Swasan-Saza (Epi -2)

Hello all i hope u enjoy epi. 2 as much as epi 1

precape: shekhar ask sanskar to sign divorce papers…. swara in hospital… sanskar hear her convo with nikil….


Sanskar left the hospital and his mind stormed by swara words…

” you say this coz you don’t know him”

“it pained me”

He was driving madly around the city

“those eyes where I used to see love now I see only hatred”

He was driving madly and stirring the wheel hard

“he promised that Sanskar and swara name will eco each morning”,

He remembered that time when he gave her the blue dress, their pacnic, the time the pandit set their wedding day, he scream his voice out while driving

” he was my husband and will be forever”

he stop his car with a jerk when he remembered how she dances yesterday, and how helpless he was.

Sanskar monologue: uncle Shekhar was right… only me has the right to punish you swara, for leaving me, for touring our relationships… but … but, I’m sorry swara… I didn’t protect you, I’m sorry.

Sanskar tears flow and how swara was insulted, the guy that gave her money…. He was going mad…he stop at place and got down from car… he wanted to do anything to sooth his pain… start beating near tree with his hand hit continuously till he fall on floor with scratched hands badly.

He remembered their romantic moments more, their kiss, their bold…. He was losing her and the idea mad him like hell. But in the end he took his car and back to house.

Next day another function was settled in MM, in a room

Ghayatry: what happened is great insult to us, how dare that ragini do that and break the agreement? Who was that man who came and talk to sanskar ah? Who… sujata ji…

Sujata: please … please calm down ghayatry ji, what happened was… was out of reach… we are sorry please…

Ghayatry: how you will repay our insult ah, is tat man relate to ur bengali bahy??

MAheshwart was tensuoned at her question…

Sanskar: ghayatri ji… please.. what happened as happened… lets not ruin the function please

Ghayatri took breath: hmmm ur right but such insult must never happen again sumji. All thus happen due to bengalis… ur wife and then that swara..that low Bengali girl… (sanskar fist his hand sooooo tight trying to remain calm hearing his wife being insult) Just remmber tommorow is the shadi…. must should ever happen… it must be perfect….

Sujata: haan haan ghayatri ji… you dont worry … every thing ll be ok

Maheshwary servant came in: Sanskar ji… someone came to give you these papers

Sanskar wasn’t waiting papers from office so he checks them. It was the most papers he hates, divorce papers… and a letter

Shekhar “sign those papers Sanskar; I won’t let you hurt my girl any more, don’t make us go to court. Leave my swara alone and free her since you can’t protect her”

DP: what are these papers Sanskar?

Sanskar felt anger go through him, swara can’t be for someone else, and the fact Shekhar throw in his face “you can’t protect her”

Sanskar: just some rubbish badi papa

Sanskar tore the papers to pieces and throw in garbage next to him

Ghaytri: last time Annapurna ji, don’t let our expectation down.

And that day end with no problems … but the gready ghayatri asked to increase Maher (sorry guys i dnt know what u call in hindi) and surly sujata agreed and paied….

Next day was Uttra shadi, Everything was going fine, one girl was standing in corners with big glasses and hiding, none other swara… she was keeping an eye on preparations actully she knew the new wedding planners and asked them to secretly help them in wedding preperations… and no one knew that.. even ragini. She kept close eye on everything and how its going.

A waiter was roaming with drinks and he would give drinks to Uttra and chirage to exchange drinks..

On the way he trampled and fall only to spill the drinks on chirage and again a great embrace was there and ghayatri kept scolding the waiter for what he did

Sanskar offered to give chirage one of his sherwani, but ghayatri kept on scolding and how this happen and all… then one of wedding planners came with wedding sherwani, classy and amazing….

Ghayatri: who brought that hm?

WP: mam, our office make emergency plans for everything, please don’t worry

Situation was saved and Uttra was in moist eyes as why all this happen to her, but more important to her is something else… she excused everyone to go to her room and fix her state. Sanskar felt worry on his sister and how her face was pale, he follow her to her room but one voice make him froze in his spot, his sister sopping..

Uttra: why all this happens to me bhabhi? Why me? Can’t I marry like all girls?

Sanskar shatter for his sister words but the word he heard shatter him more followed by a voice

Swara: aari Uttra, nothing like this … shshshs.. all will be fine!! Bhabhi here na…

Sanskar slowly beep in room and watched his sister sopping bitterly in swara embrace, then she raised her head from swara’s shoulder

Uttra gaze swara: why you came bhabi? Ragini bhabhi said you won’t be responsible for me shadi any more…

Swara: oh Uttra how you think I will leave your shadi ah? Khabhi nahi… come on (weeping her tears) you shouldn’t be crying in you are shadi ever… hmm

Uttra: thank you bhabhi…

Swara without realize: in friendship no sorry no thank you….

Swara face turns sad as she remember each time Sanskar told her those words…

Uttra: bhabhi tum….

Swara cut her words: shsshsh come on all will be searching for you now come on…

Swara sit Uttra veil and make up… she admire Uttra beauty and put black spot for her…

Swara; challo Maheshwary girl… go to your life…

Utrra moved and Sanskar hide in a corner and watch his sister leaving, after seconds swara was about to leave also but she found someone pull her arm and push her again in and close the door…

she was shocked to see Sanskar in front of her … she didn’t want anyone to know about her handling Uttra shadi, and it wasn’t so hard for him to understand that it’s her who brought the sherwani…

Swasan gaze each other for a while then swara start to move out again but Sanskar stood on the way and his hands on his waist

“What are you doing here??” swara gave no replay so his shouted a bit “I said what are you doing in my sister wedding, wasn’t you in hospital?”

Sanskar without relies show his concern but swara thought else

“Does it sad you Mr. Maheshwary? Would it be better if I stayed in hospital?”

another epi…..

hope you still can support my concept…

precap: tamasha

till then allah hafiz

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