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Swara POV cont.

As I reached gym, hitting bag on the floor, weights here and there, Sanskar in some corner with bleeding ……… and sure with some alcohol bottle, and drinking with closed eyes, probably didn’t sense my presence until I sit beside him with aid box and a cup..

I took his left hand and start treating it and to my surprise he didn’t refuse… he even didn’t hiss in pain, probably his senses were gone by now.

“Does he suffer?”

I couldn’t understand him and looked confused


I didn’t know if I should tell him or no, but I guess if he knows he will feel better


“tell me details”

“nikil make sure of it, every day he gets beaten and raped painfully”



“well done nikil, at least he do what I couldn’t”

“it’s not like that. It’s what love do to person. You know it better right”

“huh right”

“other hand”

He gave to me silently “wont you fight me, protest!! anything!!!”

“what for??! It will hurt me more, and I am not willing to fall apart soon. I wasn’t with her when she needed me at least I can be her support now”


“won’t you stop me!! You and your old words of drinking will lead you nowhere and all this”

I looked at him and he his eyes were looking at me deeply. How I miss the light in your eyes, the laugh of your iris, but I couldn’t help my chuckle.

“You was right”


I finished aiding him, yes he was right…. I pull the cup I came with, pouring some of the bottle and drink while he was in shock…

“ohhh damn, whisky is bitter indeed that’s why I prefer gin” I pour again to drink and before it come to my lips he stopped it…

“swara… you drink??!”

I moved his hand and drink in one gulp still enjoying his shocked face…

Swara POV over

Swara gulped in one go then Sanskar snatched the cup and throw it away and shouted

“what the hell swara…. Since when you drink?”

Swara took his cup: would it matter??! (then she start drinking it)

Sanskar: sw…ra… how could you?…

Swara: if you can, can’t i?

She would pour again but then he smash that cup too, swara looked smirking and took the bottle and stand up to drink Sanskar stood too and wanted to take but he was struggling and swara was stopping him keeping the bottle behind her back and moving

Sanskar: what the hell swaaaraaaa… stop this … give it to me.

Swara: nahi, it’s our therapy right, isn’t this what you used to say?

Sanskar: that was for me, give me god damn bottle…

Swara moving: no…. ek sharabhi to hai jo kabhi dhoka nai deti kabhi saath nai chodti muh na pherti kabhi….. these were your words right.

(she start to gulp from bottle)

Sanskar griped her tight and took her lips between his harshly sucking all the alcohol she just sipped. The kiss was harsh but passionate; it didn’t stop when swara mouth dry from drink but even after that, Sanskar urge grew when he tasted her lips one more time. He tilted his head right and left taking her lips in all ways, swara didn’t respond back not because she don’t want to or she was shocked, but because if she responded she will be declaring how much she want him, also to her its better to kiss her or even use her right on her harshly to out his frustration than drinking…

Sanskar was enjoying but he wanted more and more, he didn’t cup her face instead his hand caged her neck, it was soft grip but possessive and his fingers were caressing her skin in small soft touches and his other hand griped her shoulder and trail it to her palm and make her drop the bottle and it shatter to pieces.

The breaking sound brought them both to reality and both opened their eyes but they didn’t apart their lips. They didn’t move an inch and soon urge to breath force them to pull apart…

Sanskar breathing heavily: don’t you dare drink again…

Swara with challenge: only if you don’t….

Sanskar stepped back from her, and left gym quietly

Swara knees couldn’t hold her and she fell on ground, she urge to be in Sanskar arms again, to tell him how much she love him again… she start to feel dizzy, her breaths were unsteady, her eyes were blurring and she was forced to lay for seconds before she drag herself to outside and went to room…

When Sanskar left he head to their room and was angry, how his angel drink, she looked as someone used to it, how??? Now he understand why she didn’t stop him in her first day when drank in front of her, why she no longer complain about it, why she no longer upset from his alcohol scent even when he is sure he is fill of it each night.

She still his swara and he will do anything to keep her well… then the sensations of the kiss attacked him again, how sweet her lips was!! He forgot their softness and today he remind himself with it in away a waken his love to her badly, how deep he wanted her beneath him, to feel her his again, to stop this stupid ego between them and live their life happily… he moved to drawers and picked his hidden bottles and found one of them had been half drank…

Swara: yes you aren’t good hiding them….

