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Next morning cast its lights on swasan room, Sanskar was first to be disturbed cursing the sun and its light, but as soon as he opened his eyes in lazy motion revealing his deep orbits looking to his left side he was surprised as swara lied on the floor just next to his bed and totally crawled in a ball shape holding tight to her blanket and slightly shivering… he couldn’t understand as he was covered in thick blanket, but when he pulled off to check her he shiver in cold, he checked the AC and it was only 18… he cursed himself as how he forgot that… he kneel beside her checking her forehead which was slightly burning (stubborn) was what he mumble, but he didn’t know is it for him or her attitude, she could have slept on coach, and he could force her to sleep on bed, but when ego is there no place for them.

He slightly put her strands behind her ear, watching her angelic face that he longed for from so long, his index finger tip find it’s way to her forehead soothing it softly then running down beside his closed tired eyes, he then caressed her cheek with his finger’s back like touching a feather cotton material, so softly and so carefully, his touches made swara disturb in her sleep and humming, but Sanskar didn’t stop nor moved an inch, he was too engross in his missing for his lady wife.

Swara open her eyes softly she was tired, mentally exhausted, bones hurt due to floor sleeping, shivering due to cold and what not, but finding her sanskar gazing upon her make her feel she is peacefully sleeping, that maybe it’s a dream… both were pouring their eyes together they didn’t even bother to read what it say, both missed each other and their eyes wanted to have enough from each other sight.

Sanskar’s index finger reached jaw line at her ear, and draw a border to her chin reaching her lip. The sensations ran to their span made them as drugged addicted person that got his doze after so much pain, swara didn’t wish him to stop nor Sanskar, they were in their fairy tale dreamland, on some 7th cloud not wishing to get back to the better reality, but wind blow otherwise ships wish.

A hard knock on door: Sanskar ji, swara ji… its pooja time.

The knock hit swasan to reality again and make them jerked with thud, swara sit on floor with full wide eyes clutching her shirt to control her shivers while Sanskar stood up immediately

Sanskar: ok… (Sanskar saw swara shivering) you could have closed the AC..

Swara didn’t spoke a word and struggle to stand up, but hiss in pain as her bones hurts, Sanskar would approach her, but he didn’t as he don’t want any touch with her, especially after the romantic eye lock they had seconds ago. Swara got a hold on herself, straighten her body in pain, she head to washroom but stop in middle giving Sanskar her back

Swara: don’t you ever do that again….

Sanskar: do what exactly?

Swara: punish me that way, don’t you dare get close me like that again, you are better than punishing me by tutoring my heart…

Sanskar was angry, sad, hurt and what not by her words, she thought him playing her and her heart, how could she??!

Sanskar: I will do whatever I want, and you can’t stop me (he smirk) wify…

Swara turn to him and anger easily seen in her eyes: I warn you Sanskar, if you think I am same swara that will hold everything then take it for granted, I am not, even punishments has limits, Mr. Maheshwary…

Sanskar: yea I know you are not the same swara… but that since 10 month ago… since you broke my vow and didn’t care my life… since instead of consoling me you blamed me and left, at that time swara, you changed.

Swara didn’t utter a word and left for washroom while Sanskar pick his black suit which became color of his most out fits and went to guest room for fresh and change.

Sanskar went down stairs, he notice a person standing with nikil wearing white shirt and black jeans but couldn’t see his face yet, pooja was starting so he went immediately. Swara wasn’t there yet…

Sujata:see na jiji… how this girl don’t come for pooja… how she…

Uttra: ma please, she will be here soon, only now her cloth was sent up… please ma..

Sanskar listen and now it hit him, he kept all swara things away, she have no cloth here, then she must have order some cloth… as for utrra she had some cloth here, and she was in magenta anarkali looking like small angel

Ragini: I try to lend her a saree ma, but … but, she didn’t let…me

Sujata: arri ragini, don’t take it to your heart …

Uttra: please ma, can we start pooja… please…

All stands for pooja, and ragini as typical bahu sing the arti. After finish she turn to give family prasad, but watching swara she gasped. Swara was at the very back so no body felt her coming nor see her, watching her all were shocked and sujata gasped

Sujata: ya bagwan, ha chori.. what is this haaaaa

Sanskar gaze swara, and as much angry he was, he was mesmerized by swara look and his eyes start checking her from top, loosened hairs, sindhor mark, golden earrings, light makeup but couldn’t help her lips to be less pinky rosy. Swara was in full business suit.

white top covered with Black jacket bordered with White line and hugged her curves perfectly closed by one button at her naval, then black pants slight softly around her thighs then loosen after knee in wide manner, ended with Black high heels. Swara looked elegant and professional in every respective manner.

Ragini in shock: swara, what type of cloth is this, why you didn’t wear saree, or traditional…

Swara simply closed her eyes folding her hands then open softly: who can go to office in traditional outfit ragini

Ragini: office??!

