Swasan – Saza (14)

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Previously: swara defend uttra aganist snake women and sanskar hear her talks about chierag


After few days Sanskar entered to royal restaurant accompanied with vidya, to meet the third partner. Sanskar as usual dashing in his black pants, red chemise, black blazer and wild upward hair.

A big royal cabin was preserved for them, they enter and Sanskar found a young man of age 23 maybe, colored eyes and good looking.

Vidya: mr. maheshwary let me introduce to you shaurya goenka my cousin and our third partner.

Shaurya tie his jacket and give hand to Sanskar: welcome mr. Sanskar pleasure to meet you.

Sanskar: pleasure is mine mr. goenka

Shaurya: please call me shaurya.

All seated and order for drinks

Sanskar: so shaurya as I told vidya before, your offer is quit interesting about holding a share in your hotel, as maheshwary name would give nice façade and encourage other business men to do same, but as I also pointed buying shares isn’t maheshwaries cup of tea and before taking such step we must calculate it very carefully.

Shaurya smirk: indeed Sanskar, I agree with every word, but let’s look on the other side of the moon . This isn’t just a normal hotel, this will be India 1st grand hotel, or can say sort of tourism compound, building on India style, other for grand London style, other Arab style as you have seen in our presentation. This grand will took over all India, great profits is expected from that project, but sure for that we need a jet startle that takes us fast to top, and tats where your role plays mr. Sanskar.

Sanskar admires the idea and the way shaurya spoke with: and you grantee a good opening, I heard the jet will start in 3 days..

Shaurya: in this matter, you don’t worry, I hired best planners for opening month, full of parties and programs that will take sight of all over the world.

Vidya: actually we have an appointment with planner’s company head just in mints; you both can meet and see how great it will be.

Sanskar: that will be a pleasure, actually for now I would say yes to the offer, a final yes after u declare this points to me.

Few time passes as three discuss about project and by finishing a door knock interrupt them and door is opened and Sanskar mouth hanged open watching the comer.

Shaurya also stands up reserving the comer

Shaurya: madam swara…

YESSSSSSSSS SWARA. Swara came inside cabin in full attitude walking slowly and her eyes only focused on shaurya, not noticing Sanskar yet.

She was in hot blue jump suit, and had long golden necklace and other accessories while her hair tied

in low messy bun and many strands adored her face

Sanskar was full shocked and what not, swara being such successful, and her professionalty and her attitude and now that hot look she have… his thoughts were inttrupted by shaurya voice who hold swara hand in western attitude to print a kiss

Shaurya; swara ma’am.. All the flowers bloom to melt with time, except you bloom to be more younger day after day.

Swara pull her hand before he kiss: hahah mr. shaurya as flirter as ever….

Shaurya: only for you my lady, this is mr. Sanskar maheshwary our partner.

Only then swara eyes widen with shock, Sanskar here and she will be working with him, like she isn’t enough of him at home. Swara not giving a reaction confused the other two….

Vidya: you know each other??

Now both swasan were gazing each other with serious eye lock, how it’s going to be, denying each other or revealing all …

Sanskar: yes we do. (swara frown a bit) swara ma’am planned my sister’s wedding… nice to meet you again, swara ma’am… (Sanskar was saying ma’am in bit mocking tune)

Swara thought so this how you want it, then spoke: yes I did, nice to work again together mr. maheshwary…

Shaurya pull a seat for swara and she sit quitly making sanskar heart filled with anger

Vidya: since you know her work mr Sanskar you can imagine how good the company is….

Before even Sanskar reply swara spoke: I don think so, that time I hadn’t any company and there was flaws in my work, so I believe I should give mr. Sanskar a new impression…

Sanskar bit angry: you already did….

Shaurya: great. Now please swara tell us about your plans.

Sanskar didnt like how shaurya took his swara name so simply but seated with more paient. Swara start to explain about opening month programs, dialy parties and different theme each week, bands from all over the world, even following some foreign ritules… swara made sure to never let anyone get bored.

