Swasan-Saza (Epi -1)

Asalaam alikom all

here i am with another ff…


saza ia a swaragini twist about swasan after swara dances in uttra engagement

cant tell much as i preferre you enjoy reading… so go ahead


Swara danced on dwaaani mastani song….

After the dance swara ran outside the MM not believing that not even one of her family defend her, she agree to dance and insult herself for them, for Uttra, but to be treated that much low and no one defend her that was too much for her… not even the love of her life, the one she was and still ready to give him her life, didn’t defend her with even look…

Back to party Sanskar was standing couldn’t even follow swara and feeling so much angry about himself, only him would hurt swara, but not in public and not that way… but his sister was on the other side, and he was tied…

At hospital nikil and ragini were leaving the hospital when they found swara coming, but not walking with smile hope, not even running with urge eyes to know what happen, swara was coming shutted eyes on hospital bed


Nikil was shocked too: swaraaaaa

Nurses where running with swara bed, and both joined them

Ragini: what happened to her?

Nurse: do u know her??!

Ragini: haam, she is my sister, what happen pls??

Nurse: she was found on street fainted but she fall on rock so her head is bleeding, she need operation now…

Nikil: swara, swara open Ur eyes swara…

Bed was entered to operation room

Nikil: hw this happen, we left in the engagement na? Then…

Ragini called one of the managers and knew what happened, and immediately cry for hw much insult her sister took, and all this one way or another was her responsible… she told nikil also, and he was very angry to the max…

Nurse came: we need money for hospital

Ragini call her mom and dad and they came immediately and paid everything…

Shekhar: hw this happen ragini… bolo

Ragini didn’t know what to say but nikil didn’t shut up: I ll tell u uncle

R: nahi nikil

N: y ragini… give me one reason…

Sharmeshta: bolo beta , kya hwa??

Nikil told them everything and Shekhar blood boild and move from there with nikil and both reached MM

Shekhar at top stairs and nikil beside him: SANSKAAAAAAAR

Shekhar looked so angry and his shout shocked everyone around, specially the Maheshwary, and sujata was so afraid that her daughter engagement ll b spoiled. Shekhar descended followed by nikil and stand in front of Sanskar

Shekhar: I have one question and I want one answer. What I am to u?

Sanskar didn’t know hw to answer, he have respect for Shekhar, consider him as a papa, but he can’t say so now

Sujata: Shekhar ji, pls…

Shekhar: sujata ji pls, I’m talking with Sanskar. What I am to u?

Gayatry: what’s going on in here? HW he talks to u like this?

Shekhar looked so angry on the spoken woman: I said I’m talking to him and I need only one answer (but Sanskar didn’t replay)

Shekhar moved to DP: what I am to u DP?? (Also he couldn’t answer) now I see and now I got my answer, that’s all I wanted…

Ragini reached by that time also and looked angry as well, her father reached her and she gave him an assurance look as all ok and Shekhar left. Nikil was looking at Sanskar all the time with angry within him; he wished to smash Sanskar face right away but stopped by ragini who came in front

R: Mr. Sanskar Maheshwary!!! (She was about to take his hand but stopped) nahi, not like that (her open envelope she had and took a huge pack of money was inside and through at Sanskar feet) this is Ur money (with load voice) from today swaragini are not responsible for this wedding…. FIND SOMEONE ELSE….

Ragini gave looks to all Maheshwary in the place with anger of letting this happen and left

Nikil also couldn’t just leave and out tiny part of his rage in five words: u really don’t worth her (then followed ragini)

No one could understand what was going on and why?? Gayatry was shouting for explanation which none could give her…

After part Sanskar head to GM but it was closed, it was too late so he can’t knock and ask anyone… he called swara many times but her phone was closed and so ragini, neither Shekhar nor Sharmeshta pick their phones….

Next day morning there was another preparation r going but Maheshwary were still there and Shekhar came one more time and stand there with nikil…

Sujata: Shekhar pls understand what happen was out of our … (Shekhar stopped her by rising his hand)

Shekhar putting papers on table in front of Sanskar; sign those!!

Sanskar looked at them: what are these uncle??