Sanskar didn’t need much, he was the one who hired her company for laksh party, now he knows she works there (poor he)

Swara: what you thought ragini, swaragini gang in wedding planning is over. Now I’m CEO of best parties planning company in Kolkata and its rounds… (she head to ragini and move her palms over candle flame and weep to her head for bless) and these can’t be done by saress mrs. Bahu (she head to DP) badi papa I’m leaving to office (she bend for bless but Dp was shocked to replay back and she didn’t wait him)

Dp: CEO!!

Uttra: haan badi papa, our company is very successful, we arranges parties all over with perfections, even famous actors and singers come to us for designing their performance…

Sujata: chori how you do that, what society will say ahh..

Swara: how funny ma, society never agree whatever I do, even when I was the sanskari bhau..

Uttra: leave all na bhabhi, challo lets breakfast…

Swara would refuse but sanskar hold her hand and drag her but in covered way and both sit together but sujata just don’t leave her in peace..

Sujata: I don’t allow you to do that, speak Sanskar, you can’t let her bring taunts of women on us..

Swara try to remain calm: what taunts ma, I don’t do anything wrong…

Sujata: don’t call me ma, huh…. Do that when you start to be this house bhau, just yesterday my son accepted you again and your so ready to cause gossips about us naa…

Swara had her enough and didn’t even eat two bites of her breakfast… she stand up with calm face and tune

Swara: I am leaving….

Sanskar would object to that but voice interrupt him

…..:good morning swara ma’am.

Swara: good morning shivam.

Sanskar gazed the man, he was the one nikil was talking too earlier, so his name was shivam

(Shivam is acted by abass mehta)

Swara: everything is ready?

Shivam: yes ma’am

DP asking in low voice: who is this?

Uttra: shivam, swara bhabhi PA and her right hand, he is with her since we started company and he who brought bhabhi cloth this morning.

Sanskar gaze shivam with anger unknowingly, he just hate any handsome man around her, he don’t stand it, even if it was her PA. swara start to move out…

Uttra: challo nikil, ma we will leave too

Sujata: beta, you….

Uttra: sure!! I work with bhabhi, and so nikil, we manage the company together…

Ragini handed Uttra glass of juice: at least drink that Uttra…

Uttra took and would drink when swara spoke loudly

Swara: shivam!!

Shivam: ji man’am

Swara: from today date Uttra Maheshwary is suspended from her duties for two months, hand her missions equally between other managers… put this decision in all departments..

Shivaam looked at the young lady Uttra as she dropped her glass and its broken voice matched her shocked heart: bhabhi?!

Swara turn in cold manner, a typical Sanskar feminine image: what did you thought uttra?That your play would finish without consequence? That you will do this dance and it will just be fine?

Nikil: but swara… (swara raise her hand stopping his speaking trail)

Sanskar: if she wishes, you can’t stop her swara (he gave a meaningful look to swara as to care uttra condition but who is he to tell her how to deal with it as she lived for 4 months)

Swara coldly: uttra, your made have consequences, you didn’t just hurt yourself, you husband, your family, but you risk our company name showing us as irresponsible persons. You put our company name on sake, and I can’t let that go with no punishment.

Uttra had two tears streams: anything but the work bhabhi, it’s what keeps me busy.

Sujata mummer beneath her teeth: showing her true colors.

Swara: shivaam!! Make another declare, nikil arora working day would start at 11 am and finished by 2 pm, sit his contract according to these changes.

Nikil looked confused, swara got close from uttra: his wife need ultimate rest and he must give her that…

Uttra smiled in her cries, her bhabhi is caring her no matter what she says, she hugged her and then let go…

Swara to nikil: this is your responsibility for now.

Swara then gaze Sanskar for last time, before unfolding her elegant sunglasses and wear them in ego attitude leaving the mansion and her heals making a soundable teeking voice, demising the maheshwary in shocked manner of the new shade of swara ga… no, swara Sanskar maheshwary.

Shivam give look and uttra and nikil and smile assuring them something then took his leave behind his boss.

Swara’s car awaited her and in no time she reached her company, a 3 floor building with blue reflecting mirrors façade. She enter the company giving tension to all employs as she known by being kind but very strict. She entered her glass made cabin followed by shivam, finding her favorite espresso on table in her favorite mug. She sat to her chair taking the cup and rotate the chair to face the wide window.

As the habit of last 4 month, shivam start talking..

Shivam: swara ma’am today is a busy schedule, after an hour there is meeting with Mr. Goenka as there hotel opening party will be held in a week. By 11 pm there is Mr.&Mrs. Saxsena meeting for…

Swara in calm voice: cancel all meetings, I dnt want any work today…

Shivam went in shock, his ma’am never does that, since he know her she never skip even a single meeting: ma’am??!

Swara; cancel all shivam, and I don’t what any disturb today. Go out and close door behind, when I need you I will call you.

Shivam: but ma’am…(swara rotate giving him calm glare which give him some serious shivers, so he went silence and left)

Swara pov

What hell I had put myself in, couldn’t I be selfish? Why should I care uttra or whatever hell happen to her. But I can’t, she is doing this for me, how can I walk away… I close my eyes wish to grap some peace, but then his face invade my darkness. This morning, if it wasn’t the knock I would have loosen myself to him, and I don’t want that. His face, his lovely brown orbits, his rough lips, all were calling me and I miss them all. But Sanskar hates me, he is just torturing me, and I can’t hold such torture. I can feel the hotness of my tears stinging my cheeks, please Sanskar don’t do this to me, my heart can’t hold that pain, just like that time.

