swasan – my savior (Episode 4)


Hello friends I’m back. Today I have a request please say which part you liked most and which part you didn’t like .

Ragini point of view
Today I saw a bad dream.I saw swara is in a river and a person saves her.I think I will have to meet swara . I took my bike and saw that there is no petrol. Today I have walk .but no problems all is ok for swara. You all must be thinking swara is my sister but no we are more than sister.we are best buddies. If list of good and foolish personal is made swara will be first in both. You guys must be saying why I talk much ?? Swara also say that . But I don’t mind.
Ragini sees a person pushing a old man. The person turns and ragini sees his face he looks like a Greek god …he is soo hot .
Wait he just pushed a old man. Ragini goes to the old man and helps him. He blesses her and goes. Ragini turns and saw the boy was gone.
Did you guys see what he did ? Just because of people like him we all are being defamed. I will never forgive him though he is hot. See swaras home has come we will talk later bye friends.

At swara s house

Swara is tied with chain. All over her body there is mark. She seats . Sumi comes and passes her the food plate by leg.
Swara : ma check na maybe I have fever
Sumi goes to washroom and brings a wet towel and throughs it on her face.
Urvashi calls her out.
Urvashi : bhabi ragini has come
Sumi : tell her swara is sleeping.
Urvashi : ohh bhabi You know na she is ragini she will start her interrogation.

Swara feels that someone has come to meet her .oh no ! Ragini has come she tries to make her self presentable.
Raginis smile vanishes seeing her condition. She says swara and hugs her . Swara says Ahhh
At apartment
Sanskar wakes up she feels pain in his back she touches it but feels nothing is there. Be gets ready for office.

Ragini : I am so sorry what has happened in your leg ,
Swara : glass fell on me
Ragini : What
Swara : no I fall on glass
Ragini : why are you lying ? I heard about shekhar uncle . All of them have started again. I will kill them u wait.
Swara : no you will not go swear on me it is truth you can’t change it that I am black . I am a bad luck.
Shekhar uncle did wrong by educating you .all these are just superstition. Leave it
Ragini applies ointment on her wounds with affection.
Ragini : where is surag ?
Swara : who?
Ragini : your cousin
Swara : I don’t have any cousins
Ragini understand that it was their plan.she makes swara eat food with her hand.


soo sorryw guys for dragging. I want to make their first meet very special.

Credit to: sinin

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