Swasan – Saza (4)

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Pervious: swasan New fight.. Ghayatri caught them in romantic mint and drag swara into hall for tamasha


Ghayatri: while ww all party here i caught this gurl doinf shamless things with your son in bedroom, Chi….

Swara in sopping voice: aunty ji please you got it wrongly…

Ghayatri: aunty ji??! In What right you call me that ah? How dare you? I was kind to you and you want to build relation with me, lady from the high class… blo*dy girl. Aren’t you ashamed of your doings?? you are a girl. Aren’t you concerned about your reputation? You are a characterless girl.

Annapurna with anger: ghayatri ji, please stop all this now, please…

Sujata: haan haan ghayatri ji, please lets continue the shadi please…

Chirage father: nahi, we can’t do that. We already knew how much trouble your family have, but we never thought it may get so low, and UN manner son…

Sanskar cut his words: sir please mind…

Sujata angry on her son: bas Sanskar bas… ghayatri ji.. (folding her hands) Don’t do like that and continue the shadi, please…

Ghayatri: ok … but we will increase Dahej

Family were shock by their request which shows how greedy people they are.

Swara in shock forgot all her sarrow: what?? You can’t do that…. Relations being built with love and respect not money… how you think we will buy uttra happiness with money…..

Ghayatri: I don’t want to hear your voice you characterless girl…..

Ghayatri rise her hand to slap swara but only to be stopped…. All were shocked from who stopped ghayatri…

Swara: uttra??

Ghayatri was giving shocked looks: how dare you?

Uttra: how dare you aunty? Doing all this tamasha!! Bas .. bohat hogya.. enough is enough…

Ghayatri: what kind of raise is this??

Uttra: don’t you dare mention my raise!! I was raised very well, that too in a family who respect women very well and know their value and raise them to be independent..

Chirage father: durga Prasad ji, ram ji, is this your idea of raising a girl??

Uttra: before you point my raise, please look at yours. The son who let his mother do such big drama, play others honor without proof doesn’t worth to be called son.

Ghayatri: bas… don’t you dare point my son, and for who?.. this chara…


Shock was all over faces, not only by uttra brave avatar but how she state swara relation. Sanskar was numbed.. sujata hold her head knowing that everything is ruined now, while Dp and Ap, even ram were proud of their girl…

Chirage father: what nonces, what bhabhi?

Uttra: this girl you are insulting ghayatri ji, and she is very kindly not replaying you back, is simply my bhabhi, Maheshwary ka bahu, Swara Sanskar Maheshwary.. so watch it carefully before you tell anything about her.

Ghayatri: what is this sujata ji? Is it true what your daughter is telling ah?

Sujata couldn’t replay anything

Chirage father: this shadi wont happen any more, never…

Sujata: nahi .. nahi please, ghayatri ji please don’t break this shadi please…

Sujata was whining fear on uttra second shadi to be broken

Ghayatri: having wedding with such family requires so many sujata ji..

Sujata: please ghayatri ji, anything…

Uttra: I disagree with you ghayatri ji… this shadi wont cost anything but a ring.

Sujata: uttra shut up, no more…

Uttra: haan ma, no more…

Uttra took off her ring and put it in ghayatri hand

Uttra: I break this alliance, please end your drama, take your family and leave our house…

Chirage: what unrespect is this??

Uttra: the unrespect is what your mother have been showing all along Mr. chirage, now please… OUT.. challo bhabhi…

Uttra looked at her bhabhi finding her flowing tears…She weep them and took her hands softly and were leading her to room, but…

Ghayatri: remember girl, this is your second marriage; you won’t find any man to marry you any more

Uttra stopped and she was in front of Sanskar: second, third, tenth, even if it’s my 100… I don’t care… I won’t marry just for society sake, society won’t live my hell if I choose the wrong man, which I was about to do, I will wait for a man who love me, adore me, value me and respect me, same as… same…as.. (uttra gaze sanskar then swara then spoke in tears) same as my bhabhi’s husband once before…

That word stap sanskar the most and felt heavy on every one ear. Uttra look at her bhai teary

Uttra; I always loved you bhai, respected you, and loved the way you loved swara bhabhi. You have always been my idol for my husband, I always saw you as great person and husband. But today, today is the first time you fall of my sight bhai, you make me sad calling you bhai.

Again uttra lead swara up the stairs leaving behind a shattered bhai and broken shadi, stand on the top of stairs she fold her hands to all people in hall “I am sorry to you all about this, all the events that happen here… please forgive us” then left to outside.

At outside

Swara crying softly “why you did this Uttra? Your wedding…”

Uttra replay in same tune “its ok bhabhi… I just …. couldn’t hold your insult anymore… I don’t care anything else… please go and rest in your home.. I will be ok”

“but Uttra…”

“please bhabhi… I found my strength from yours.. don’t worry about me bhabhi”

Swara was happy as Uttra now can defend herself, they hugged and swara left to her home… people left the MM and sujata faint due to all these events… Sanskar call doctor immediately..

Doctor: she fainted due to over stress, please keep her away from any sad or tension and bring her those medicines.

After doctor took his leave, Sanskar was in his room worry for his mother state… Uttra words stapping him… Shekhar words and sending the papers… everything collapse upon his heart, but the next thing explode all his feeling…

His phone ring and screen flash swara name and picture…


Precap: Forgive me!!!!



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