Swasan- a rowdy and his angel os

Hai guys pls post ur valuable comments for this os.so let’s start.
SWARA GARODIA:she is a college student loves her parents alot and has a elder sister ragini married to laksh. Swara is sweet, cute, bubbly girl.
SANSKAR:he is a rowdy does all work like kidnapping, killing if we give money he will do whatever u say. He hate love, heartless person.
SKEHAR & SUMI:swaragini parents.
So intro over let go to d story:
a gang of boys where running seeing d person behind them. D boys comes to market and dashes a girl who was purchasing and they run away just than a handsome hunk boy came to d market seeing d boy all d people over there get scared and ran away but d girl did not go she was still picking up her bag just than d boy saw her and came near her.
BOY(angry):hey girl who r u what r u dng here?
GIRL(anger):hey can’t u see that I am taking my things don’t u have eyes.
BOY(anger):due u know with whom r u talking.
GIRL:s I know whole delhi get afraid of u and even police never dare to speak to u nor has dare to arrest u the great don sanskar.
(S d boy is non other than sanskar)
SANSKAR:u know about me but also u r talking to me with dare.who r u what is ur name?
GIRL:my name is swara. Swara garodia.
(S d daring girl is non other than swara)
SANSKAR:girls get scared seeing me but with what dare u r talking with me
Swara came close to sanskar and whispered in his ears huskily.
SWARA(huskily whispered):because I love u my rowdy.sanskar was shocked as girl never come close to him as they get scared but she was so different from all d girls.
SANSKAR(anger):r u mad what do u think of ur self u r seeing me for d first time and u know that i am a rowdy but also.
SWARA: correction sanskar u r seeing me for d first time I am daily following u but u never saw me so sad(pout face)
SANSKAR(shocked):what u r following me r u mad swara I am not a good person pls love someone else and I won’t love u swara I hate love pls leave me and never follow me. Saying this he leaves swara was crying but she composed herself.

it has been 15 days after swaras proposal I liked her at d moment I saw her but I can’t waste her life she don’t know about my reality. I can’t marry anyone because I made my life like a hell but I am missing her, her cute sweet hearing, her baby pink lips, her dazzling eyes it is killing me from inside but I can’t make her life a hell she can’t be safe if she marry me.i should forget her and should focus on my work and aim for which I am sorry swara I can’t accept u but I love u.
Just than his taught were broke by his assistant saying him d next place to go but sanskar said he will go alone. Soon sanskar left while going he car breakdown it was a forest just than he saw another car and asked lift but he was shocked to see d person.
SANSKAR:swara what r u dng here.
SWARA;I was following u.
SANSKAR:swara r u mad it is dangerous to come like this
SWARA:I don’t care because I love u. Suddenly rain started both got drenched SWASAN got into d car but they where completely drenched in d rain swara was wearing a white kurta which was now sticking to her body and it was visible sanskar saw that and took his overcoat and made her where that swara was overwhelmed by his care she hugged him tightly making him go crazy for her but he hugged her back tightly.
SWARA(with love):I love u sanskar whatever u r but I will love u forever. Sanskar was numb but he was enjoying it.
SANSKAR(softly);swara what u know about me and how can u love me if I marry u they will kill u swara pls try to understand my job is harmful swara.
SWARA(lovingly):sanskar I will live with still they kill me but in any case I won’t leave u because I love u so much my rowdy. Sanskar was happy and hugged her tightly and said.
SANSKAR:I love u too swara.swara was happy and hugged him tightly.
SWARA:I love u infinity my rowdy both SWASAN laugh.
SANSKAR:accha tell me when did u start loving me.
SWARA(huskily):I will tell u when u marry me.
SANSKAR:accha for this answer itself I will marry u soon. Both SWASAN smiles and hugged each other. Just than they hear a gun shoot sound it was d terrorist who found sanskar and was trying to shoot him but sanskar somehow managed swara to hide somewhere and called someone soon d police and military came and all of them encounter d terrorist of pakistan who tried to destroy delhi. Swara was shocked just than d prime minister came and hugged sanskar and said.
PRIME MINISTER:hands off sanskar u again proved that u r a police commissioner u just got them in ur plan by becoming a rowdy u have saved delhi from d terrorist I am really proud of u. Saying this all leave. Sanskar came near swara.
SANSKAR:swara I wan….. Before he could say something swara sealed his lips with her and started kissing him and sucking his lips whereas sanskar was shocked at first but soon he started resprocriating the kiss with same passion sanskar slightly bitted her lips swara moaned in pleasure sanskar sucked d bitten lips both where kissing hardly after 15 mins they broke d kiss both hugged each other.
SWARA:I love u my rowdy ACP.
Sanskar was shocked and asked her.
SANSKAR:swarA that means u know me that I am an police.
SWARA(huskily):s my dear rowdy.
SANSKAR:but how.
SWARA(huskily):I will say it when u marry me.
SANSKAR:kk 2mmorrow I will come to ur house for asking urs hands.
SWARA:hey bring ur parents also and they know about me also so don’t worry.
SANSKAR:so u did not leave them also haan u love me so much let me see u after marriage. Swara blushed agreeing listening his word.
SWARA:ok my dear rowdy cum ACP sanskar maheshwari. Sanskar smiled hearing her kissed het forehead and left.
sanskar and his parents came and asked swaras hand for him SKEHAR and sumi where happy and accepted there alliance swara was also happy and gave a flying kiss to sanskar.

