SwaSan Romance Special


Hi guys this is just a romantic ff on swasan. Hope you guys enjoys.
It’s valentines day. Everybody was out apart from swara as she wasn’t feeling well. Sanskar was coming home from work.

Sanskar comes home and finds it dark he ons the light and finds a trail of petals. Near the petals he sees a note. It’s says to follow the petal. After following the petal he comes to the balcony. He sees swarm wearing a purple saree and petals falling.

All of a sudden the light goes of but the candle brightens the room. Sanskar sees swarm gone. Swara comes behind him and covers his eyes.
Sans: what r u doing
Swara: if I tell you it won’t be a suprise

She takes him to a table that’s has a flower vase, drink and a cake printed with pics of them.
Swasan cuts the cake and sans feeds her. Swara offers him but he denies. He starts nibbling the cake from swaras face. He’s about to kiss when Swara starts speaking.

Swara: Sanskar eat the cake from the table if you want it
Sans: I could but then it wouldn’t be as sweet and then with a naughty smile he says and not as near fun.
Swara gets shy and tries to go but Sanskar stops her resulting for her sarees knot to get opened.

Swara starts breathing loudly as Sanskar touches her. It then starts to rain, Sanskar puts his hand on swaras belly and he starts kissing her bare back and then neck and then turns her around and is about to kiss her when She then distracts him and runs to the bedroom.

Sanskar then pins her to the wall.
Swara: San
Sanskar puts his finger on swaras lips. They then slowly start kissing and then intensely as swara starts tiptoeing and ruffling sans hair. They then stop and they hug.

He then carries her while kissing her. He then slowly starts placing her on the bed. While still kissing he takes of swaras saree while swara takes of Sanskars shirt. Their both undressed and then they consumate their marriage.

In the morning swara is lying down next to Sanskar and kisses his forehead when sans pulls her towards him.
Sans: plz only stay next to me for 5 more minutes
Swara: but
Sanskar just stay with me please
They go underneath the blanket and do more than staying. After finishing.

Swara: liar
Sans: then why didn’t you stop me
Swara: I tried though
Sans: why didn’t you shout for help
Swara: are you crazy your my husband your meant to
Sans: really I’m supposed to
He gets closer go her but swara pushes him away.
Swara: now leave me I need to do a shower
Sans: let me just do it quickly
When he finishes he looks the same as before, swara is about to say something when he drags her into the bathroom. It was decorated. They then do a bath toghether.

I hope you liked it.

Credit to: mumina

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  1. Wat is this decorated bathroom

    1. With candles and petals etc.

  2. Pls post the next ff I am waiting ???

  3. It’s like reading a hot s*x story….. So erotic… So many people here trying to fulfill their craziness dream by writing such stupid stuff even give spoilers too that won’t happen ever…….. You guys make me confuse only coz I thought it ll be actual one but became a fan made one uffff fade up of this

  4. So hot and romantic….. Wah…. Isi bat PE aik sher arz hai….
    Baki sab couples lagte hain bekar….
    Jab mil jate hain swara r sanskar….
    (shukriya shukriya)…..?

  5. Yo that one @ angel
    guy aj busss itne hi
    guyzzz plss upload ur ffs na
    waiting for it

  6. I appreciate ur writing but I think u should be more specific about scenes.I’m not telling about physical things.

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