SwaSan a journey from hate to love (s) EPI 19


hi guys,,,, i forgot to add sth in previous epi…
that is that be4 sanskar left home dp and ap taunted him that he is used to live in rich family and status and he wont be able to live in poverty…sanskar in anger challenges them that he will become even more rich than them,,,


sanskar was shocked as kavita slapped him
kavita:are u mad or what??what the hell do u think of urself??u left that big house and came here in this dirt and all??
sanskar:kavita i did that 4 u,,,tehy were insulting u
kavita:i dont care about their nonsense,..all i know is that u left that lavish life and brought me here…how will i live in poverty??
sanskar:cutie…i promise that i wnt let u live a poor life…i will work hard really hard for u and we will be rich…even more rich that my parents…i can do anything for u…u know how much i love u…
kavita:i have never ever seen a fool like u…idiot..
sanskar:plz trust me
kavita:i will see what u do…but right now i am hating u…get lost
she shouts and runs to a room…sanskar gets shocked to see her behaviour…he thinks positive and smiles
sanskar:i know she is upset and a little angry…but i know she cares for me and she will be fine soon
he sleeps on couch

swara:how innocent sanskar was
akira:yeah very innocent polite and humble
swara:what happened next??
akira:sanskar got up early and with a little money he brought breakfats for kavita … she was still angry but didnt express it… she smiled at his behaviour and thought something…sanskar left in search for job and he got a job as waiter

swara:i dont believe this
akira:sadly this is the truth…
swara;and what did kavita think??
akira:kavita just wanted to go back to that lavish home to live a free rich life so she thought that if she gives birth to a heir then maheshwaris will accept her
swara feels disgusted
swara:she is so cheap
akira:no doubt
akira:sanskar started to work hard as waiter till evening and then he worked as mechanic till night…
after 1 week of their marriage kavita tried to lure sanskar and they made love…it was for the first and last time she got close to him
akira:because sanskar got much involved in work as kavita’s demands were really high…he had to gift her sth every week…she always asked him to take her out for dinner of lunch…she would ask for jewellery and much more which sanskar would happily fulfill….but she never cared for him…sanskar used to miss his family esp chanda…he often used to get scared at night and cry badly,…he would wake up kavita and hug her but she would always scold him for disturbing her sleep….he would stay awake for whole night…sanskar did his jobs diligently but his bosses were brutal and beat him badly
with the passage of time he could see change in kavita’s behaviour and was confused
after 6 months of marriage kavita was pregnant but she had aborted her child without informing sanskar and he was sad at it.she thought that child would be a burden
swara:but u said she wanted a heir…
akira:yes…i will tell u…
akira:sanskar noticed money and expensive jewellery with kavita and questioned her.she told him that she had got a job and her boss gave her these gifts

sanskar:whats the need to take it from boss??
kavita:when husband cant fulfill the needs then outsiders should help
sanskar was shocked
even swara was shocked to hear the words as sanskar had said that to her when he had brought akira home…she understood that voice was of sanskar but words were of kavita
akira:he was totally scattered by her behaviour

a friend of sanskar gave him a job offer but sanskar rejected it
akira:the job wasnt good
swara:what was it??
akira:will tell later
akira: one day sanskar came home with teh favourite cake of kavita thinking to make her happy as it was their marriage anniversary but he didnt find her anywhere…he wondered where she had gone…he saw a letter and was shocked…he went to XYZ hotel and was shattered and shocked to see kavita married to her boss ”SAHIL SENGUPTA”

he held her tightly from arms and shook her and questioned about her betrayal…she refused to recognize him…he slapped her hard and sahil called police…sahil was influential and powerful business tycoon.police would obviously do what he would say…before police could take him kavita whispered in sanskar’s ear
kavita:sorry baby but i met this guy 7 months ago and that is why i aborted the baby…cause i was busy in luring him and he got trapped … he knows all about my past but he just wants me… afterall i am s*xy for him…i always wanted lavish life tahts why married u but u being a fool left evrything so i am leaving u cause i cant be poor like u and i am not stupid like u
sanskar was shocked

swara was shocked as well
swara:sahil knew everything but…
akira:sahil was mesmerized by her sensuality and beauty that is why he just wanted her and was head over heels in love with her…good luck of sahil was that he was orphan and his parents had left all property for him that is why nobody was there who could have rejected kavita…

police beat him ruthlessly…they used to abuse him … beat him form time to time…they even gave him electric shocks …he was in worst situation that u can not even imagine in dreams…he was given this treatment till 5 days…the police freed him after that…he had no way to go and cried badly sitting on footpath…he had not eaten anything for 5 days and even didnt have money…he saw some food in dustbin and ate it

swara was hell shocked and starts weeping thinking abt sanskar’s past
swara:how horrible his past is…how would he have bore so much??
akira sighs
akira:he shouted and screamed to let out his pain
sanskar:this world is selfish…full of cheaters and double faced people

akira:he went back to his home and thought that his family would accept him..ap was shocked to see him in that state and ran towards him…he was glad and thought that his mother would hug him but she held his arm and dragged him outside
ap:sanskar what r u doing her and that too in this state??
sanskar tells her evrything
ap:we told u be4 that the girl is not good but u didnt hear us…its gud taht here reality came in front of u but i cant do anything,….u know that ur father disowned u so leave
sanskar:mom let me talk to him
ap:sanskar shut up…foreign clients are at home and we r dealing with them u came and i had to leave them…so embarrassing … think about our reputation…they will question us if they will see u…
sanskar is taken aback.chanda comes there and gets shocked to see sanksar…she hugs him and caresses his face
chanda: beta how did this happen?are u ok??
sanskar smiles sadly : i wish u had given birth to me kaki
chanda cries
ap sighs
ap:what r u doing here??
chanda:dp sir is calling u,…clients r asking abt u
ap: oh no… go to them and tell them i am just coming
chanda:but look at sanskar at least let me call doctor
ap: come on chanda…r u out f ur mind…if doc will come clients will question us then what will we answer to them??
chanda sadly lowers her head as she cant speak in front of them as she is indebted to them…
chanda:what do i tell them??
ap thinks
ap: i dnt know just tell that ap mam is dealing with a beggar or sth
chanda looks at sanskar who was shocked….

ap:beta plz go
sanskar:m not ur son
he broke all ties with his family and left thinking sth
chanda cried and ap went inside

swara was hell shocked at the cold behaviour of ap…she cried and wondered what had sanskar thought………

its a sad epi ??

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    My poor sanskar
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