SWASAN where sitting in d madap they took 7 vows and sanskar adore mangasutra around her neck and filled her mang by sindoor.
swara hugged SKEHAR and sumi and than she hugged ragini and laksh she left with sanskar in his car.
SANSKAR:swara now atleast tell how u know about me.
SWARA(huskily whispered in his ears):I will tell u in our first night.
SANSKAR(winks at swara):swara I won’t let u sleep today as u r making me beg for ur my answer na see i wont let u sleep it is ur punishment for ur mistake.
SWARA(huskily while kissing his cheeks seductively making him impatient):I love ur punishment and it is a pleasure for me from my rowdy and what did u think even I won’t let u sleep whole night because u confessed me after 15 days so bad so I also give u punishment. Soon they reached there destiny.
swara was sitting ind bed waiting for sanskar d room was beautiful decorated with red and white colour flowers swara was wearing her night dress just than sanskar entered and backed hugged swara who was watching d stars from window sanskar slowly removed her hair and whispered in her ears huskily
SANSKAR:swara if u don’t say me now than (he bitted her neck slowly and swara moaned in pleasure sanskar slowly kissed d bitten area) u know what I will do.swara smiled and sat on d bed and gestured sanskar to sit even he sat swara slept on his shoulder and started saying him.
u know what sanskar u and me r same college I don’t know u remember or not I was 1st year and ur last year one day boys where teasing me u came and rescued me i fell for u on that day itself than I started loving u started asking about u to ur friends and u know laksh jiju was ur class so I used to ask him about u I was totally lost in u all used to say that I am mad and jiju only said ur ambition is to become a police officer but before I confess my love u left d college than one day I saw u in road as a rowdy I got hell angry on u but I had a doubt I started collecting ur detail I know ur full name is sanskar maheshwari but ur rowdy name was only sanskar soon I went to college and got ur detail from them than I visited ur parents and they said the truth about u soon I started following u and atlast u saw me in d market.thats all.

Sanskar eyes was filled with tears seeing her love for him and hugged her tightly.
SANSKAR:I love u swara thank u for coming into my life.
SWARA;I love u too sanskar.
SANSKAR:now time for punishment(winks at swara whereas she blushes hardly)
Sanskar slowly kissed her forehead than her beautiful eyes and than he started kissing her cheeks sensuously and slowly his hand where roaming on her back and unzipped her dress swara was feeling shy but soon composed and slowly moved her hands to his shirt button and started unbuttoning it. Sanskar went to her left side neck and started kissing her passionately and than he moved to her shoulder kissing all there soon he kissed her right side neck also and undressed her completely swara was felling hell shy as sanskar was seeing her with desire eyes swara slowly came above him and started to kiss him all over his face and solwly stared kissing his neck impatiently without even any mercy on him sanskar was goarning in pain and pleasure swara kissed his chest and sucked it hardly and slowly moved to his face yet again kissed him and stared teasing him kissing near his lips sanskar felt irritated and sealed his lips with her and sucked her lips hardly tasting her lipstick swara was enjoying d kiss and started dominating him swara slowly kissed and sucked his upper lips whereas sanskar was kissing her lower lips soon they broke d kiss due to lack of oxygen.sanskar again started kissing her neck and slowly started kissing her waist and belly passionately soon they warped bedsheet and consummated their marriage and hugged each other tightly and slept.

swara gave birth to twins a girl her name is maya and a boy his name is ashwin.
Thats all guys sorry if d story was boring thank u guys for reading pls post ur valuable comments.

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