Shekhar: now I’m uncle, yesterday u was coward to say it and now no problem…. It’s what u see, DIVORCE PAPERS…. Sign them

The word was like thunder to Sanskar: DI DIVORCE??!

Shekhar: did u think I ll leave my beti one more mint as ur wife after what happen.. Forget it… sign Sanskar Maheshwary

DP: Shekhar ji we understand Ur pain… pls try understanding….

Nikil: no u don’t sir… u dnt

Sanskar shouted: u dont interfere… this is family matter

Shekhar: but he is right!! U don’t DP… my beti, the most one I love and proud of is between life and death and I can’t do anything but watching, u don’t know that feeling DP… u don’t…

Words shock Sanskar: swara… life… death

AP: swara!! What happen to her???

Shekhar: that doesn’t matter u AP ji….. Coz if it did u would defend her last night…. Just hw could u stand like that??

Sujata: what u wanted us to do Shekhar ji… u don’t knot Gayatry ji is very strict …

Shekhar laughed: yes Ur right, I don’t!! But I know that when Ur son Adharsh fired u from home we took u in our homes, when u had no money we SHARED U OURS…. ( DP, RP, AP, Sanskar and sujata start having flash back of past) it was my swara who stand by u the whole time, she saved u from ragini, and Adharsh and Parinita, kavia who put u all in jail and kavita and almost died trying saving ur ultra from that low rajat… what was her award??? NOTHING…. Leave Sanskar aside, its wife husband matter, but she still Ur bahu and u allow this to happen…. And u Sanskar…. Do u know y I never interfere u and swara….

(No one dare to answer)

Shekhar: coz I always believed u two u ll find Ur way back. It took me 20 years to with Sharmeshta… and I was sure u won’t do the same mistake…. Yes my swara was wrong leaving u that way, but u just got too deep in ur pain forgetting hers… every day I saw her cry for u, every day she regret he decision and wished to come back, but ur actions never helped…. But that give u and only u the right to punish her…. But standing like that while another insult her that way…. That is not a man action Sanskar… those papers and send them, then forget my daughter, u two are no longer one…

Shekhar turn to leave but stopped: in this house my daughters find nothing but insult, first ragini when ur laksh married kavya, and now SWARA… u ll never b ek with my beti

Shekhar left, but nikil had many to say, but what tie him is swara: u know I indeed asked swara y she do all this, she said Uttra shadi was messed coz of me once and I won’t let that happen again, bit what is more even is for Sanskar…. For 2 days swara didn’t sleep just coz Sanskar didn’t like the designs… all the time Sanskar, Sanskar , Sanskar… now I know that u must had force her to marry u, and that u never loved her….

Sanskar catch nikil collar tight: haaaaaaaaaaaaai don’t speak something u don’t know

Nikil pushed him away: go to hell

Nikil left and all waited in hospital… Sanskar followed them and find out in which hospital swara is… swara was out from operation and was in her room, tired but ok… ragini and shekhar and Sharmeshta left for home leaving nikil and swara together…

Nikil: challo yaar u need to eat…

Swara: nikiiil leave me I don’t want too

Nikil: oh hello I’m not telling u, I’m ordering u…

Sanskar reached swara room that time and could hear their voices so he open door slowly watching swara barely taking and head tied in band while nikil sitting with her feeding her with spoon

Swara: fine yaar, thank u

Nikil: in friendship no sorry no thank u…

Swara pained for these words and her tears flow, nikil: aaari what happen?? These r Ur words Na…

Swara: nahi its not, its Sanskar words

Nikil got angry: pls swara don’t speak that name, he don’t worth u…

Swara: u says this coz u don’t know him…

Nikil: haan m all I know that he hate u so much… hw he forced u to marry him…

Swara: actually I forced him to marry me…

Nikil: kya…

Swara: remember that day when he said swara Sanskar Maheshwary and that he ll separate them…

Nikil: tsheeeee

Swara: it pained me, not because he said so, it’s because one day he promised that every morning swara and Sanskar names ll eco everywhere… u don’t understand nikil… Sanskar was and still everything to me, I love him, even in the time I give up on him and didn’t remember him, he still didn’t leave me, I can’t hate him nikil.. Even if I want too

Sanskar eyes were flowing tears…

Nikil; and hw u feel for them swara? This family didn’t move inch for u

Swara: but our good memories didnt fade, they was and still my family…

Nikil: and Sanskar??!