Vidya: waaw, I am excited already, are you really cableable of all this swara… bands from aisa and Africa… that’s not…

Swara in serious tune: swara always keep her words miss vidya… don’t worry.

Sanskar: that’s something I know too…

Tension between swasan was high indeed, and the eye locks barley broke…

Shaurya: I think all sit now… what is you final decision mr. Sanskar?

Sanskar with no hesitation: I am in.

Swasan read each carfully and knew that working together is just a façade for their coming war…(if its a war hahah)

Vidya; I guess we have something to drink for…

Shaurya already have shampain bottle and he open it with thud and pour for others… Sanskar thought swara would excuse but she didn’t. she hold her glass and four of them stands up…

Vidya: to the goenka hotel…

Four put their glasses high but before having the chance to make the toast both swasan phones rang in same time… both looked at phones, one flashed as maa which is Sanskar phone and other with nikil which is swara’s. both picked the phone and then looked at each other with afraid look… swara hanged the call and excused herself in a second not waiting anyone’s objection. Sanskar also said that he has an urgent meeting now and he should take his leave.

Both swasan were driving madly in different ways but both reached MM at same time, and both ran inside, moment they step in sujata was there in hall

Sujata: Sanskar see na beta what that nikil done to my uttra, she woke crying badly beta and not letting me or jiji get close to her… hai chori, what kind of man you make my bête marry

Swara sighted preferring not to reply

Ragini: she is very tensioned and…. Swara what type of cloth you are wearing???…

Swara: is that all you care now ragini???!!!!! my damn cloth…. Urrrgh

Swara left angrily to uttra room and she found her in nikil arms crying bitterly, she came there and hug her

Swara; uttra sshhhshshh it’s all gone now, all will be fine dear… shshs…

Uttra: he will never leave me alone bhabhi, ever…

Swara closed her eyes and fisted her hands to control: nothing like this I swear… all will be fine now…

Sanskar reached there and asked: who won’t leave her?

Swara: nothing Sanskar

Sanskar: sure something… speak up.

Nikil: Sanskar this isn’t the right time please I beg you.

Sanskar: I don’t care your begging…

Swara: Sanskar get the hell ou….

Uttra: nahi bhabhi… come closer bhai…

Swara knew what uttra is about to do: are you sure uttra? You are not in state…

Uttra: it’s now or never bhabhi… please nikil close the door….

Swara: nahi.. it’s better to leave you two alone… challo nikil..

Both left and Sanskar lend closer and sit beside shivering uttra, he caught her hands to calm her down and she smiled at his gesture faintly but tears never stopped coming…

Sanskar: uttra tell me, you don’t…

Uttra in one breath break all Sanskar world with few words: I was about to be raped

Sanskar eyes widen with shock, his senses stopped working, his feelings went dull… his baby sister got such suffer while he used to lay on his comfort bed each night…

Sanskar slowly: give me a name

uttra: bhai… it was a month after I left here… (Sanskar didn’t interrupt her and decided to let her speak and only god know how he maintain calm) after I left all I had to do is to keep eye on nikil, I knew after my call to him that he knows where swara bhabhi is, when he saw that I am so admit to find her he took me to her, when I find her she was….

Uttra paused, should she speak all truth or not yet

Sanskar: she was?

Uttra: doesn’t matter, she tried to send me back million times, she always refused me and wanted me back here, but as I said I was admit to bring her back to her home and to you. I even played a killing myself game in front of her and only then she let me stay.

We were in delhi that time, and it wasn’t long since I was with bhabhi, in streets I dashed with a guy… he … he was…

She sopped fiercely and her cries know no boundries so Sanskar hugged her in an attempt to calm her systems down

Uttra: he was chirag… bhai…

Sansakr got another shock, chirag… how?? Was it the topic they spoke of days ago…

Uttra: he was like murals and shaped desperate, the moment he saw me his eyes glint with hatred. He was angry, and said that after breaking wedding most people didn’t fix marriage with his family as it became well known how gready they are, and that Marathi society pashed them and didn’t treat them well.

