Swasan – saza (13)

Assssalaaam alikom alllll

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Previously: swara bussiness avatar


After dinner Sanskar headed to his room and he was thinking to how to give new hurt to swara but that shatter away when he entered his room without warning.

Swara was standing at bed only covered in silk red bath rope

It was above her knee revealing her well-formed legs and lower thight and showing so much of her curves specially that rope was wet around her body, and her wet hairs all over her back and neck giving her extra seducing look, and she was like unfolding a big bag on the bed.

Swara got jerked by his entrance and her hand unknowingly moved to clutch rope at her cleavage. Both gazed each other intensely and high tension was there. Sanskar got close to swara, blind by his love and driven by his missing, same way swara was statured in her place, captured by the deep orbits gaze on her and lost in their intense.

Both now were inches away, their bodies almost touch, swara closed her eyes breathing pretty much heavy, why not and her other half is with her. Sanskar smirk for his effect on her, he run his hand on her, from palm to shoulder softly and feathery making feel his touch above the silk and making knots in her stomach.

Sanskar whispered: making yourself totally comfortable right

Swara open her eyes in surprise: what?

Sanskar: you changed, in every shade mrs. Maheshwary. Since when you become that hot attitude… that to for me…

His words leashed swara’s anger so she pushed him away: for your information, the cloth I took with me fall and got wet so I came to pick another…. I am not interested in anything relate to you mr. maheshwarhy.

Swara didn’t wait his replay and pick first thing on her bag and run to washroom but since her feet are wet she slipped on floor and she prepare to fall but the pain never came, actually she fell on something soft and she opened her eyes she found herself on top of Sanskar.

Sanskar saw her slip and hold her but it was too late so he took the hit on floor and make her above him, Sanskar give her a smirk knowing that she will be even more affected by him same as he is affected by her, while she gazed him with this bubbly wide eyes that took him to deep dark sea sinking in his own world of romance. His arms caging her waist, her hands laying in a clutch on his shoulders, and their bodies spoke what their egos stop them from doing.

Swara struggle to get herself free, she stand in nervousness running to the washroom and thud the door behind her, falling to floor clutching her heart in an attempt to slow down her beats. While on the other side of door Sanskar was pacing the room here and there blaming himself for losing his control, then he took his cloth and change in guest room.

When Sanskar got back swara was already start to lay on floor again.

Sanskar: sleep on bed.

Swara gazed him: is someone coming?

Sanskar: what? No.

Swara lay again: then don’t start your drama again and let me sleep.

Sanskar: I said sleep on bed, I won’t let that happen again.

Swara: and I don’t want your sympathy, let me be and u just sleep there.

Sanskar: why you became so stubborn?

Swara: I can say same about you.

Sanskar had his enough: you saw nothing. …. dear wiffy

Sanskar came to her to which she crawl back but he had firm grip on her and carry her as bride

Swara: what the heck… choro mujhe… I say chorooo… Sanskar let me

Sanskar didn’t listen to her words and throw her on bed with bit force which shocked swara

Sanskar: don’t you move

Swara struggle to stand: I will.

Sanskar with no option for her stubbornness lay on her, putting her body between his legs but his weight was on his knees and he half lay that his face was facing her face and hold her both hands tightly..

Sanskar: aren’t you going to listen?

Swara: NOOOO, swara don’t listen to anyone.

Sanskar give her side look as she speaks as a villain woman but it cutely suits her

Sanskar smirks: fine

Sanskar let her hands go and took off his shirt revealing his chest and swara gulped in fear.

Swara: wha… what.. you… do..ing?

Sanskar still smirk evily and swara just numb. Sanskar chest was hard and tuned, white milk but musculin, his aps are more seducing more than chocolate bars, and swara was lost in him when voice stopped her checking out.

The sound of Sanskar ripping his shirt made her confused but not for so long. Sanskar tore his shirt in long strand then hold swara wrist and tie it harshly

Swara: awww haiii stop

Sanskar while tieing strand’s other end to his wrist: now… you.. are .. stuck with … me

Swara: aahhhh Sanskar what the heck… let me…

Sanskar get off swara body and slept in his side

Sanskar: now you can’t leave (showing his wrist)

Swara: Sanskar I said stop (she tried to free her hand)

Sanskar: touch that again and I will tie your other hand and much more my wife, so just stop that stubbornness of yours and damn sleep.

Swara really had no option so just lay, but Sanskar bare chest were giving her restlness and shivers, she trun her face to other side. Sanskar chuckled on her

Sanskar: its like you didn’t see it before..

Swara preferred not to replay him and remained silent. All night she tried to sleep but vein, the truth is ever since she separate from Sanskar she sleep less, she simply not can’t, she just stare all night in celling not able to sleep. And bills was her only way to get dream, on other hand she didn’t get time to take her bills that night.

So all night she was wake restless while Sanskar could have his half sleep. By late night and after making sure Sanskar is in deep sleep, swara frees herself and did the only thing that give her little peace (try to guess what) then back again to bed and tie her hand.

Next day didn’t differ a lot nor the day follows, few days passed and swasan engross themselves in work not wishing to meet or fight, neither who reach room first act sleeping to not face other. Swara starts to sleep on bed because if she don’t Sanskar will end up tieing her.

That day swara was in office engross in work, big event for her company is about to happen and that made her busy totally. She received a call from uttra

“swara bhabhi are you coming early?”


“bhabhi, today some women are coming to see me as bride (like that day swaragini did after marriage) ma didn’t tell you?”

