Swasan – saza (11)

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Previously: sanskar apply sindhor on swara maang


Sanskar: I accept you swara as my wife and this house bhau

Swara was numbed, she couldn’t believe that he did that AGAIN, he colored her maang without her permission, she pass her finger to her maang and looked at her middle finger having sindhor traces, she looked shocked to Sanskar who had very cold face expression which alternate her gaze from shock to anger…

Swara: how could you do that?… how… hooow dare you… (her voice was rising and she gripped Sanskar collar and his eyes widen from her behavior) DID YOU JUST DO THAT AGAIN?? FILL MY MAANG WITHOUT MY PREMISSION???!!!

Ok that shocked the people around, for the first time swara get such anger, that too on Sanskar…. Shome came forward and hold swara’s hand

Shome: swara…. What you doing? He is your husband!!

Swara’s mind eco the word again and again, and in each time her anger reach higher limits

Swara angrily: maa!! what husband!!!, he did that only for two reasons, and both of them make him more selfish in my eyes…

Sanskar shouted too: swaraaaaa!!! remember that I accept you back in this house, so start act on that basis, a good bahu and lower your voice…

Swara and Sanskar were fighting so openly in front of family, which never happens before….

Swara: you can’t force me Sanskar Maheshwary, and I will…..


Nikil shouts his voice out interrupting swara words… making all family drop their hearts in their feet.

Swara was the first to act and hold her anarkali up and ran upstairs. Swara run to Uttra laying body

Swara: Uttra answer me, come on na.. Uttra…

Sanskar also came close and rub her hands: Uttra, Uttra wake up …

Sawara: nikil call doctor mehra immediately…

Swara was massaging Uttra head and calls her to wake

Sanskar: who is that doctor??

swara: Uttra ki special doctor.

But after a while Uttra start respond and open her eyes, first thing she saw was her bhai, then her bhabhi

Uttra: bhabhi…. Yo… your maang…

Swara shot glare to Sanskar who answer his sister..

Sanskar: my dear di, me and swara had decided to give our marriage second chance, you see, in the end we are husband and wife, we would find our way back again, I guess we just needed time and little push… and I am happy you was that push di…

Uttra glare him for seconds then ignore him totally: is it true bhabhi… you will come back again??!

Swara looked deep in uttra eyes, she don’t want to go back, not in millions years, it will kill her every passing second, with his words and taunts…. But that look in uttra eyes, what was that pure soul mistake to be like that… it wasn’t her fault to be cheated by her 1st love or to be thought as a burden according to her mother.

Swara want to fight for her own selfishness and leave the temple to fall upon its people, to break all and go, but the question is will that make her rest?… would it make her happy? Can we ask water not to be colorless? Can we ask scorpions not to sting others even if it means its own death…. And the answer was a big simple no….

Swara: haan uttra…

These two words meant many things to many people.

For swara it meant a sign on her suffer papers, daily she will bare his hatred, his sarcasms, his looks, and her own love to him which she isn’t capable to express anymore.

For Sanskar it was even more confusing, would he try to patch them one more time, or try to move on for good, or would end up hurting her again and again, he didn’t know but in this moment he needed her, not only for his sister but for himself, and that’s a fact he hated to admit.

For sujata it meant hatred, in her eyes swara ruined her children’s life and now she will have the chance to do more damage, as she will let it happen.

As for rest they were sure Sanskar and swara’s happiness lay with each other existence together, and what happened today is a good step to it, so they were happy as swara is coming back.

Uttra; now, I can come back home, bhabhi…

Swara: shsh now, sleep for rest, doctor mehra will come tomorrow…

They start to move out and nikil followed them

Uttra; nikil, where you going?

Nikil; nearest hotel, I will be here whenever you need me, just call…

Utta moist; nikil, don’t leave me

Nikil heart sink, pleading her by looks to not cry as he can’t hold it…

Nikil: I have too… for now… (he picked uttra’s forehead and left the room)

Nikil moved outside fighting himself stopped by sujata voice

Sujata; don’t you dare ever back to my daughter…

Annapurna: sujata… he is your son in law now..

Sujata: no, I don’t accept him…

Ram: then you want him to divorce uttra?

