swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -3


SANKY-WHAT THIS ROOM YAAR LUKY.CAN’T you keep ur room clean
lucky- it’s impossible you knw very well how lazy i am.Then he point out sanskar’s hand
sumi-see these two are before she says something shekar cuts her words and says
shekar- pls sumi don’t say aganist to my two princess
sumi- what…. u know swara did’t came home yesterday night
shekar-oh don’t worry she will be safe she was not a kid.a voice from back yes
shekar-see there is my princess swara entered room
sumi-oh god swara what happen to your hand
swara- nothing maa it’s just an small accident

sheker-lakin shona u must me careful na
swara-sorry super man.accha maa where is my cutie.A room was shown it was fully pink color incliding bedsheets,lamp,walls,mirror every thing but noone in room. a girl caeme out of washroom she stood front of mirror (her face not shown) she brushing her hair.she wear a whie shirt and black jeans she makes her hair ponnytail(i don’t know how to say sorry)she took her pen just imagine like cam focoused on her hand to he index finger tere was a ring RS(R means ragini and s means swara.same ring is there to swara’s finger but it is SR.it was with them from child hood gifted by shekar it is more importnt to swaragini) .she too her bag and went down
sumi-chall agaya dusra kagdi

girl-maa what’s this i am just looking like an angel.ha na shona
swara-ha cutie ( yes she was ragini )
ragini-shona what happen to your hand
swara-just an small accident
ragini-it’s not seeing like an accident .it was like some one kicked you sacch batw.she makes an angry face
swara-ok…ok… i will say truth
laksh-bhai i think u gifted ur wrist chain(it was gifted mu laksh to sanskar) to ur journey were u lost it paris or any other coutry

sanky-no i lost it in india today it self in morning
swara driving her scooty but suddenly stoped seeing that some goons trying to kill a girl it was deserted place no one is there.swara went there
swara-what r u doing ?
goon 1-it’s none of ur bussines go frm here
girl-please save me
swara-you don’t worry i will save you
goon 2- we said know go from here or else we kill

sanskar completed his journey he was comming in another direction in cab he stops cab seeing this incident.goon pushed swara she supposed to fell down from clif but in a nick of time sanskar hold her but they did’t see each other becoze sanskar staring to goon seriously and swara face coverd with her hair swara holds his hand tightly so that his wrist chain comes to her hand .sankar comforts her to stand.sankar fights with them.swara went to girl she consoling her
swara-i have to written to him she moved to him but one goon try to hurt that girl but swara pushes the girl he hurted swara.
swara-ouch!!!!…………….she turned back then sankar came their he gave tight slap to him he pushed him away
sanky-are u ok
swara-(with out seeing his face ) yes i am
sanky continues his fight.suddenly swara phone rang
swara (to girl )sry i have go she ran from there to her scooty she starts driving(she forget about wrist chain)..goons run away…….sanskar came to her

sanky-hey r u ok
girl- ha thank u so much……
sanky-ok….. where is ur frnd…
girl-she is not my frnd … i swa her first time……ok thank u i have to go.she moved from there….
sanky-how nice she was she risk her life becoz of stranger
THINK THAT SWANSAN SAYING FLASH BACK AT A TIME (sanskar saying lucky @ mm and swara saying this fb to ragini sumi and shekar)
sankar(in his mind)-i want to know about you i want to see you
swara-(in her mind)-thank you for saving us but who are you just i want to meet u once

screen splits in to two parts one part was sanskar face another swara face

screen frezees

do comments if lie or not if you did’t like this please say i will try to change


Credit to: SHIVANYA

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