swasan – my savior (Episode 5)


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Lets start

Ragini : swara let’s go to temple you’ll feel good.
Swara : but bua…
Ragini :don’t worry I’ll take care of my bua ji. She smiles wickedly.
Ragini goes in hall room
Adarsh urvashi sumi all were present.
Ragini says I am taking swara with me for sometime. Does anyone have any problems?
Adarsh : but..
Ragini makes a punch .
And adarsh fumbles. Urvashi says no problems take her but come soon.
( guys ragini is a taekwondo black belt)
Ragini takes swara with her. She is wearing a light blue sari.
At orphanage
Crystal is sitting quietly in a bench.she is not talking with anyone.
Sanskar : what happened Crystal?
Crystal : I want to go temple. My mother was a Hindu she used to take me with her.
Sanskar : don’t worry dear I’ll take you.
They went to temple.
Swara feels strange and looks here and there . She Prays to god for her father.
Ragini : swara you go down .ill have to take this call
Swara goes down and sees a girl scolding a child.
Girl : how dare you touch my shoes do you know their price u ******
She pushed the child. Child’s mother came and take her in lap.
Mother : please forgive my son .
Girl : never first touch my feet. The mother was about to touch feet . But a hand stops her.

At temple
Mahant came and does arti. Sanskar seeks blessing from him.
He touches his head and feels strange. Mahant ji gets some flashes.
(Note) ” I will return I will return one day to take my revenge. No one can separate a naagin from his naag.”

Sanskar : mahant ji
Mahant : beta don’t do the same mistake. Don’t leave her hand. Don’t mistrust her. You are her only hope. Her Savior.
Sanskar : I didn’t understand
Mahant : just remember don’t judge a person in first sight. Now go may god bless you.
Sanskar leaves from there in a confusing state. He sees a a pretty girl slapping Crystal. He goes close.
Girl : don’t you have any manners is this is a way to talk you spoil brats na dont feel anything . Dont you have parents ?
Sanskar : enough stop how dare you talk to Crystal like this don’t u know how to talk with children
Girl : listen to me ….
Sanskar : no what you said about parents I think you don’t have any parents if they we’re here They would have died out of shame.
Girl became numb
Sanskar takes crystal with him.
The girl starts crying .
Mahant : shivani
Girl : I am not shivani im swara ( yes guys whom sanskar scolded was swara)
Mahant : swara don’t worry he will understand soon.
Swara : I don’t know him
Mahant monologue : impossible shivani you don’t know your savior!!
Swara : I need to go
Mahant : may god bless you shiv…swara
Swara goes to find ragini with a sad face.

At orphanage
Sanskar consoles Crystal.
Sanskar : she was a bad girl. But what did you do ?
Crystal : nothing just said to make her dress right
Sankar : disgusting woman… you take rest I’ll come later.
Crystal locks the door. She goes in her bed. And removes a phone from pillows
She calls someone
Crystal : the work is done bro. Their first meeting started with hatred. Ok I won’t call you from now. I miss you a lot. Bye
Crystal remembers ” waiting for sanskar in gangaa jumping into the river seeing him .removeing his locket, demanding to go to temple , pushing the child her self seeing swara, making swara angry using vulgar words, acting to cry seeing sanskar.”
She sleeps with a smrik on her face.

A unknown person ( black coat) laughs ” your hate story has started swara. Your savior is hating you.”
At temple
Mahant starts laughing seeing the stars.
Pujari : what had happened mahant ji?
Mahant : can birds ever hate sky ?
Pujari : no
Mahant : can ever fish hate water?
Pujari : no
Mahant : can ever a savior hate which he is born to protect ?
Pujari fumbles
Mahant : no never . Savior don’t repeat your mistake.try to find truth. You both have many enemy. Be careful.

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Credit to: sinin

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