Swasan – Saza (5)

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Previously: Uttra bold avatar… breaking wedding and sujata health problem regarding that


Sanskar phone ring and screen flash swara name and pic

“what do u want?”

“i.. I heard what happen to .. to ma.. how.. how”

Sanskar in mad tune “she is none of your concern, it’s all your fault, you messed my sister’s life, my mom state… all because of you swara… I will punish you swara… I swear I will”

On the other side, swara was totally broken now, his words earlier and now, much more on her hold…

“Sanskar, I told you before, whatever your punishment is I will accept it… bas please say na.. how is mom?!”

“I don’t want to hear those words from you.. just …. just think of your punishment, Swara Sanskar Maheshwary… tell your father I am not signing any papers ok… you are staying as my wife swara… this …. this is your punishment swara, and this is just beginning”

“Do you hate me Sanskar?”

Sanskar numbed for the question, not in a thousand years he would hate her, cause we don’t get hurt from people we hate, but people we loved, he still in love with her madly but his heart was in pain and mind in taruma and that’s why he want to give her pain too

“yes I do”

Swara didn’t even wait further and cut the call. She collapse to floor crying her heart out… Her Sanskar just told her he hate her, she had hope that after all things become fine they will be back once more, but now that hope vanished. Sanskar hate her and that’s the end of story.

Sanskar on the other side kept calling swara name after she hanged the call then throw his phone to be broken in shatters just as his heart, mind and soul, his tears flow. He was surprised of himself, how could he say those words???? how could he tell these to his swara????… why the hell couldn’t he end his pain of leaving her and tell her that he love her more than his own breath.

But nahi, she disobeyed his order even when he swore on his own life not to be ek again with MM, she left him for ragini. Its not that he hate what she did, some where in his heart he was thankful she kept ties with his family…. but the idea that his life swear meant nothing to her tored him.

She didn’t understand even when he knows very well that laksh is ruthless, his words about his mother and him was further painfull than he can hold. He is human not priest, but she broke all that and gone, and never looked to his state.. His back eyes, his slim body, his beard even when she knows that he hate beard.

She tore their relationship for six long months, she hold to stay away from his embrace for six month while he cry their days each night. He took his solace alcohol and start drinking as there was no tomorrow looking at their hanged pictures.

Next day at GM

Shome: swaraaa, swaraaa beta.. (she said while enter swara room but she didn’t find her there) where she gone?…

She went outside and informed ragini and Shekhar, they call her phone but her phone was at the pray corner… they kept waiting more time but swara didn’t return and worry start to invades their hearts.

Suddenly nikil came running


Ragini: kya hwa nikil?

Nikil looked at worried faces of them and rise a paper in his hand: swara… left….

All were shocked…

Shome; what u mean left??

Nikil start reading the paper

“mom, dad, ragini, nikil, by time you read this letter I will be far from here. I’m really sorry, I hope you forgive me, I will live far away from here by my own, and try to forget how my life became.

I’m really sorry that I disappoint you, but I can’t hold that look in Sanskar eyes anymore… I can’t hold his words anymore… please tell uttra I’m sorry for missing her shadi, I know now that I’m the worst ever… worst daughter, worst sister, worst dil, and worst wife.. Please all forgive me… Please tell Sanskar my sorry perhaps his heart forgive me one day for messing his life….Perhaps when I’m able to live again I will come back… your ungrateful daughter swara”

Shome and shekhar collapse for this, and shome tears falls and ragini fall to floor supported by nikil…. Swara was ragini energy these days and her only support, hospital search for laksh lead them nowhere as it was only a look like person, but not laksh and now she is totally alone… and ragini broke totally…..

Unfortunately uttra came to speak to swara about something when she heard her letter, she retreated and ran to MM again… she was sopping at stairs when she reached home..

Annapurna: uttra??!

