Swasan-Saza (Epi -3)

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Precap: uttra marriage day.. sanskar knows swara behind preperations


Swara: Does it sad you Mr. Maheshwary? Would be better if I stayed in hospital?”

Sanskar was hurt by her thought but to him it was better than thinking he is still caring her

Sanskar: Don’t run from my question!! What are you doing here?”

“I think you have been here long enough to know, now excuse me”

Sanskar caught her and stop her from going “with what right ah?? WHY you here?? Wasn’t enough what you did two days ago miss wedding planner!! Ragini said it na, you are no longer responsible here.. then y u come back… whyyy??”

“I may not be here as wedding planner Sanskar, but Uttra is like my sister…..”

“That’s not true swara…. Not true… had you forget again ah… how many times i have to tell you ah… you broke our relation, then in what right you want to be here ah”

“Just because I broke my relation with you that it means I do that with them too … now please leave me I have many to manage”

She was leaving again but sanskar don’t find another one to out his pain on “sure, you are wedding is coming soon and many to do na”

Swara stopped “my wedding? Please stop that nuances”

“why should i? In fact now I know why you are here exactly!! For the papers right!”

“papers? What papers?”

“oh you will play now swara!! Please don’t, you are better than this”

“Play what Sanskar?!, I don’t know what you talk about!!”

“About the blo*dy divorce papers your father sent to me”

Swara was numbed for the word as she know nothing about it

“What nonces Sanskar?”

Sanskar hold her tight by shoulder “so it’s the end ah, after touring me apart now you want divorce ah?? You are father had sent me the papers to sign for second time. In the end you fill full you are propose, you will marry that nikil ah”

Swara pushed him hard “just shut up Sanskar, enough is enough”

“EXACTLY, enough is enough. YOU are not here for Uttra, You are here for me, to make me suffer; you just can’t sit still don’t you!! You spoil uttra engagement and now want to spoil the shadi too ah…”

Swara can’t believe it “I spoil uttra engagement??! I got insulted and you say I spoil it”

“insult yea right… and how much you want for that dance ah… did you like it ah… how men were eyeing you, how that man gave you money… do you want money now swara ah ah… yes swara you spoil my sister life, you only by that dance. It wasn’t enough leaving this house and tore everything apart now you come for my sister….”

Sanskar throw out all his poisoned pain on swara, swara eyes tear, she just can’t believe it…

Swara in mind: this is how you see me sanskar!! Me… your swara, you think I spoiled uttra life, how could you? Those eyes fall of hatred, why sanskar??

Sanskar grip around swara’s shoulder loosened, and he kept gazing her, he don’t know why he tell all that, all he know he has great pain in his heart…

Swara moved back and weep her tears and look at sanskar eyes “I wish I never regained memory when I forgot you or perhaps died that day… perhaps then I wouldn’t have spoiled uttra’s life……. Or… or yours”

Swara was chocking with her tears and turn to leave but sanskar can’t believe what she just said… she wished to forget him

Sanskar shouted “where you think you going?”

He griped swara wrist and rotate her to him, she stample in her heels and collapse on sanskar who lost balance and both fall to bed…

Swasan “ ouch… ahhh”

Swara was on top of sanskar, they had intense eye lock of their pain and love.

Same moment ghyatri enter the room as she was looking for sanskar to tie uttra veil to chirage and saw swasan in that position along with sujata…

Sujata with gasp: Sanskaar!

Swasan separate immediately and swara were adjusting her duppta

Ghayatri: What is going on here! Haan? What is this?? (she was pointing to swara) Look at you, girl! People are outside with the wedding party and you.. doing shamless .. chi… How dare you!

she was giving swara low looks while Sanskar was closing his eyes hopping swara don’t get much insult….

ghayatri: I already had suspicions regarding your character. That’s why, I had told Ragini to keep you as a sidekick in my son’s wedding.

Swara try explain: please, nothing is …(but ghayatri interrupt her )

Ghayatri: Girl, i dont want to hear your weak excuses…. how could you do this? Are you so greedy for money? You are so fond of money that you indulge in wrong doing!

Swara was totally shock of insult she is getting, she gets dizzy feeling and looked to Sanskar for help but he wasn’t even looking to her…

Ghayatri: You do such heinous things in order to earn money na! What did you think ah? Since he is rich and handsome, he ll go against society for you, so you use your body… He is a guy, he ll use you for several nights to satisfy his lust giving you money and throw you like nothing.

Swara were shading tears, feeling herself so low

Ghayatri: Don’t shade your crocodile tears in front of me. I know girls like you very well. First, you try to impress rich men, After that, you pretend to be as sacred as the Ganges.
Infidelity is in your nature. But today I will punish you for such low manner

Ghyatri told all this and swara kept seilent, what to tell anyway??!, nothing, or uttra shadi will be spoiled, she looked for sujata for help but she gave her helpless look. Sanskar wanted to interfere but again stopped by sujata hands holding him…

Ghayatri: you are such low characterless girl; your true colors must be shown.

By that ghayatri pull swara hand and drag her all the way to the hall…

“Stop this shadi now; I can’t believe this happen in such decent family as yours”

All hall went in shock as what may happen to stop shadi in middle of rituals

Dp: ghayatri ji, what happen ??!

Ghayatri: what happen, let me tell you…. This girl (showing swara) such low and characterless one.

Maheshwary was shocked of her words, specially that swara hold special place to them… Sanskar wanted to stop all this, this insult was going too far…

Ghayatri; this girl tries to spoil my son shadi, and when she can’t I found her do shameless things with your son in bed room… chi…


Precap: breaking the wedding


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  1. Independent

    What happened to sanskar, why is he numb

  2. Seebu_s

    to be honest,hated sanskar…sanskar didnt even said anything to gayatri..sanskar always stood for swara,even if they have fights…but here sanskar is just numb…i didnt like that dear…sorry if i hurt u…

    1. Rajkumari

      Not at all dear… its ur right to say ur pov… and i can replay tat but i ll b burning it… so my humble request… b paient with me and bear two more eqisodes thn you will understand from my pov y sanskar isnt moving… please… tats all . Thanks

  3. Hi You are posting this ff on durga imgnary world fanfiction can u please send me link of that page i read you this ff on that page and nice ff.

    1. Rajkumari

      Hai dear… ys i do and here is link but pls dont stop commenting here


  4. Gayathri.visu

    What happened to Sanskaar? Why he didn’t defend for Swara? Plz let make Sanskaar only breaks the marriage, not anyone else! Waiting for next part.

    1. Rajkumari

      Welll what to say… i cant reavel much.. all i can say is sorry… to make thm tightly together i have my own plans.. all i ask is to bear with me….

  5. nice……….

  6. i didnt like both swasan..continue soon

    1. Rajkumari

      May i ask why you didnt like thm… does tat mean you wont read anymore??

  7. Nice…..

  8. Arshaanya

    Acc to me by not takin stand for swara his chrctr is spoiled for me in fis ff…
    For his sis hez not speaking up for his wife…
    Sorry if i hurt u bt d way u r showing maheshwaris n sanskar u r jus spoiling dere chrctrs… i mean i cannot love dem later if dis keep on goin…
    U made spineless shekhar takin stand for swara ?? n sanskar lyk dis

    1. Rajkumari

      i am really sorry if i make you feel bad, but its what u said and more clear will be done, so hold with me, and as ff going it will change again.. so hope liitle paient, bas

  9. i hated sanskar…continue soon

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