swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -8


Hello yes i said i will update next episode on monday but i can’t stop myself so i am writting definetly 9th episode on monday
here we go
swalak hugged eachother.ragni shocked. shona u know him before
swara- arey he is one of my best friend in collage lucky how r u
lucky- i am superb
swara- wow what a suprise yaar police officer
lucky- ya
ragini- but shona u both different groups right
swara- ha ragini we are different groups but same clg na we also don’t know how we trio becoms frnds
swara- ha trio laksh where is that monkey
then ashwin comes and sees swara and hides himself behind car and says oh no this jhan si ki rani what she doing here then suddenly someone cathes his ear from back ashwin turns
ashwi- swara u suddenly here what r u doing here
swara- y u hiding urself seeing me..ha.bolo

ashwin- swara not like that i just thought that u will scold me
laksh- what r u saying ashwin u mean swara looks like devil
ashwini gives angry look to laksh and says not like that becoz i did’t meat her after collage i thougt she will be angry on us
swara- oh know ya i have to angry on u both right i forget.
ashlak – sry shona give any punishment but please talk with us na please………….they begged her she says ok then
laksh- but swara where u got this angry bird pointing to ragini
ragini- i am angry bird then u fire brand again they started fighting
swara- stop it laksh don’t talk like that about her she is my..swara words cutted by ashwin
ashwin – angel………….i mean genoulist wow u know i am big fan of u
laksh- arey ashwin have u lost ur eye sight or wht in which angle she lokks like angel to u
swara – stop it laksh she is my sister
ashlak- what
ragni-come swara i have lot of work today
swara- what is that importent work to u
rags- shona tommoro i am going to sultana street

laksh- what sultana street u know how dangerous it was
rags- i don’t care.she draged swara
swara- wait, laksh give ur phone number.they exchange their phone no and left that place.just them sankar came their but ashlak did’t notice him
sankar- guys to whom to both waveing ur hands
ashlak- thank you bhai
sanky- thak you for what
laksh- becoz of u we met our old frnd if u did’t came here we did’t meet her
sanky- ok chello.ashwin drving car on way of mm sanskar asks ashwin to stop the car
ashwin stops car and saya bhai lekin q
sanky- ha vo i have some work here u go i will come
laksh(in his mind)- i think bhai waiting for bhabi in this restarunt
laksh- bhai i will come with u
sanky-ok then
ashwin- but how u both…………
sanky- don’t worry we will come by auto u go.ashwin leaves
after some time ashwini went to mm

he directly went to kitchen
ashwin- wow bhabi maa u both preparing food then what this bakbak doing here pointing to utarra who preparing chapati
uttara- what me babak i said so many times don’t call me like that
ashwin- bak bak………………..bak bak……………. he teases her
uttara- see whai will do …………………. she trows flour on him
ashwin (shouted ) uattara………………… he ran behind her they messed whole kitchen
ap- bass see hoe u messed kitchen u both clean it

ap – ha u both right,pari and ap went to living hall they both chit chating then sanlak enterd
laksh – maa where is ashwin.then suddenly listen loud sounds from kitchen .all ran to kitchen.thay both fighting throwing bowls utaara holds knife in her hand and says if u call me again bak bak i will kill u then she forward her hand laksh hold her hand
laksh- what ru doing u will kill him or what
ashwin – arey please bacho sanky bhai from ur sis
sanky- uttara whais this
ap- u ppl get out from kitchen we will clean go frm here. uttash staring angrily eachother all leaves
EVERYONE did their break fast dispersed their works sanlakash went to police station(ashwini staying at mm only)
pari- maa me and varun want to go shopping
ap- no need to ask u can go
pari – thank you maa

they went shopping
@shopping mall
varun running here and there suddenly he collides to a girl
varun- oops! sorry………..
pari- sorry
girl – it’s ok he is so cutes .she sits down and aska
girl- what’s ur name
varun – varun then what’s ur name
girl- swara…………..u so cute and kisses on his cheek
varun – u also looking beautyfull can u be a girl friend he forward his hand
swara – ofcourse dear she also forward her hand,varun kisses her hand and sees her ring its so nice
swara – thank you
varun- one selfee
swara – sure.varun drags phone frm pari’s hand and took selfees varun took photo of swara ring also
varun – ok bye we will meet some other time
swara – ok bye they bid bye and left

on the way to mm
varun- maa i want ring which swara wears same like that ring
pari- ok we will buy tommoro
varun-no i want today he start crying wean while they reached mm they enterd inside varun is still crying then sanlakashwin entered
sanky- oh why my hero is crying
pari- he want ring it seems i said him i will gave him tommoro but he crying
sany- come with me we will play games come take him to his room stll pari phone is in varun’s hand.laksh and ashwin enter’s to their room
@sanskar’s room
sankar- stop crying accha bolo want u want
varun- ring
sanky- which ring?.varun shows the ring which clicked in shopping mall
sanskar shocked seeing that ring and asks where u saw this ring
varun- shoping mall it is my girl friend’s ring
sanky- girl friend did u saw her
varun- ha wait i will show u.varun shows her pic and one sec his mind blocked and drged phone from his hand u know her name
sanky- swara …………….swara………i love u swara…………………………….
varun- but she is my girl frnd ………..sanky kisees varun

sanky- i have to show this to laksh he star running to laksh room but he stops
sanky(in his mind)-how selfish i am. how should i say to him he is already in stees becoz of me if i shows this pic he will forget every thing he run behind this so i will find her.and he stares at photo and sys i love u swara

Screen frezees……………………………………
precap- raglak romantic dance…………………………….

forget to say …………………….sawalak and ashwin of same age, sanskar 1 yr elder to them and ragini 1 yr younger to them

i hope u all like this…………………….

ok bye see u at monday…………………..bye

Credit to: SHIVANYA

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