Sanskar and sujata were sitting and shocked watching her that way… she ran and hugged Annapurna sopping

Annapurna: uttra!! Kya hwa beta? What happen??

Uttra: badi ma.. vo ..vo swara…

Sanskar heart fell hearing swara name, and yesterday convo ran to his mind…

Annapurna: what’s with swara?? What happen uttra tell…

Uttra: swara bhahi left Kolkata!!

All breaths stop

Sujata: left matlap? Where she gone?

Uttra: no one knows… I went to speak to her, but I heard nikil say she left the house and left a letter say she wont come back… badi maaaa… she left, baaaadi maaaa…

Uttra hugged her badi ma so tight sopping while Sanskar couldn’t just believe that, swara is gone, she did what he want and gone, then why he isn’t happy?

Sanskar turn to leave but uttra voice stopped him..

Uttra: she say to forgive her!!

All look confused to her…

Uttra: in the letter she said she is the worst bahu and worst wife and asks your forgiveness for messing your life…

The words squeezed Sanskar heart, and sujata too, they knew that swara did any but ruin Sanskar’s life. Sanskar left the mansion and drive madly he went to GM but didn’t dare to go in, he looked through window to sharmishta crying in ragini hug and she herself was crying bitterly, his swara left indeed.

Sanskar (monologue): Swara… swaraaa, where u gone jaan? Where are you? My heart isn’t bumbing anymore…. Swa…swaaaa…

Nikil interrupt Sanskar thoughts: if you are here then you surly heard it right!! Yes she is gone, she left whole place, now since your happy, read her letter perhaps you can forgive her.

Nikil hand Sanskar the letter with force pressing the paper to his chest and flew from there as he hate Sanskar a lot right now. Sanskar read the letter again and again and again. He moved out the badi feeling so anger about himself, he stops in a bar and start drinking nonstop.

Days flow and Sanskar rotten was office and being rude and bossy to employee, he immerged himself in work so he don’t give his mind a second to think about swara… he didn’t even try search for her.. why? Lets see

Sanskar POV

I couldn’t search her, I don’t want to find her, I don’t want to see her. Because I am so ashamed looking to her eyes knowing that I hurted her a lot, I and my words and my hell f**king ego separate her from her family.

But same time I was so angry and have great pain in my heart, especially after knowing that she really knew nothing about the divorce papers and it was only shekhar decision. She should have shouted me, stay with me, tell me truth but she choose to walk away… again….

Who I am fooling??! Her or myself?, I pushed her.. I did….

It has been a week, no sight of her, no voice nor a whisper, I catch dinner with family.. but something is missing.. someone is..

“where is uttra?”

I can see depression crawl on my family face

“she is in her room. She said she had eaten in collage” that’s mom replay, while i know the truth. She don’t want to eat with us, or precisely with me.

I left dinner table

Bade ma: finish your plate beta.

“Thanks badi ma I had my enough”

I marched to uttra room, since swara disappear I never talk to her, neither she collide with me, we both avoided each other. I get closer to her room; I think she talks with someone…

Uttra: I know you know something…. It doesn’t matter how I got your phone, please tell me.. I am worried… don’t tell me those words I must see myself… hello… helloooooo

I said in loud voice: the other person must hang the phone.

She turn in scared gesture, it seem my presence troubled her more than it should be…

“Whom you were talking too?”

“Are you spying me now?”

I angerly replay “Watch it uttra!! I am still your bhai”

“I am sorry”

“uttra, I am not angry nor I want to fight you, I know you are disappointed by my behavior that day, but please understand me, I was tied… by you.. Your shadi.. Your reputation… I choose you..”

“hmm… ok.. sorry bhai, but im tired and need to sleep please”

“You are not convinced aren’t you?!”

She head to bed and get under bed sheet “please bhai, good night”

“Good night”

I went and closed the door and the light turn off… arri I forget to ask who was on phone… never mind I will ask tomorrow.

Sanskar POV over


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Precap: A hurrican

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