Swasan – Saza (27)

At MM in one bright night they made a party to welcome laksh baby, everyone was there including the over happy shekhar while shamishta had gloomy face.

Ragini was getting ready in her room when her phone rang with private number…


“ready for your night ragini!!”

“Sanskar ji. Is that you?”

“yup, the amazing and only Sanskar, still you didn’t answer me are you ready?”

“re…ready.. ffoo.. for what?”

“aari for your big night sure, this is will be looooong night ragini, so prepare. Aur haan the faster you confessed your crime the less damage happen, hope you mark my words very well”

“Sanskar, please don’t do this, I told you I didn’t mean to…”

“raagini ragini raginiiiii, keep your phone with you, you will need it”

Saying so Sanskar hanged the call and ragini was bitting her own nails. As the party goes and drinks offers, all seemed ok, sharmishta didn’t talk to ragini at all nor give her blessings, she was sad as shekhar forcing her to attend and support ragini and leave swara by her own.

In a while a song that don’t fit the party played and shekhar appear behind some women singing and teasing them

Paan Main Pudeena Dekha
Naak Ka Nageena Dekha
Chikni Chameli Dekhi
Chikna Kameena Dekha
Chaand Ne Cheater Hoke Cheat Kiya Toh
Saare Taare Bole Gilli Gilli Akhaa

Pa Para Para…
Meri Baat, Teri Baat
Zyada Baatein Boori Baat
Thaali Mein Katora Leke
Aaloo Bhat, Muli Bhat
Mere Peeche Kisi Ne Repeat Kiya Toh
Saala Maine Tere Muh Pe Maara Mukka

He goes to sharmeshta trying dancing naughty with her while she is in total shock as how he is acting this way then he start to loop around and stand in the middle of the hall dancing

Ispe Bhoot Koi Chadha Hai
Theharna Jaane Naa
Ab Toh Kya Buraa Kyaa Bhalaa Hai
Fark Pehchaane Naa
Zidd Pakad Ke Khadaa Hai Kambakht
Chhodna Jaane Naa

Badtameez Dil, Batameez Dil, Batamiz Dil
Maane Na, Maane Na
Badtameez Dil, Batameez Dil, Batamiz Dil
Maane Na, Maane Na

( the imagine of shekhar dancing that way made me roll over floor yaaar)

Yeh Jo Haal Hai, Sawaal Hai, Kamaal Hai
Jaane Na Jaane Na
Badtameez Dil, Battameez Dil Badtameez Dil
Maane Naa.

He kept dancing and shaking his body like young teenager and try to drag ladies with him who gave him disgust looks and others their men would push him away

Ragini was tearing not understanding what was going on until her phone ring she picked and saw a number flashing


“I didn’t know that uncle can dance that well”

“Sanskar… you… you did.. this”


“how could you, he is your in law”

” ahhh ragini ragini ragini, you know that type of begging isn’t going to work. Confess and I will stop.”

“Sanskar, please….”

But Sanskar hang the phone again and ragini was left to see her father embarrassing her and himself. Before shekhar continuo his actions sharmishta moved to him holding a glass of water and throw the water on his face (I hoped she throw the glass too but sorry no) shekhar stopped everything and looked very dizzy, he fall upon shome shoulder still mumbling the song and she dragged him away. People bad mouthing about shekhar and the all family and no matter durga apologized it didn’t shut them off. Ragini phone rang again but she ;aready knew who

“Sanskar please don’t do anything”

“its up to you ragini, you can stop this”

“nahi, they will hate me… again, laksh will hate me for it. I said I am sorry please….”

“huuuuh, ok then. Round 1 is over ragini gado… opps sorry ragini maaaaaaheshwary. prepare for round 2 and carful it will get you in the gut huh if you have one… tringing ding ding”

Ragini’s heart clenched more, she don’t know what Sanskar will do now and she knows what type of he is, he won’t stop doing bad to her until she tell everyone what she did.

Before she gets the time to argue with herself round 2 already began as the hall was all darkened and spot light focused on a wall and a presentation started to play…

Recorded voice talking: Charm, Good looking, Sweet tongue are all gifts from god to humans and should be used for good deeds and see how amazing god can be.

But one person as many didn’t use the gifts given to him by god in good deeds, and he and I repeat he is with us now (as sound spoke a picture start to appear from toe to head) mr laksh Maheshwary.

Shock flow everyone’s veins not understanding anything while fear crept to laksh face and worry filled his eyes

Video voice: mr laksh was separated from his family for almost a year and came back with a company in the palm of his hand, any one asked how??? From what money?? No one did!! But today we will reveal some secrets.

Ragini phone buzzed with sms (not ready yet?? Better ready your brain)

Voice: mr. laksh was discharged innocently from a diamond case, but what we don’t know that later he was seen with someone better say some girl.

Thumb… thumb… thumb

Ragini heart beat faster feeling the earth shaken beneath her and laksh had the same feeling as blood drained from his face

Screan showed pictures of laksh going and sitting some even kissing with a girl….

Voice: mr laksh was seen with this girl which by very chance is the sister with the gang boss that used to hire mr laksh for diamond trafficking. Was that a coincidence?? Perhaps!! But more akward that the girl died after 5 months from mr laksh disappear with blood cancer leaving all her property in the name of MR. laksh Maheshwary. Too much lucky mr. lucky. I won’t say more and I will leave how the story was up to you to fix and tell.

Video ended and all was chaos people bad mouthing and blaming durga, ragini crying and laksh don’t know how it happen. Police men came want to arrest laksh suspecting him in the death of that girl which made no sense as she died due to lukimia but who said that you can’t cause lukimia to someone.

Another message (ready or shall I go to round 3?!)

Ragini walk lifelessly to stairs and shouted her words

Ragini: I was the one who hurt my sister, I throw her serge knowing she ll still fast and won’t eat all day, but I never knew she will go blind but it happen and its all my fault.

She walk to her room and police man got phone call and left laksh and guests left the place throwing disgusted looks on all the family.

Ragini was in her room crying when sharmishta came

Ragini: you see ma, how laksh….. (taaaaak)

As shome slapped ragini: all you think is yourself and your husband. Do you even regret what you did to my girl?? DO YOU? I don’t want to see your face ever again and I am done being your mother, I can’t have a girl so selfish like you.

This ladies and gentlemen the worst the day in Maheshwary history. That night Sanskar slept beside his lady love wife like he never did in many days knowing the only a final touch remain for his complete revenge and dear society will take care of the rest.

Next day all social media filled with the MMparty video and the recordings, it just wipped everything. Durga and lakshcompany falls apart, Marathi society despise durga totally and kick him fromhis postion. Shekhar had to leave the badi as all people were taunting him with his dancing in the party.

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    It was really awesome….
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    It’s mind-blowing . I’m happy to the core yaar. At last he took his revenge. And it was an awesome revenge. U nailed it dear.

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    U nailed it dear mind blowing

  5. They deserve this punishment. Super yaar

  6. Wowwww…. This is most awesome update.. No doubt.. A perfect threatening.. A perfect revenge.. A perfect retreat for disgusting mistrust by family
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    Shekar dancing like mad!!!! Lol that’s epic
    What about laksh!! Is he really that shameless.. I’m shocked..
    Can you please show the feelings of dp, laksh and ragini..
    I really want to know how happy are they feeling when they get what they deserve 😉
    But I don’t want to disturb your next episode though..
    I’m eagerly waiting for next update..

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