Sujata was ambuscaded by the question, her husband knew her answer well, a divorced girl is a real curse in society, neither she or uttra will hold the women snake taunts about uttra running away and married and divorced in 4 months only. They will be the witticism of people all around, and then sujata do the only one thing she is good at.

Sujata: ask your honored bahu as she is the one got them married without us. It’s her problem and her mistake now she must solve.

Swara sight in defeat, it’s her first mints back in house and here her hell started already.

Ram to nikil: why you want to leave?

Nikil; sir, I am not a thief, I didn’t steal uttra, I love her from all my heart… and I can’t be with her in same room without your agreement, not any more. I will do anything to stay with uttra, I will show you that I worth her, even if it means to propose her again, to bring my family and marry her one more time… if it make you feel I worth her.

Ram tapped his shoulder: you just did beta…. (ram smiled and so his elder brother knowing that nikil is the fit for uttra)

Sujata: ram ji…. Nahi… I don’t accept him, no…. (sujata left being angry)

Ram: at least to me u pass, and now you have long way to go… that will be your tax for loving my bête

Some chuckles were heard but swara knew it’s not the only tax nikil will pay; he will pay with Sanskar anger as well.

Dp: you can stay in guest room beta… Sanskar lead him there…

Dp and Ap, left to their rooms, and so ram to his angry bird wife, now it’s not hard to know from where Sanskar his angry attitude.

Sanskar lead nikil to the guest room not sure how to deal with him, he had always doubted him to have an eye on swara, for god sake he told him he will take care of their wedding, but now he is married to his own sister…. When and how, he needed to know that.. They entered the room and Sanskar light it up..

Sanskar: since when you are married to uttra?

Nikil: in one week will be our third month anniversary.

Sanskar: why did you marry her?

Nikil: because I love her…

Sanskar: Jokes a side, you never knew her to love her…

Nikil: I didn’t have it, her pure smile, her innocent face and heart, not so hard to recognize it and that’s what I need for my wife…

Sanskar felt his true words, but still he felt something not fit: you are hiding something…

Nikil iris went wide and he try control himself: what.. what you mean?

Sanskar: you always knew where swara disappeared, she wouldn’t just go not keeping an eye on her family, and you are the perfect guy for the mission… and that day I heard uttra speaking to someone, just a day before she leave, that was probably you, and for some reason, that forced you and swara to pull uttra with you and swara risk leaving her family with no connections at all.

Nikil tried his best keeping his breathes steady, every word Sanskar spoke was pure true… still a part of the truth was hidden…

Sanskar: I expect an explanation…

Nikil: in the right time only, please it has been long night…

Sanskar; since when you go soft with me, as I remember you always hated me…

Nikil; since hurting you would lead hurt most two people I care about…

Snaskar stood for a while before he dash out of the room to his room…. No… to THEIR room, once more.

Sanskar POV

I am heading to the room not hell then why my heart bound do loudly???, probably cause she is there! how I will treat her?, what I will say? Shall I ask her for new chance…. Should I apologies for telling those three awful words? Or should I just ignore it.

I slow my walking pace, I need to calm…. Why you always put me in dilemma swara, you have always been my strong point, but also my only weakness. Nothing can bring me on my knees and forehead but you… you are my kryptonite swara, my reason of life and death…. But you choose to blame me, you choose you sister over me. Many times you broke my heart swara, each time I gave to you having faith that you won’t break it, but you always prove me wrong… you are the only one whose with her I repeat my mistake again and again…

But that’s my heart swara, and I think it won’t hold another shatter… Swara is here only for uttra, as soon as she is fine…. What?? What I will do?? I don’t know.

My thoughts ended when I reached my room’s door. I held my hand to knock, but why should i? It’s my room.

Sanskar POV over

Sanskar entered his room finding swara sitting on bed lost in thoughts, then looked up to meet his cold brown gaze.. he head to the wardrobe taking his cloth and leave to washroom immediately. He wasn’t ready to face her yet… he must sit his words first.

As for swara she was sure each second that passed he hates her more and more, hate her to the extent that he didn’t hold to see her in his room. She moved with no mind to wardrobe to get cloth only to realize she have none there. She looked around, she had nothing in this room, all photos, cloth and belongs are gone… (had you hated me that much? Can’t… can’t we ever … back again?). swara tears flow soundless but she weep them and focused on her reason here and that’s for uttra only.

