swasan – my savior (Introduction)


Hello friends . You all don’t know me but I know many of you. I read many ff for six months. I am going to write a ff please support me and bear my grammatical errors. Here is the introduction if you all like it then I will continue

Her point of view

Today was happiest and saddest day of my life. Today I achieved my dream and lose a very important person of my life.
My mother said ” why have you come back aren’t you happy after killing your father ? Priest’s saying was right you are most unlucky the day you were born happiness went out of my life. ”
Yes my mother was right I am the unlucky I am a curse for my family .today my died because of me . If I had stop him then he would have been alive . My siblings became orphan because of me all happened only for me. I don’t deserve to live .

After 1 hour

A boy rescue a girl from the ganga river.

Friends this was the introduction. Please comment good or bad . Can you guys guess who is the boy and the girl?

Credit to: sinin

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  1. Awesome sinin

  2. R u the same 1 who cmnted in my challenge post? Nice 1 dude.. Carry on!!

  3. Harshitha

    Awesome continue ❤ boy is sanskar and girl is swara ?

  4. Nice..continue soon

    1. Thank you all .

  5. Jeya

    Nice continue…

  6. Obviously swasan…..may be i think…..nice dr

  7. Abirsha

    awesome dude…..its very nice

  8. Awsm…continue plssssssssss…

  9. Soujanya


  10. nice….guessing that they r swasan

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