girl kicks her.

RAGINI : ( ELDER  sister of swara, thinking about hrithik roshan swara was about to kiss RAGINI where RAGINI pushed her swara fell from the bed.)

SWARA : ? oach di because of u i could not kiss my darling hrithik all because of u.

RAGINI:? stupid girl he is already married and has a kid of your age but u without any shame was going to kiss me thinking him thank god u did not kiss me. U know i have saved this lips for my future husband?‍❤‍?‍? thank god u were going to steal my first kiss.?

SWARA: ?god di who is going to kiss u? i was going to kiss my hero but u came in middle? and saying me. Huh kabab mein haldi?. Morning itself u started disturbing me and my dream.

RAGINI: get ready soon u have to go to ur new school dr.

SWARA :  kk d saying this she kissed RAGINI cheeks and ran away.

RAGINI :pagal.



A boy is studying? just then his mom came.

SUJATHA: sanskar drink your milk and get ready to school. Today’s is ur first day of 8th standard and u did not even go to school but u started studying. Even in summer holidays u were studying huh i think u fell in love with ur books?. I think my bahu will be a book only?.

SANSKAR : mom don’t say a word against my book?. I can’t tolerate it. And u must be proud if books become ur bahu?.

SUJATHA ? get ready to school.


Swara is damn nervous but excited also just then she is a boy of her age and asking him about 8th class room.

SWARA( to boy): hy you. The boy looks here and there then asked her.

BOY?: me

SWARA: yes you only come here. The boy comes and ask what.

BOY: what ?

SWARA(with attitude): where is 8th class room ?

BOY(thinks for a while and said): on second floor left side first room.

SWARA: ok. Saying this she goes and when she reached she get shocked seeing d place as it was a 2nd standard class????. She got hell angry on that boy?. Who played a prank with her. She asked some how and went to d class but she got shocked to see the same boy she went and started scolding him.

SWARA?: how dare u to play prank on swara metha.

BOY: if u would asked me politely i would have said u but u did not even say thank so I played a prank on u that it. Stop showing ur attitude towards me.?

Just then a guy called this boy

LAKSH : hy sanskar what happened ?

( S d boy is none other than sanskar sharma)

SANSKAR :nothing let’s go.

SWARA : let me see u afterwards sanskar. Saying this she said and started making friends with everyone except sanskar. Like this days passed but swara and sanskar used to fight a lot they both were enemies for each other but sahil, laksh , kunal and karan where friends of swara also. Like this a year passed but SWASAN where always fighting.


All where playing in the ground and sanskar fell down but actually no one saw him except swara she saw him fallinf and ran towards him and took her kerchief and wipped the blood and took him to first aid room and applied medicine which he hissed in pain seeing him in pain she felt hurt but ignored it.


Swara was not getting sleep she was thinking about sanskar his pain and she was thinking y i helped him i hate him but y i helped him and y i am feeling hurt when he is hurt god please save me. Swara was sleeping think about this ligging her teddy bear and dreaming about sanskar not about hrithik roshan haan so funny right. SWARA got up from sleep as she dreamed as she was about to kiss sanskar ?‍❤‍?‍?but she got up in shock?. Oh god what is happening to me y i Am dreaming about sanskar i have to dream only hrithik oh my god? i am betraying my hrithik ?. No i can’t do this. I think it is an attraction towards sanskar as he is handsome. Wait wait did i say handsome no only my hrithik is handsome no one else is handsome more than him. See swara it an infatuation forget him and dream about hrithik.

Ok guys that it for today it a two shot so let’s the next shot whether they will love each other or not ?

Will swara betray hrithik ?

How  sanskar will react when he gets to know about swara love ?

Will he accept ot it’s an attraction ?

I know SWASAN scenes are less next chapter is full of SWASAN. It’s a two shot story with epilogue.

I know the story is boring . pls give any suggestions or any scenes u want of SWASAN i will add on my next shot.

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