Swara head to bed and draw blanket and pillow then place them on couch, then removed her duppta in the moment Sanskar came out of wash room after so many struggle

Sanskar gaze her for seconds, her brown hazel eyes captured his softly, how many unspoken words they had… but Sanskar put his cold in a second fighting all his desires…

Sanskar; yes please, make yourself comfortable… you are back right… (Swara preferred to remain silent) but mrs. maheshwary let me clearfiy to you, you are here to..


The words stone Sanskar in his place…. He just thought to bring her back for uttra, but that punishment never crossed his mind… but then unknowingly swara gave him the knife he will tore them both by…. She gave him a lie to believe and act on its basis

Sanskar; so you still remember…

Swara: yes, and I keep my words to me whatever punishment you give to me I shall accept…

Sanskar; good, but one more thing… in front of family and uttra we shall lie that both of us have reunited till uttra becomes fine again

Swara knew it, knew its his second reason, but still the words from his lips and voice hurted her and unknowingly she mumble: what?

Sanskar; what did you think mrs. Maheshwary? That I will hug you and shed tears? What we will mumble a simple sorry and reunite that simple!!! If you had forgteen swara make me remind you that it was you who called off our relationship and went out of the house.

Swara; I may went out of house sanskar but it was you who tore us a part day you fought laksh, remember??!

Sanskar head back to his conversation with swara when he told her and either he survive or no they will never be together again.

Swara: You remember mr. maheshwary!!

Sanskar hated to remember his bitter words and chewed his inner cheek.

Sanskar: its impossible to go back as we were… so lets just do this drama…

Swara inside was burning and shattering but show to be so cool, how can Sanskar be like that. Sanskar turn a drawer and pull alcohol bottle and cup and start drinking

Swara: you have changed a lot Sanskar! In a second again you turned our life into a drama, just like how we begin in this house years ago in our fake marriage days.

Sanskar: don’t bring that topic ok… I loved you from all my heart and all I got was heart break, time after time… and don’t you dare to play victim role ok, hadn’t you yourself changed???.

Swara gaze him so deeply and looked pretty hurted but controlled: if you are convinced that I am, then nothing I say will change it. You see things only from your respective, but not reverse…

Sanskar: you just try to bend your mistakes behind your big words and real fact, that now we hate each other swara… no love remain.

Sanskar inside to himself: what the f**k I said….. waaw, I became number one in breaking her, I just should get a trophy for breaking my own heart… stop it you damn idiot just go to sleep and leave her in peace.

Swara gaze Sanskar and gave most pained smile ever; hate and anger are two different things Sanskar, hate require anger beside…. But anger doesn’t require hate, if you know what I really mean.

Not wishing further talks swara head to washroom wash her face fastly and send sms to her pa…

Swara came out find Sanskar still drinking, she gulp her saliva as sand in her throat, she hated watching him drinking… she head to bed

Sanskar: I see you already decide I will sleep on couch, in what right please?

Swara smirk sarcasm: what make you think I decided that… as far as I remember, couch is uncomfortable to sleep…

Swara head to couch where she placed sheets and pillow and put them on floor and slept on the floor…

Sanskar was shocked by her action, but hold his heart tight: if you think you will gain my kindness by such action you are wrong. I accept you back only for my personal matters and…

Swara shouts; just shut the f**k Sanskar and sleep on the hell bed.

Sanskar volted by shock from her language and sharp tongue, but as it was already long night on him too he went to bed and slept, turning AC as he like not thinking about swara conditions, but rather her new avatar.

Swara covered her head and tears flow like river from the bubblu hurted eyes (monologue): I didn’t change Sanskar… those words and those promises I gave to you still mean a lot to me… you were, still and always be my husband, but its you who changed and hated me for the wrong reasons.

And like this swasan first night got over.


How was swasan first night aaaah

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Hope it was long enough for you ppl

Precap: life begins & new entry

Note*** the episode pic say ( i wish we never met… you are not that close to satisfy my passion niether far to kill my hope)***

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