I try to sorry for what I did and to reason him but he was so much in anger to understand anything.

Sanskar broke their hug when he sensed her getting more panic, he was rubbing her shoulders trying to calm her but vein, the memory in her mind was as fresh as hours ago….

Uttra: after that he kidnapped me, he spray something to me while I walk and I felt dizzy but to people it looked as I gone with him, all I know that when I get my senses again he had tied me to a bed and he was ready rape me badly… when he… he.. came over me .. he… clothes… rip… he say I will never …. Forget what… he … will .. do… that i.. will … never pass… that … and many more

Sanskar parted his hand away from her fearing he would clutch her tightly and cause her more fears…

Uttra: then.. then…. nikil broke… to the ….place … he almost killed him of… of…. Punches, and swara bhabhi.. came with police and covered me then siting me free. He was prisoned and nikil make sure he will face hell…. But I .. was never … able to pass that day. (she wept her tears)

After that I faced many taunts, many guys telling comments about me, they only saw me going with chirage, then news of him alluring me and that I must have did wrong so he do this, then that I live with swara bhabhi and nikil in same flat, and many many many more they said. That day nikil stopped them all by adoring my maang with sendhor, he married me infront of all and shit their hell mouths…

We are married since 3 month now still our marriage isn’t complete and nikil is bearing too much for me…

Sanskar held his anger a lot more than any byond, but any action of him now will scare his baby sister more than she already is, he fisted his hands hard then free them hard putting them on her shoulders and making her lay in soft gesture…

Sanskar: sleep now, you must rest…

Utrra: but bhai..

Sanskar: shshshshshhs sleeeep….

Sanskar kissed her forehead as soft as he can manage caused he feared to make her sense his volcanic anger. He took his leave and went to nikil’s room where he found him sitting on bed with full worry face…

Sanskar: go sleep with uttra, she needs you

Sanskar tune was so serious, so tamed, its like he wanted to shout but he consider many conditions and put heavy chains to tie his raged voice, his eyes were seeing nothing that he didn’t notice that swara existed in nikil’s room. After Sanskar left, nikil head to uttra, while swara saw Sanskar heading else his room, should she follow him or no, would he like her presence right now or will push her for not able to save his sister in her most dark times.

Swara head to their room and changed to back pant and green shirt, she knew where he is going and she will follow there, she knew that new taunts and wounds will be made but still she choose to go, perhaps hurting her will ease his own hurt now.

Swara POV

My Sanskar, even if you hate me, I still love you, I feel your pain, no even my feeling isn’t as strong as you.

When girl is raped or molested only a girl can feel her pain, her trauma, how she feels when people look at her, how pain she gets when any skin other hers come in contact, and how ashamed she feel of herself wishing if she was just stronger.

But men feeling are another thing, a father, a brother, a husband, a cousin. Man would feel more hurt and ashamed as it hit his manly chord, that he is not enough man nor strong to protect woman in his custody and that is how Sanskar feel right now and more worse he think he pushed uttra away from home.

I reached gym and it was as I expected or more………


Thats all girls

Precap: Step Ahead

Allah hafiz

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  1. Hey!! The storyline is going awesome… swasan together in business meeting!! Wow! That sounds intersting.. must see if they keep personal and professional life separate or mix them.. Could never have guessed such bad happenings with sweet, little Uttara..awesome writing.. I’m glad that I can read both this and hatered love.. thanks for the double dhamaka.. 😉

  2. Hey! the storyline is going awesome.. swasan together in business meeting!! Wow! that sounds interesting.. must see if they mix or keep professional and personal life separate..

    could never have guessed such bad happenings with Uttara..
    Awesome writing..

    I’m glad that I can read both this and hatred love… Thanks for the double dhamaka 😉

  3. Nice one..tc..

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