swasan (sanskar – meri akari manzil) episode -1


hello actually i read so many ffs soi decided to write ff in my style.it is swasan ff but you people have to wait to see swasan to gether.before starting i thought to remove raglak characters but i again thought there are many fans for raglak so raglak is also there in my ff but please don’t expect more raglak scences.i hope u people like this ff
my whole ff is based on sanskar only

here we go…….
first scene
there was a big collage many of people sit in adutorium,students along with their parents(it is students receving their pg certificate) collage principle giving speech on other side at washroom one guy washing his face 10 people arounded him(his frnds) he turned to them he took some envelops from his pocket that envelpoe belongs to many of big companies offeres job to him everyone staring at him.guy ters all envelops

guy-come lets go.all of them went to adutorium
host-announce 3rd ranker and next 2nd ranker and finally 1st ranker
host-finally the first ranker goldmedalist and pride of the collage mr.sanskar maheshwari……..ap and dp were also there in adutorium room there staring him with a lot of happiness and exitement because their son going to recevie gold medal .sanskar went to satge he recived certificate and goldmedal sanskar asked princi
sanskar-sir can i talk few words
sir-oh u please……..

sankar took mick to his hands and says
sanky-gud evening every one pg is compleated so many memories there are so many to companies to get jod it’s so nice knowthis confusion(ap,dp and principle staring sanskar confusingly) sanky continues-out of collage gate their is big world.there is a lot of happiness with some fear in childhood school after that +2,next graduation and after that pg these all one after other after that we get a good job next marrige next childrens next their studies their marriges and their childerns this all going round around but thanx to my dad(who was looking him confusingly)this circus se mukti dene keliye.i asked one year holiday to my dad he acceped it(ap and dp looked eachother) sanskar continues-so boys and girls please clap for my dad.thank u dad everone congrats to dp.meeting is completed ap and dp move from there with a full of anger.trio is in car on way of mm suddenly dp stops the car went out(its an deseted area no one is there)sanskar and ap also came out dp looking angrily some where facing back to dp and ap

dp-have u lost u brain, what u did,whats ur problem what u want to do in ur life
sanky-i am also not understanding
dp-tese many ur years u studies i spent more my and time my hopes are waste
sanky – whats the matter of studies being a knowledgeble is improtant
dp-then who studied well they don,t have knowldge
sanky-assirments,marks,projects works these are not enough to entimate knowldge of man.
ap-whats all this if u wan do job do what ever u want or overtake our business.why r u irritating dad

dp-ap one sec say sanskar what u want
sanky-please leave me one year i want to travell i want to know new things i want to develop my skills and thinking just i want to analyse my strength and weakness just one year dad please
dp-ok just one year
sanky-thanku dad thanku so mucch and hugged him
sanskar journey started
while he go to air port.someome shouted sir…sir….birds
sanky hears that ans says hey sopt the car(to driver) sanky went to birds boy and buyed birds sanky opens cage and allow them to flys seeing this birds boy laughs sanky went to airport.he explores many of countries like paris,bulgeria,newyork………………………….he learnt many things
@ india

its raining two birds(sry i forget mention those birds are pegions which sanky allow them to fly) are on tree they were shivering due to rain one girl watching them far her eyes shows thenshe starts running her anklets was shown then her bact she wre a blue colour long dress she went them puts her hands on them just like an umbrela her lips shown then her half face she was playing with them she kisses them some one puts umbrela on her.her face was shown she was none other than our swara and who keeps umbrela was shekar she took umbrela from his hands and puts on pegions.sumi watching them from for she gives umbrella to shekar and again he puts on swara’s sumi went from their they both playing with them swara took them to her room

precap- sanskar journey completed

guys i think u all liked this please do comments

Credit to: shivanya

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  1. Nice but it is similar to d Telugu movie oka laila kosam….??

    1. oh really i did’d see any telugu movie becoz i don’t know telugu

  2. Awesome

  3. Don’t lie yar the seans are exactly the same as oka laila kosam

  4. Nice start dear… BT I think it is little bit difrnt to understand .. U should use sign between… Words.. Otherwise I liked it

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