Swasan – Saza (16)

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Previously: swara burst out about raglak


After swara’s gone, Sanskar knocked uttra room door and he heard her voice asking for the come in… when he entered, nikil was there …

Sanskar; sorry but… I can’t find swara, can you tell me where to find her.

Nikil: what you mean you can’t find her??

Uttra: it’s Sunday…. Did You both fight bhai?…

Sanskar: no.. no… vo.. vo… ragini….

Uttra rolled her eyes; got it…

Nikil: no problem… (he picked his phone and make a call) hello… haan shivam… swara ma’am kaha hai? Shivaaam tell me where is she?? Then check office and call me back, get it… (he hang call)

Sanskar: you sure he will call you back?

Uttra: haan, shivam might be loyal to swara, but when he feel she needs us, he will tell us what we need.

After mints shivam called nikil….

At swara side she reached her office and the watchman was surprised to see her there but she least bothered and head to her cabin and closed the door, throwing her fragile body to the coach…. She was sad and shatter, she never passed over those six months nor the last 4 months, or how much Sanskar hurt her, first he broke their relationship then he blame her for walking away, his harsh words, his taunts, he even doubt her and accused her to marry nikil…

Swara cried and cried, how she should bring Sanskar again to her love while he hate her and blame her for each twist happen in his life…. And to escape the pain she did the only thing she knew… open a drawer and out bottle of gin and start drinking and drinking, Sanskar shade came to her, shaved and smiling like the time her proposed her, he did so much to make her happy, but not anymore and that twisted her inside out, Sanskar’s love give her strength, she became habituated to it that without it she will be weak and brittle…

First time when she told him about her love, he denied her but she didn’t give up cause she knew he love her, but now, she isn’t sure of anything and that is the complex of her life.

Her head go back to the day she left about 4 months ago, first thing she did she moved to delhi, changed her number and look for shared apartment to live. She did all that and called nikil to be her eye on family.. but her pain didn’t decease, diversely it became more alive, she missed his voice and figure even to only tutor her.

She share her apartment with another two girls who were habitude to drink for fun, one day swara had dream about Sanskar and leaving her and she wake up crying. One of the girl rushed to her and try console her many times but swara kept her cries, girl offer her to drink to witch swara refused several times, but remembering how Sanskar used to drink and how it made him cruel to her, she wanted to be like him, to be cruel to him, so in the end she accepted it, and she took her first drink.

Swara felt her mouth to throat burning, and the sensation continuo to her stomach, it was very sore and ugly and she kept coughing for a whole mint, but then she asked for another and another and that day she drank for her first time and finished a whole bottle. Her life continuo like this, drinking every night and wake up hammered in the morning.. soon her appetite to the food decreased, she didn’t want to eat most of times. If she had a meal in a day her systems would dance a sumsault.

After 2 weeks nikil followed her to delhi irrated from Uttra stocking after he took permission from swara. And moment he saw her one word come to his mind… (shit) swara was miserable, yes she kept her cloth clean, her face as healthy as it can be, managing to help some wedding planners till she get office by her own, to anyone didn’t know swara she was good, but who knew swara, who knew how bubbly and amazing she was would definitely see she has been destroyed.

Nikil’s shock didn’t differ much from Sanskar’s when he found out that she drinks, he tried to stop her countless times but swara was admit to it, so it was better to stay by her side and try to balance her drinking with other healthy things from leaving her all alone. Soon Uttra caught nikil but not swara, she was hitting his nerve at one night he got a call.

Nikil didn’t have time to send Uttra away and she followed him to a club and inside she found swara sitting to a bar and drinking like anything. Another shocked person and another tries to make swara stop such behavior, but it was like swara didn’t want to think of Sanskar, want to kill her memories, her love, her senses and forget what they both did to each other.

Bubbly swara’s last defend, her last breaking camel straw was in a wedding, nikil was scolding her badly as if she lost her mind totally and why not? She hit the groom head with a bottle causing him 5 stitches… he kept scolding and swara didn’t utter a word till the groom family came to them in the room asking their forgiveness and begging them not to file a case against them. Nikil was confused until its blurred that the groom has tried to molest swara as he saw her easy girl who drinks alcohol. Nikil was guilt and didn’t know how to apologize, swara said she will do what nikil will decided, and nikil didn’t file case, the scar in that buster head will remind him to stay away from girls forever including his own wife.

Since that day swara changed, they (swara, nikil, Uttra) opened small office and swara was a workaholic, she don’t smile, bossy, other words, an angry bird Sanskar but in female version. Swara never cancelled a meeting never missed a chance to work, never reject aproject… working all day and night accompany with drinking as it became her besti.

And that what swara has been for past 4 months, swara’s efforts with nikil’s connections, made anything possible for the company to move fast forward. Have another branch in kolkata… and being famous in no time



Allah hafiz all

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  1. Poor swara..she suffered a lot..tc..

  2. Simin

    Poor shona
    She had to bear all this alone

  3. Independent

    Really feeling bad for swara

  4. Feeling sad for Swara, she suffered much more than sanskar i guess.. both missed each other a lot.. but sanskar chose the path of hate to overcome his feelings for her, but swara couldnt even think of hating him.. i guess thats the difference between both..

    Nikhil’s role here is far better than than in serial.. Glad that there no persons in negative shade here, it becomes so boring when hero and heroine get together only to fight villans bla bla bla.. which often happens in movies.. the best thing is, here the characters are fighting with self to overcome their sorrows..
    keep going.. good day 🙂

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