Swara hold her temper as sujata didn’t tell her that “nahi uttra, I think…”

“please come bhabhi, I don’t want to be alone, please”

Uttra begging swara was helpless “I will see if I can uttra”

Then swara hanged the call, and called shivam to her cabin

“shivam, some women are invited to MM today find out who”

“ji ma’am”

Swara gave him several orders which he can’t believe his boss is giving them but do in the end.

After time in MM, Sanskar was getting ready and tried to call swara thinking that she know about that, but he got no replay, sujhata came to inform her son about guests arrive

“Sanskar beta, challo na”

“haan ma, just let me try swara one more time”

“beta, this girl isn’t coming and I didn’t inform her also”

“what? Why ma?”

“why you say ah? If she come showing this attitude and cheap cloth what women will say ah? Isn’t enough what we will face today with your sister!! Nahi I don’t want her here”

Sujhata left and Sanskar felt sad, he wanted swara by his side but jerked those thoughts. In hall maheshwaries find a reason to hide uttra escape and her marriage but women knew that uttra left her house and were talking behind backs. Ragini was doing her job as bahu and laksh also was there and they always eye each other lovingly, to which so far Sanskar try to control, he felt jealous and envy as he and shonna deserves happiness together, but due to laksh it is ruined.

Nikil and uttra were seated on grand chairs and women would serve then presents, also parising ragini

W1: waaw, god bless you beta… such sanskari you are.

W2: but where is your bahu sujata ji?..

Say woman by giving looks…

W1: haan we heard she is back… that Bengali…

Sanskar: ma’am, please my wife has a name, which is swara.. please call her like that..

Suajata: vo.. vo… she is actually …

“I am here ma”

Swara was standing at upstairs, a divine god indeed, Sanskar was mesmerized to see her like this again.

She was in blue and white saree with silver work on edges and pearls whenever needed, bendi was so cute on her and small nose pin for the first time and Sanskar fall for that small thing on her… she had blue matching jewelry and simple make up, finally she was carrying a gift in her hands.

She descend stairs in magical way and charming smile till she reach sujata and took bless and sujata forced to give

Swara: sorry ma, but buying agift isn’t easy these days haha.

She went to uttra and give her gift, printing a kiss on her forhead and ruffle nikil hairs to which he remove in irate (choooroo yaar) people around smiled and swara went to stand next to Sanskar

W1 again taunts: how weird sujata ji, god never stops showing his merci.

Sujata: what you mean sodenha ji.

Sodenha: I mean, your daughter was left at mandeep not once but twice, still she was able to get proposal and marry too. Thank god she wasn’t left again.

Uttra eyes threaten with moist but still she composes: well yea, thank god for that, or I would have been doing the biggest mistake in my life by marrying improper person. God show his merci upon me and gave me best person in the world. (She hold nikil hands to which he gave her lovely smile)

Another woman: but why we heard that she run away Annapurna ji? Also why never invited us to her wedding?

Unfournatly maheshwaries didn’t have answers for these questions, but…

Sanskar: madam ji, please remember you are all in our house and telling accusings in our face.

Sodenha: what accuse beta we just tell what we heard!! Even some say that she ran only for that chirage to….

Sanskar got angry at hearing chirage name: WHAT NONCESS?

Swara calmly hold her husband hand: Sanskaaar, what happen?? calm down please!! (to lady) sorry aunty ji, my husband is short temper.

Sanskar look at swara in disbelieve and sujata was giving her angry looks, but then swara smirk

Swara: vasa aunty ji, how is you daughter? (lady face changed) ohh I am sorry, I heared she ran away from home as she wanna be a dancing star in club.

Lady face changed in rainbow colors of shame, and other women pass looks too

Swara: kya hwa aunty? I heard she is pretty good!!

Sodehna: I don’t have a girl anymore, she is dead to me.

Swara: yea yea sure, and your son and his wife??! I heard they were arrested due to being so drunk in a party and after that do damages in roads??!

Sodenha become totally shuted and sujata smile in victory

Sujata: huh and dare to say taunts on us..

W2: but sujata ji, I think your girl marriage was so fast, I mean…

Swara: same as your son divorce, as soon as bride family found out that he only works as employ and not a department manager as you people told them.

Annapurna and sujata had smile across their face, same as one Sanskar had, smile of pride

Sanskar: you are in our house and dare to bring gossips on us… if your house of glass…

Swara: don’t drag people’s legs…

Two ladies felt so embarrassed and left the house, while family make uttra and nikil at temple for pooja

Ragini stood beside swara: what you did swara ?was this a way to talk to guests? That in our home too?

Swara: what did you wanted me to do? Leave them taunts our uttra?

Ragini: I didn’t say so swara, but…

Swara: tell you what ragini, go, keep your husband and you sanskari bahu role and leave to me the villain bahu roleok.

Swara closed her eyes not wishing further talks and pray while whole conversation was heard by Sanskar. After pooja finished uttra hugged swara so tightly while others moved to dining table, sanskar had slow steps to hear them

Uttra: thank you bhabhi, thank you so much you came for me…

Swara: I came as its my duty as a maheshwwary bahu, and I am happy to defend you against these snakes.

Uttra: arri you think I couldn’t defend myself… huh… you saw na, I did replay…

Swara: haan haan you did, maheshwary ka shitrani hahah

Nikil: how you knew these information swara??…

Swara: why do you think I pay high salary for shivam?

Nikil got the hint: but this lady, she brought chirage topic…

Uttra panicked: bhabhi you think any…

Swara:shshshsh move to eat come on…

Nikil: what about you swara? You don’t eat lately

Swara: I did in office…

Nikil and uttra: LAIR

Swara smile: team up on me, forget it, I really don’t have apitite, when I do I will, come on.

Swara left to her room while Sanskar had one question, what heck topic about chirage they talk about.



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