SWASAN -Sajna Tere Bina [Part 3]


Hello friends I am back to bore u and make u cry may be….let’s go…….

After sujata left 
Swara-(wipe her tears)(still sniffing) why the hell r u crying swara nothing had happened to Sanskar nothing got that he is alright ya he is angry with me Na so he had left u …yaa…

Just then sm1 open the door

Swara see the person and get shocked

Swara-(shocked) Chakor didi Suraj Dada (Dada means elder brother in Bengali)

Chakor-(teary eyes)(whisper) Shonaa

Swara runs to Chakor  and tightly hugs her

Swara-(crying) didiii

Chakor-(patting her head) shshhh calm down calm down

Chakor broke the hug and cups her face  and wipe her tears

Chakor- shonaa shona shshhh sh

Swara- didi wo…..wo sans……(choking)(interrupted)

Chakor again hugs her

Chakor- shhshhsh I know I know ….I know everything

Makes her sit on bed  and gives her water and make her drink it  and make her sleep she sleep while holding sanskar pic

Suraj- Chakor I don’t  think shona should live here anymore after seeing the reaction of family members(uttara had told them everything even the family reaction {in last part})

Chakor- yaa u r right don’t know how they will treat her but we should wait for smdays until shona recover from the trauma of her husband’s death as it’s very difficult time for her

Suraj- yaa she should live here so it will be easy for her to accept the reality……we should leave now 
She nods

Suraj kiss swara’s forehead he had tears in his eyes he tried to take the pic but she tight her grip on it
Chakor couldn’t control more and run out Suraj also leaves

Outside Chakor was crying she hugs Suraj

Chakor(crying)😭😭 why this happens to her why always she had to bear first all these years she  was called an illegitimate child her own sister betray her and now this I don’t understand why god is this much cruel to her(sobs)

Suraj-  but u know what  I am angry on her because always she support those spineless & selfish people instead of her love who always supported her she is an idiot can’t she be selfish stupid always place ev1 before her own benefit

Chakor- yes right but for now we have to support her take care of her

Suraj- hmm let’s go will come tomorrow to see her

Both leaves
After 1 Month

Swara was living in mm sujata used to take care of her like her own daughter

Sujata didn’t let her  go to badi  as she didn’t want to leave her alone

Swara was still not believing that sanskar is no more  she had not shed single tear after  that day she was trying to find sanskar

Sukor used to visit her every week as they live in Darjeeling so can’t come daily

They were trying to make her understand and accept the reality but failed

Swara is arranging her cupboard when sm1 come inside

Person- swara have Ur food chachiji and Uttara had gone to temple so I brought it now come and eat

Swara- RAGINI what was need to bring food I would have come down

Ragini- listen Swara  I don’t have much time and if I would have not bring it than  after coming back from temple she would have scold and tau t me that I can’t even tc of my sister for some hours in her absence so stop being mahan(great) by saying so and eat…

Swara- Ragini I am not hungry right now u pls keep it on table I will eat afterwards when will feel like eating

Ragini- pls swara don’t irritate me more and eat instead of mourning your coward husband’s death and wasting ur time Instead of doing sm work  help me …..(cutted)

Swara-(angrily and gritting her teeth👿😡 Raginii don’t u dare to call my sanskar coward and ya he is alive so please  stop talking rubbish about him got itt …..u can leave from here I don’t need u go……..(shouting) I said gooo

Ragini leave from there rolling her eyes

After some time  Swara was caressing the ss pendent given by sanskar  tears were flowing from her eyes

Swara- how could  leave me like this sanskar how could u ………….

Just then sm1 speak from behind

Voice-(😡😠) the same way u leave him for ur so called sister and blaming him without any reason as  always  for supporting and wellness of ur so called great family  and leave him every time………than why can’t he leave u when u can do again and again

Swara gets shocked listening this she turns and..

Swara-😨😱 DADA what r u saying {the voice was of Suraj}

Chakor- truth swara truth which u hadn’t realized till now

Swara-(shocked+ teary eyes) dii wat r u saying

Suraj- (angrily shouting) so or what else we should say it’s the truth shona that if  today ur husband is not with u is only because you just because of ur love for your so called family and sister

Swara-(crying) how could u say this Dada u know Na how much I love him then how come I become the reason of his leaving

Suraj-(shouting) ohh really shona u don’t know how could u say this…..(interrupted)

Chakor- (pleading) suraj please calm down at least see her state please don’t shout we will make her understand calmly  but please calm down

Suraj come  in sense and get calm

Swara was still crying they go to her and make her sit on bed and they themselves sit on floor and hold her each hand chakor wipe her tears

Chakor- shhshh shonaa stop crying stop

Swara-😭😭 but di ..dada……

Suraj- shhshh I am sorry I will not shout on u but pls stop crying …. stop

Swara stop crying but still have tears in her eyes

Chakor- that’s like good girl now listen to me and give answer what ever I ask without any questions okk

She  nods

Chakor- ok now tell me why did u go against ur husband even after he gives u his swear and join hands with Ragini

