swasan – my savior (Episode 3)


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Swara opens her eyes slowly. She finds her self in a familiar room. She tries to sit and discover that she is in her room at herhome. She tries to remember what happened with her but she couldn’t.
Suddenly the door opens and swara sees urvashi bua standing and starring at her with burning eyes.
Swara : bua ..I .. swara feels a tight slap on her face . Urvashi says how dare you first you killed your father

and then….
Sumi : act as we have thrown u home
Swara : no ma
Sumi : don’t you dare to call
me ma .i tolerated you just for shekhar.but now he is dead just because of you.I would have killed at your birth time.
Adarsh : and now we can’t even kill you because it was dad’s last wish. But that does not mean we will let manusiyat stay with us. Get ready we are going to priest.
Swara : no bhai please don’t take me to priest
Sumi holds her and says nobody asked your wish now were this black sari cause you don’t deserve any color.

They forcibly take her to car . Swara says now no one can save me baba has gone away but ragini yes ragini please save me you are my only hope.

Ragini point of view
Why I am feeling so restless? I have returned from manali tomorrow. From tomorrow I am feeling that swara is calling me but why I know her family is her enemy but shekhar uncle is there wait let me call her.
The phone rang
Ragini : can I talk with swara ?
Reciever : sorry she is sleeping actually we talked till late night and she was very tired.
Ragini : who are you?
Reciever : I am shurag her cousin

Ragini : ok bye
Swara never said about any cousin.maybe hecame from abroad. Now I can sleep peacefully.
On swaras home
The receiver laughs and says “poor ragini I can’t let anyone save swara tonight no one can save her not even you.”

They all take swara in a big dark room .a person is in meditation.
Urvashi: baba please help us
Priest :you have come again I had said where ever she will go she will spread bad luck he didn’t listen to me and now is dead but don’t worry I will complete the pooja which was left.
He order his men to bring sticks and make them hot in a pan. Sumi throws swara on ground and all go out. Swara says ma don’t leave me alone.

In apartment
Sanskar wakes up he was sweating profusely.he feeled as if he had been thrown in the ground. He wakes up drinks water and says not again.he says be cool sanskar. He eats sleeping pills but still he can’t sleep.
Priest binds swara with chain like an animal.and call someone he says jai ma kali and starts beating swara mercilessly.
Swara shouts noooo….
Sanskar feels as if someone is hitting him very hard. He holds his head tightly and says all this is my illusion there is no pain. But still he feels immerses pain in his head hand body.

The person stops at 100 . He holds swara by head .she was in a very bad state .he says your bad luck have killed shekhar do u want to kill your mother ?
Swara : no

Then walk on those glasses with every blood of your your bad luck will go away.
Swara tries to stand and falls. She again stand she feeling unbearable pain but she have to do it for her mother she can’t let any thing happened to them due to her bad luck.she starts walking on glass.
Sanskar holds her toes tightly all this is not new for him .But today he is felling the pain from heart. As if his leg is going tob pieces.
Swara falls down her leg is bleeding as if all her blood will go away. The priest brings a bucket of ice water and throws on her .she faints.
Sanskar suddenly starts to feel cold. He takes the blanket he is feeling sleepy. Before dosing of he says “PATA NAHI KISKA DARD SAH RAHA HU ITNI DINO SE PAR TUM JO BHI HO ME HUMHE DHONDHI LUNGA.”

PRECAP: more torture more pain ….raglak meeting swaragini bond

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Credit to: sinin

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  1. Deeksha

    Loved it……. I like swara and Sanskaar….. Even though swara is getting hurt in reality Sanskaar is feeling it…..

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  3. thamiazh magan

    ohh cant bear any more torture

  4. It’s like animal plz save Swara

  5. Harshitha

    Nice one poor swara

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  7. Please read the intro of swasan love in the space and tell should I continue that or not

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  9. Superb… so much torture she is undergoing…. really vry hatdship.. and here sanski is feeling d pain.. its like they r soulmate (swasan)…
    long chp… super

  10. oh god…itna torture

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