Sanskar: you.. you have been drinking here too!!!…

Swara: I told you, you was right.. it gave me peace… (that wat swara did when sanskar tied her hand)

Sanskar: I warn you swara, if you ever drink again… I will….

Swara: what you will do Sanskar, hate me more? Nahi na… what you just did, I told you before not to do ever, do you get that… I still remember each word you taunt me with for long six months, each hatred look, and sharabhi was the only thing gave me peace as it gave you yours, now let’s sleep…

Sanskar didn’t know what to reply so he took cloth too and moved to wash room and pour the bottles in toilet, took shower and sleep to his side…. But sleep was far from him, he felt restless, how he rest and he want to feel his baby wife between his arms, just for tonight, just after that harsh truth he found tonight.

He made sure she slept and softly gripped her waist to his and place her on his chest and slept in peace since sooo long. Swara was awake and she could feel him but didn’t protest, either for her sake or for his and both slept after so long.

Early morning swara was disturbed by knock on door, she and Sanskar were knocked out and don’t wish to wake up at all as its sundaaay… finally the irrated sound came to her ears…

…;swaaraaa… Sanskar… wake up for pooja… swara (guess who)

Swara irately open her eyes l, found herself in Sanskar possessive hug brought a smily curve to her lips, his legs caged her softly, his arm cupped her waist, his chest pounding against her head, his face was so cute, angelic and peaceful as it always have been, she was lost in his features when the knock came again.

Swara unwillingly drag herself from Sanskar hug and head to door with heavy steps and messy hairs and open door slowly

Swara in sleepy voice: kya hwa ragini, subha subha dimag khat khata rai ho ….

Ragini: swara… its pooja time and you are sleeping till now, come on you will be late.

Swara: really ragini, don’t you see we are so sleepy…

Ragini irrated by swara: what is wrong with you swara? I am telling you about pooja… why you treat me that way?

Swara: ufff we are coming (she was closing door)

Ragini: wear proper cloth..

Swara sighted locking door: hopeless

She moved to bed

“sanskaar… sanskaar come on wake up”

“hmmm leave me sleep more”

“its pooja come on”

She moved to washroom but dizziness attack her head badly and she sliped and her head hit the coach edge

Swara: ahhhh

Her cry was sufficient to awaken him from the depths of his sleep and he ran to her immediately cupping her face where blood line trail from her side head to her cheek

Sanskar: swara… swara.. what happen? How you slipped?

Swara: Sanskar its ok, it just happen, I will be fine…

Sanskar: stop these words, you are never ok… careless..

Sansakr ran for aid box and start treating her wound…. Then both eye each other lovingly wishing that world would stop… but then swara stands and went wash room.

At temple all were there, swara was in her lemon color saree which make her look like a devine god…. She offered the pooja after many struggle with sujata and then it was time to prepare lunch…

Swaragini where inside kitchen but swara tried her best no to make any fraction with ragini, she has been avoiding her since she came back…

Ragini: swara why you hate me? what did I do? I was just trying to remind you with your bahu duties…

Swara: and do you think I need reminder ragini?? You are so wrong…

Ragini: then why you do all this??…

Swara: it doesn’t matter ok… so just leave me alone and keep you happy life, sanskari bhau…

Ragini: is that it swara? Are you jealous cause I have good life and you are not…

Swara: what the hell?? Why you think the world evolve around you ah?

Ragini: then why you treat me like this?

Swara: listen ragini, just leave me alone ok, take care of your family and so called husband and leave me in peace now..

Ragini: nahi I will speak here and now

Swara had her enough: fine…

Swara caught ragini wrist tightly to which she wrenched in pain but swara least bothered, she moved and everyone saw her dragging ragini and going up, then Sanskar phone got a sms

“come to ragini room and bring laksh with you only”,

Sanskar did silently and soon sanlak joined swaragini in the room

Sanskar; what is going on swara?

Ragini: swara what you will gain from all this?

Swara: ragini since when you husband came back here?

Ragini: two.. two weeks..