Swara; my husband, and whatever punishment he give me I ll accept… he do tat coz i hurt him so much.. but god knows as same he hurt i hurted myself too… the only thing that hurt me that those eyes where I used to look and find all love and support are the same eyes I see very much hate now… that what hurt the most

Swara reach for her small bag and out her mangalsutra and cry in silent same as Sanskar who left from there no knowing hw their life will continue.


Sooo that was today episode… i hopeyou like it

Precap: uttra wedding

till then allah hafiz

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  1. Raina

    this is very very very nice!!
    loved it SOOOOOO much..
    waiting for the next part eagerly!

  2. Superb and interesting dear plz update soon

  3. awesome update next part soon intresting

  4. awesome epi dr i liked shekhar supporting character

  5. Neptune

    omg that was ammmazzziinng yaar eagerly waiting for the next part. i would love to see swasan love story starting again

  6. Wonderfulll dear……continue soooon….vaiting fr another part n anther ff……tk cre

  7. nice start..

  8. Aarushi_99

    It was sooooo good! Loved it!!
    Specially Shekhar’s protective side, that we never got to see in SR…
    I’m waiting to see Sanskar’s next step…
    Update soon, take care!!

  9. Arshaanya

    First tym seeing spineless shekhar bhvng lyk dis ???.. its quite shockin for me…
    I think this was lil too much…
    We knw our swara is srrong n she did dat dance for uttara…
    She xant b weak lyk dis n nikhil n shekhar blaming sanskar was thoda ajeeb…

    1. Rajkumari

      As or shekhar ur right… hahaha well i thought to put some mind in him but dont worry soon he ll be back to normal side….
      as for our swara ys she is strong.. too much… sanskar always show hw he is shatter fr their seprate but she didny.. she always cry whn he taunts her but she is human how far could shr hold tat too from person she madly n love tats y i written tat way… shekhar and nikil blame sanskar ciz he cant see tat she is pained too and he keeps hurting her and when she was n hispital they lost senses… i hope u dony mind my pov.. thanks

  10. Nyc one but i felt too angry on shekhar….he was such a spineless creature how could he show soo much of love all of a sudden….also i feel like dat u showed maheshwari family too much harsh which they werent……and sanskar always respected shemish…in the show after leap too sanskar respected swara’s parents so how can he call him as uncle?? I told dis bcoz i felt dat u r continuing d storyline from d show ….

    1. Rajkumari

      First of all thanks for comment.. secondly shekhar always b spinless in all ffi wanted to change tat at least for swara… when tagini was hit by car and laksh asked for her shekhar was anger too na… tat is my point he should be in same way fr swara… as maheshwary i didnt show them harsh but powerless… dp colored shekhar father with black and rented goons.. i mean if he wanna defend anything nothing ll stop him nor he or ap or ram but they didnt fo tat fr swara na… instead ap daid u shouldnt hav done this.. like really!… and sujata is just same sujata … he kid and socity first… as for sanskar repsect.. no doubt in tat but i dodny know what sanskar should call him as im not indian so i used uncle word but no disrespect meant at all…. i hope i xleared all veiws and yes my story line starts from there.. thanks

  11. Meera_s

    nice but i didnt like shekar…

  12. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon

  13. nice dear…but swara is not that weak.
    .our sherni so strong…hated shekar…feeling bad for both swasan

    1. Rajkumari

      Being strong all time can be bad… i hate it she must show tat she misses him

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting…. But this is really Shekhar? All of sudden from where did he get this much angry n courage? I hate him! Waiting for next part.

    1. Rajkumari

      He always protect ragini na.. its shonna time once in his spinless life hahaha

  15. Pramudi

    Interesting dear.. But i’m surprised about shekhar. ? he is showing so much love on our swara more than his only helpless daughter. ?

  16. Seebu_s

    hmmm…i will go with flow…continue soon

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