“whatever happen today, me and you will never be together again” how could you say this time? How could you ask me to vow on your life? You didn’t ask me to not try reunite family. You were asking to be else swara. You knew how family means to me, to how many extents I may go to unit families, still you asked me that.

I never asked you to do wrong Sanskar, ever, still you did for me. Thank god I didn’t, so that when you left my hand family was there for you, who knows if you was alone, what would have happened to you, or how you would have turned to. Still, this hate for me, how can I stand?, that day when I walk away it wasn’t for ragini, all what I said, the shouts and the hurting words, it wasn’t for ragini or laksh, it was for me, for us. I was much hurted beyond words cause you broke our relationship, even though you knew that family were mislead by pariniti and Adharsh, but you really said we would be no more.

What I did that day Sanskar is finishing what you started, anger got us both and all ties were distorted, and instead of understanding you hated me for wrong reasons, hurted me all the time, your looks and your hurtful bitter words, I simply couldn’t hold.

Now I have to bear again, for Uttra and for my promise. I all take all the punishments you give me till you satisfied, perhaps when you do, you will start to love again.

My tears keeps flowing, my pain doesn’t stop, I wanna stop my sorrows, my bitterness taste in my throat, and only one thing can do that. I chuckle at myself, in the end, Sanskar was right.

Swara POV over

No one disturbed swara in her cabin, no one can actually or the concatenation chain following won’t be the better in the disturber life.

Flipping to Sanskar cabin, wasn’t also far away state, he was drinking alcohol and morning scenes playing in his mind.

Sanskar POV

I knew I miss swara, I didn’t need someone to tell me that, and I knew you I miss her a lot, I didn’t need someone to tell that either, the thing is I didn’t know that this a lot was to the extent that I realize that I am breathing when she came back to my side. I felt my heart with life only when I saw her this morning in my room. I wished to take her in my hug yesterday to sleep in peace as I didn’t in long time, to wake up in her embrace knowing that my world is just perfect. How I wished to cup her body with mine this morning to take her cold shiver away, to feel her one more time, to let her heart drum on mine one more time.

But it’s all wishes, and wishes isn’t necessarily to come true… but I was surprised by her new shade, an avatar indeed, profession and wild, like I never seen her before, actually swara was never that cold, or attitude, then how? I gulp more whisky, huh if dad saw me, he will skin me alive, but I am least to bother now, who is that shivam?, he is too much for a PA, I don’t want him near my swara.

Haaaan, my swara, even when I hate it, she is mine, only mine. But I can’t give you my heart back, you’d shatter it, I won’t hold another break. I heard a knock to my cabin

“Come In”

“Sir, miss vidya is here”

“let her in”

I hide my bottle and took a gum while a woman form appear to me in a s*xy black and white dress, which is tight around the body and above knee

“welcome miss vidya” (vidya is acted by mouni roy)

“good afternoon Mr. Maheshwary”

“please have a seat”

“so Mr. Maheshwary…”

“please only Sanskar”

“ok, Sanskar, you thought about our offer”

“well I can’t deny its generous but it’s not a Maheshwary field, so it needs to be well studied”

“we gave you the planning and forecasting, believe me its grantee, you know such projects don’t face losses”

“Sanskar, that’s a point. But before finalizing my decision I need to meet the other partner”

“with all pleasure, I will sit an appointment with him by tomorrow”

“that will be perfect. Still I have some questions if you please to answer”

“I would be glad to, but why not do during having lunch”

Ahh I knew it, another alluring girl, but it’s ok

“sure why not!!”

I moved out with miss vidya to lunch in nearby place discussing about there offer.

Sanskar POV over

In MM day went smooth, nikil care Uttra as she didn’t want help from others, like a closed pearl shell that opened only to nikil. Laksh went to his company normally while ragini went back to her sanskari bahu role, Annapurna and sujata still same. By dinner time both swasan reached home in their cars, swara was first and Sanskar behind her, he saw her how she descend from car with much attitude, he wondered since when swara start driving??! Swara gave him a look between soft and anger and stood still. Sanskar got down and before he utter a word

Swara: we reached together right, so to complete or understanding image lets go inside together…

Sanskar didn’t replay and both walk in silently find family on dinning table

Annapurna: Sanskar, swara… you came in time dears, come its dinner, fresh up fast…

Sanskar: ji badi ma, coming immediately… swara would want to but again one look at sujata and she is not ready for any words…

Swara: im not hungry, excuse me..

Uttra: bhabhi please, come na..

Swara gaze Sanskar then uttra: nahi uttra, I already had in office….

She went upstairs and Sanskar fist his palm and went to guest room to fresh up and attend to show her a new punishment as soon as dinner over…



How it was

Hope swasan dilammas are clear

Eagrly waiting for your comments

Allah hafiz

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