swasan – my savior (Episode 6 ) mystery of swara

Hello friends soory late. Actually I was a little busy with swaragini royal love. But now im back.
Guys the person with whom ragini had a bad encounter is very important. I can’t reveal his name so for now let’s call him “Greek god ” as ragini said .

Ragini said swara where did you go I couldn’t find you anywhere. And who was that man I heard everything from the woman how dare he talk to you like this I’ll kill now days people have forgotten how to behave with others.
Swara : arre stop yaar how much will you talk actually I don’t know him I think he had an misunderstanding. But what about your one?
Ragini : oh nothing insolent people . Now come let’s go or else your so called family will start their drama.
Ragini leaves swara in her house and goes as she have an important meeting.
Swara slowly enters inside.

Urvashi holds her wrist and takes her forcefully in a room.
Urvashi : what you said to ragini ? Where did you went?
Swara : Mandir
Urvashi : now you are up to impure the Mandir ha ? And what is this in your neck ? How dare you wear accessories don’t u know priest has forbid open it now . Hurry up you moron.
Urvashi tries to snatch if from her . Suddenly it starts to glow and light falls on urvashi ‘s eyes she starts to shout. Sumi comes and sees the scenery.
Swara is standing shocked and urvashi is crying in pain. Sumi takes urvashi with her.

The Greek god feels strange and says “be fearful of god ”
Sanskar point of view

Oh no I have lost my pendant ! It was very dear to me. Mother said she found me only with this . I am soo careless. But still I find it’s close to my heart. Strange!

The Greek god enters into the Mandir. He takes blessings from mahant ji who was meditating.
Mahant : so you have come
GG : yes baba whenever she will need me I will come.
Mahant : won’t you meet with them ?
GG : no it’s very dangerous if enemy comes to know they will harm them. They already know shivani and torturing her for 20 years. But today they have learnt a good lesson. Unknowingly her savior have saved her.
Mahant : you still love shivani ? Did you meet with rohini today ?
GG: I need to go baba. I’ll be back.
Greek god leaves while mahant ji smiled.

In a dark room
The black coat man breaks everything.
“Due to Crystal today Swara was saved. That idiot girl what was the need to throw pendent in water. Now swara is a step close to her savior.

When sanskar was saving Crystal throws his pendant in water which flows to swara and stucks with her neck.

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