swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -4


HERE WE GO……………………
sanky(in his mind)- who r u? just i want talk to u.i wll find out but how i did’t see ur face i saw only ur ring(SR)
LAKSH- bhai were r u. what u are thinking
sanky- nothing
laksh- see na bhai papa forceing me to do PG i don’t want you know how stresed this studies…….. and wo……. he phone rangs
lucky(on phone)- hello
caller- congrats
lucky-thank u
caller- did u rememmber today
sanskar draged his phone – yes we remmember and he cuts call

lucky- bhai i think hum aapne akari manzil thak pahuchgaye
sanky(in his mind)- no laksh MERI AKARI MANZIL aur kuch hei ( he thinking about swara )
lucky- bhai where u went again
sanky- nothing come lets go .they both went down did their break fast
sanklak- bhai maa we are going to movie
ap- if ur dad knows about this he will bang u both to tree
sanlak- u don’t worry we will take care about him.ok then bye we getting late. they took blessings and went away

ragini- ok shona i am getting late don’t go any where take rent
sumi- hat’s the need u to do that repoter job
rags-maa i am surving my people my country
sumi- if any thing happen to you ur people will not support u
rags- i dn’t care who will supports me or not becoze my shona will always with me
swara- ofcouse if swara did’t upports u then there is no meaning of swaragini
rags – maa it’s about my self respect i will be happy doing this
sumi- after marrige if ur husband dislikes this
swaragini- divorce
sumi – shekar see hoe they both talking
sheker- i will agree to them
swara- that’s my super man.
raga – ok papa, maaa i have to go bye shona

sumi(shouted)-take care beta go slow
swara and sherkar laughs at her swara says maa waste ur energy she won’t listen to ur words
shekar- swara go take rest
swara – ok super man. she went to her room she put her wallet on table she turned but again she took her wallent and oppend it and taken out wrist chain .she holds it and lied on bed and says who r u. just i want to see u i want to returned this to you and hank you for saving me i had a strange felling when you touched me.i sec wans this ‘S’ what’s this s mean is starting letter of ur name. suddenly someone knocks door she hided her wrist chain and oppend door
swara- maa aap
sumi- ha me take milk drink it fast and sumi went from there.swara closed her door

ap at phone
ap- when u r retuning i am missing u alot what u don’t to leave that paris i want to hug u kiss u
a voice from back(sweet voice and naughty)- then why u wasting ur time come hug me and kiss me.ap turned back and she was hell shock
ap (suprised voice )- varun tum yaha her eyes filled with water she ran to him and hugged him tightly and says i miss u beta
varun- me too dadi. then pari and adharsh entered

adharsh – maa ap hugs pari and adharsh .they took her blessings ( actually adhar and pari went to paris becoze of some bussiness work when varun was 1 yr old and now varun is 8 yr old ) ap – you ppl did’t inform me
pari – to give suprise to u all. maa where is sanskar i so angry at him
ap- y beta
pari- he came to paris but he did’t even spent lone time with us
ap- he went to movie he will be back i wll permitt u show ur full anger
adharsh- maa where is papa
ap- he went to office
adharsh – i will meet him ok bye
ap – atleast do break fast
adhsrah – no maa first i have to meet papa first he went from there
ap- come beta go and fresh up
pari- ok maa
swara- maa is anything is there to eat
sumi – no

swara – ok then i will go to resturant
swara sat on chair sanlak also came there they sit at before chain sankar facing back to swara
laksh- bhai always u thinking about something please say to i may help u
sanky(in his mind)- i think he with will help me he was the write person to find out her he supposed say but he stops becozrestaurent owner shouts at his servent what u did u pour coffe on her he scolding him hardly he about to slap him but she holds his hands sanskar was hell shocked becoz he saw the same ring (yes she was swara but sanskar unable to see her face becoz her face is covered with hair )
swara(shouting everyone pay attention to her even laksh too)- how dare u taunt him like like he sayed sry to me and he did’t did attentionly u are the owner is ka matlab vo nahi want want u can do to ur worker see Mr i know after i am going from here u will remove him from job but look i will come tomarrow if i did’t see him u can’t imagine what will i do
all hearing this, laksh- wow bhai i can’t imagine another humandeing just like u but can’t able to see her face( actually swara is far to them she was at money counter)
sanky- lucky but at any cost i have to see her face
lucky- but y
saky- becoz she was the girl who i met morning and one shocking news for u i love her
lucky-how…..? i mean when….?
sanky- a minute before.and he turned to counter side but swara is not there.lucky where is she i have to found her he ran from there .lucky payed bill and he followed sanky they both went out
sanky(disappointed tone) lucky miss hogaya
lucky- don’t worry bhai we will found her as early as we can i will help u
sanky- thank u lucky

lucky- ok…ok.. we have to go its getting late. they went fro there
@ ragini’s news office
ragini was tensed becoz she was taking interview
tina(rags frnd)- don’t worry ragini every thing will be ok. and u have to be cool and this is ur dream to meet them
ragini- ha yes iam eagerly waiting to them how they will look i even did see. here see they comming ragini sees them and she was shocked seeing one of the person.rags take them inside for interviwe she staing that person angrily and he smiriks
adarsh and dp returned from office pari took dp blessings
dp- iam so happy today my elder son is back
varun came there and took dp’s blessing
dp -lift him to his hands and says so my hero is also back
varun – ha dadu come we will play…… no no …. we will se cortoons
dp-ok come. dp swithed on tv( channel- Z news) he was hell shocked and shouted ap. by hearing this ap, adharsh,pariand uttara( uttara just came from collage she was suprised seeing adharsh but she forgetd it hearing her father’s shouting )
ap- ji what happen
pari- laksh…….sanskar…….(shocked)
dp- see these two guys ruining my reputation.adhar call them what their doing there
adharsh-yes papa.he trying to call but in vain
adharsh- papa their phones switched off
@ ragini”s office

rags staring one person angrily and she finally composses herself
rags- so viewers stay on z news here we going to meet two great persons
ragini-first congrats to you both for u both completed ur mission completly
sanlak- thank u
ragini- so Mr. sanskar maheshwari and laksh maheshwari how u feeling u both
saky- ya well we are happy

ragini- oh sorry to my viewrs i forget say who they both there are ‘UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICERS.’.they both saved india from big danger
DP,ap,pari,uttara,adharsh were shocked-police officer.varun burst of laugh seeing their expression
varun- y u all shocked u don’t know they both police but i know
again all are shocked ..
all at a time- what u know before

screen frezzes on their shocking face




Credit to: SHIVANYA

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