swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -6


hello everyone thank you so much for your comments.are u all waiting for swasan meeting.so without wasting time read it
here we go
whole gadodia family members except swara are taking breakfast all are staring at ragini.ragini seriously eating food without talking to anyone just then swara came there she looks at ragini
swara- maa i think someone is angry a me.(she talking about rags) ragini looks at swara
swara- maa say her sry
ragini- i don’t want ur sorry
swara- sorry cuite for next time i will definetly see ur interview promise
ragini- pakka
swara- ha pakka now smile na and i watched ur show in youtube
ragni- how was it
swara – who did that my ladoo obusiouly i will be awsome
ragini- but shona u know that laksh maheshwari ……….. suddenly her phone rangs she leaves saying bye to everyone

swara whispers laksh maheshwari…………………
shekar- swara where r u going
swara- iam want to give this birds to national bird centre
shekar- y you don’t like them?
swara – no papa not like that actually this is summer na i think we can’t tacke care of these two better than national bird centre
shekar – ur wish go .swara leaves
laksh jumps from bed and rushed to sanskar’s room he see sankar was peacefully sleeping he went to sanskar’s bed and shoutd bhai.sanskar wakes with a lot for fear
sanky- lucky u scared me
lucky- bhai u forgetted na
sanky- what
lucky- bhai we have to go to resturant yesterday bhai warned to that restarunt owner that she will come today
sanky- ya lucky i forget about that thank you yaar.they both star running they came to living hall dp saw them but he did’t stop them
dp- ap i can’t understood how our city will save for these two.(he says normally i mean similing).ap laughs
sanlak waiting for long time sanskar sees the waiter who saved by swara.sanlak wnt to him
sanky- hey
waiter- aap i saw yesterday interviw u bith r police right
sanlak- ha

sanky- i want ur help
waiter- yes sir
sanky- did u know the girl whom u saved u yesterday
waiter- no sir i don’t know i saw her first time
laksh – she says today she will come
waiter- ha sir but she din’t came.sanskar get disappointed and seeing here and there he point out one place
sanky- laksh
kucky- hmm
sanky- lucky see cc cam’s
lucky(shouted) bhabi milgaye. everyone looks at laksh. laksh see that everyone staring at him and he says sry to them
sanky- can we see yesterdays viedo once
waiter- ofcourse sir come
trio seeing video but sanlak get disoppointed becoz her was not seen her face coverd with her hair
lucky- y this girls makes their hair long.bhai i think bhabi is too short she has to use heels
sanky- lucky……………
laucky-ok………..he went to waiter followed by sanky ok thank you shall we take this one copy
sanky- shall we take one copy please

waiter – ok sir.
sanky- thank u so much.they took copy and about to leave but lucky turn back and says(to waiter ) did u saw her face
waiter- ha sir-
lucky- then say how she looks and raises his eyebrows.sanskar looks at waiter with a lot of excitement
waiter- she look very nice and cute just like a small baby.sanskar blushes laksh obserbs that and says bhai please don’t blush its bhabi work to blush
sanky-lucky don’t forget i wll also get that chance
lucky- ok ok………………..and give his phone number to waiter if saw her again immediatly call me
waiter ok sir……. sanlak leaves while driving sanskar says lucky stop car near national bird center
lucky- bhai please its so boring
sanky- no lucky 1 yr i din’t feed them u know its my habit
lucky-ok don’t take class now
aftersome time
swara reached ti nbc(its 3 floor bulding every floor have many cc cams and one monitor on table) she stepped in she give those birds to one guy he took them
swara- can i see this whole once
guy- ok mam
swara playing with birds. meanwhile sanskar came to nbc
sanky- come na
lucky- no u go i will stay here
sanky- ur wish he went
sanskar feeding birds

guy- sir after one year gap u came here wow sir what a suprise sir police officer congrts
sanky- thank you.guy says i will come just now
sanky- ok carry on
meanwhile swara sees sanskar she write something one paper and she gives to guy and says give this to to him pointing toward sanskar and left that place
sanskar on third floor swara went to ground floor she about to step out but someone calls her
swara- yes
man – mam please register ur name here
@third floor
sanskar stood near table guy came and give that paper to sankar
sankar- what this who gave this
guy – one girl sir see that girl he pointing on moniter.her face was not clear becoz she turns back to camera but sanskar sees her hand becoz she was registering her name sanskar sees her ring what he draged that paper and he star running he went to ground floor but no use swara left
sanky- who was she
guy – don’t no sir iam seeing her first time meanwhile laksh entered
lucky- bhai how much time u will take

sanky- lucky i again miss her
guy- but sir i can help u
sanlak- how
guy- sir who ever comes here they will register their names so in this time no one registerd their names so last should be her
sanky- thank you pls get that register
guy- wait a minute
lucky- bhai we get to know her name yipeeeeeee but bhai what’s in ur hand
sanky- she give that
lucky- really read that i think she also serching for u
sanskar opened that paper in that
congrats mr.sanskar maheshwari for u succed in ur mission
by ur nwely fan
lucky-bhai bhabi is ur fan meanwhile guy bought register
sanlak shocked seeing that name ‘varun dhawan’.laksh makes funny face

screen frezees

precap- raglak fighting…………………………..new entry……………………..
sindhu rm ji if u read dis ff please answer to my question
in ur ff ragini character is our swaragini’s ragini
please inroduce any other for rags………….introduce laksh and swasan sorry for my bak bak

sorry for raglak fans becoze today there is no ragni scencs

bye see u tommorrow

Credit to: SHIVANYA

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