Swara- dii I know he had given me his swear and said that he don’t want to keep  any relation with this family but I know him di I know him very well even though he said all that but he loves his family very much he was broken and missing them he was just angry that time that’s why he said all that but inside he was craving for his family and I had knew that  his anger will vanished in some days so…(cut)

Suraj- so u go against him to unite the family right

Swara nods

Suraj- shona now only u said Na that you had knew that his anger would be vanished in some days  then y u didn’t wait for smdays to make him cool himself and  try to make him understand

Swara- yaa dada I could have done so but adarsh bhaiya had made bade papa badi maa raglak fool by saying  that he had done all this to show our reality which was not at all true they were living a fake life so I don’t have much time

Chakor-shona tell me one thing even though they were living fake life then also if adarsh had hurted any of them in any way

Swara starts thinking

Swara- umm noo..not at all  Infact he was behaving sweetly with them to gain there trust and prove us wrong

Suraj- exactly shona that’s what we were trying to say

Swara- matlab (means)

Chakor- matlab ye ki if he was not harming anyone then  u could have waited for smdays to get his anger anger subsided and try to pacify him and uniting the family so the situation would have not  worsen

Suraj- and as far as we know  he would have surely listen and understand u  once he gets calm rightt
Or his swear didn’t matter to u that u just break his promise

Swara-noo dada how could u  say this u know how much I love so how his swear didn’t matter to me

Chakor-then y u broke it

Listening all this Swara starts thinking and 
Swara-(crying) yes dada u r right I had done a big mistake by breaking his swear how could I be so dumb

Chakor-(wipe her tears) shhshh don’t cry ok and listen to me carefully again and give answer okk

But she didn’t stop
Suraj-what we said  don’t cry so stop crying(wipes her tears)

She became calm

Suraj- okk u have done a mistake  but fine it would have been mended calmly but y did u went baadi with Ragini

Swara- dada Laksh was missing and she was in pain and I was afraid that if she would have   left alone again she  may try suicide like last time so I couldn’t leave her alone so I went

Chakor- ohh really shona is it then why did u blame ur husband accuse him and left

Swara- di I was very much angry as how could he just try to kill his own brother and more over he said on phone that our relation will be no more and he is elder so how could he lost his control like this in his anger instead of making Laksh understand he himself lost his cool

Suraj- (angrily) yaa but how could you mistrust him when he always trusted u and u r saying how could he lost his cool then what you did u also lost ur cool Na that the person who loved u the most whose happiness lie in his family  u call him good for nothing nor good husband .,son or brother when he is best one ., One could ever get

Chakor- Suraj signals him

He cool himself

Chakor-shona I understand what you r saying but u know elders say ‘pati patni ek gadi me do pahiye hote hain kisi ek bhi  bina ye gadi nahi chalti’ {husband & wife are two wheels of one vehicle and in absence of either of them it can’t move} so if  he had lost his cool then at least u should have try to control the situation but u also

Swara- yaa di….

Chakor– (angrily shouting) shona I haven’t completed yet and yaa u both were at fault but u wat u have done u just said that u will not wear ur mangalsutra & sindoor (vermilion & nuptial chain) until Laksh return if he is ur husband that u  won’t wear them as he is disappeared or ur husband had died for u haan tell mee ….. shona do you even know what these two things meant to a married women but u just remove them In anger do u even know it’s meaning


Chakor- what di it’s all truth a bitter truth

Suraj– (shout)and for whom u had done all that for that sister u left ur husband as her husband was disappeared  so now if she is with u when ur husband suicide if that family is with u for whom you broke ur husband’s swear tell tell Na shona

Swara nods in no

Suraj– noo naa so y u did all that for whom  they are not even caring about u  instead calling ur husband coward and sujata aunty,uttara and dad r taking care of u  who were already with you so y u did all that for these spineless peoples and yaa did u ever try to know y he raise stone on Laksh


Suraj-noo naa u know Laksh was accusing u he was accusing sujata aunty and her upbringings  the persons he loves most I know he was wrong but he is also human how much he would have control

Swara was shocked listening all this she gets flashes of everything sanskar supporting and trusting her his care  how she always break his trust and leave him sujutt taking care Her  raglak doing her& sanskar’s shradh(funeral I don’t know what exactly call it)  her accusations on him  his pleading to stop her how she left him how she always asked about Laksh only on phone in 6 months  not caring about him her cold behavior towards him raglak and family not supporting caring her  Infact accuse him

Tears flow from her eyes

She falls down on her knees and start crying badly

Chakor hugs her but didn’t stop her from crying
After some time Swara break the hug

Swara-(crying) di what I have done I have done a big mistake di but I realiz it today but now my sanskar is not with me he left me … left me

Suraj- shona we are not saying that u were completely at fault u both were at fault he should have also  control his anger  but u know what I think u both are at fault but not equally u both were at fault but 60% u and 40% him …I know he should not have rose stone and told u that ur relation will be ended it’s his mistake{guys it’s all my POV sorry if  hurt any of u}

Swara- what ever dada but I lost him Na due to my stupidity due my love towards my stupid sister and family

Screen freezes on swasaukor crying faces

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