Swara: hmm and in these two weeks had you ever thought of talking to him about what he did? The trauma he left the family to go through…

Ragini: but it wasn’t his fault swara…

Swara mocking: really??? Wasn’t his fault?? Leaving you like this with no word!! Leaving his family in such worry!! Going after his own dreams not caring how this would affect everyone else!! Really??!

Laksh: swara all I wanted was to build my life…

Swara: and waaah, you did… but me and Sanskar who paied that price.

Ragini: swara, laksh has nothing…

Swara: just shut up ragini… he insulted Sanskar and many many things more than we can count and still we all blamed Sanskar, why?? Cause he is the younger brother, the spoiled boy who can’t control his snger so we all must care him like a little baby..

Sanskar: swara, don’t…

Swara interrupt him: shut you too…. If he (pointing laksh in mocking way) just one time said where he going, his plan, one letter, one hell phone call none of this would have happened, ragini wouldn’t have been suffering all this time.

Haaan I left Sanskar, I decided to leave the house, but not for you ragini and neither for his fight with laksh but you both were strong reasons same as my motive.

Ragini bowing head: but swara if you decided to leave what is our wrong…

Swara: you are wrong as always ragini, you choose him over me (she griped ragini’s elbow tightly). Two weeks and you didn’t blame him for once, feel bad for what happen to me for once, taking my side for once. Sure no (pushing her with force that her back hit bed collar), he is laksh, you mahan husband laksh who can never be mistaken, aur natega kya hai?? (she looked at Sanskar) our life is destroyed, we can’t look at each other without hating each other, we can’t talk unless we give taunts and hurtful words.

Our life is destroyed and we are forced to keep it together for reasons much higher than you both and you both just continued your life without flinching back even for one time, and try to fix what you destroyed, you both snatched our happiness in the sake of building yours.

Laksh now felt heavier than ever, ragini were thinking in swara’s words and trying to find a way to defend herself and her husband, as for Sanskar he was happy. Swara spoke every word he wanted to shout in laksh face every time he say him happy with ragini, he felt jealous of their happiness while him and swara happiness was long gone, swara was right in each word and he felt as happy as he had said those words by himself.

Swara stayed for seconds taking her breath then she turn to leave all behind, she snatched her phone and car keys and left the whole house driving her car to her furlough company.

Other hand by the time Sanskar moved to catch her she was all gone… he called her phone but she didn’t replay, so he gone to the only one who can tell him where she would be.


This is all today

Hope it wasn’t boring one

Allah hafiz all

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  1. Its too good. Just awesome

  2. Hey! Good morning.. That was nice, the fitting reply of swara to raagini.. truly, being a sister, it is a minimum ounce of love or care which must be shown to the other, espically when she has destroyed her liife for you.. Ragini is really bad here, so, swara said the true words which one sister says to other in such case but in a veryyyyy politeee mannaer (no mocking , im saying truth)
    So, beaautifully written.. nailed it..
    Swara drinks?!!!!! Unbelievable, but its ok.. the way of writing and the way the feelings are portrayed is great..
    I need a small favor from you.. if possible refer a dictionary and tell me all pleasant words which can be added to my comments when you update the storyline.. im bored of using the same words.. awesome, mind blowing, beautifully written.. i need something more, its becoming common..

    1. Rajkumari

      Yes swara drinks… Shock naaa… Don’t worry about words dear.. Any words would fit no problem….

  3. Superb it was awesome. Update nxt part soon??

  4. Independent

    Must say uttar deserves to be swara’s sister more than ragini she always behaves like swara’s in-law hate her

  5. Loved it..Finally Swara did the right thing..

  6. Well, firstly I want to say that I have just read all the chapters today! Initially it was good but this chapter I don’t like.

    I just can’t digest that Chirag being raped! I mean what do you think it’s a game? NO. ITS A SERIOUS TOPIC , rape is a big thing, you just can’t write anything. You could have chosen other ways like, police or forgot about the police.

    If Swara and Nikhil would beat him it would be fair enough, but being raped! It’s too immature and childish to add such thing.

    I’m sorry I don’t support that.

    I don’t know why other readers didn’t notice that, but I do. And it’s not good at all. Being a writer you should b careful at what you are writing.

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