SWASAN REWRITTEN: A story of eternity (Episode 3)

The tasks were being completed by swaragini’s group very well and they were leading ahead of the others .
Seeing Anant Navya ‘s love and friendship to wards each other the other members made a plan to unite them.
Twinkle comes up with a plan and everyone agrees.
KUNJ:Siyappa Queen you’re very good at this type of work and plans.
Twinkle :u again called me with that name. . ( and she hits him with her hands)
All smile seeing their Nok jhok.

They tell the plan to Navya and she agreed with a cute smile and blush on her face.?
As per the story planned they would tell Anant that they’re searching for Navya since a long time and this drama unfolded as per their plan.
Swara :have you seen Navya anywhere I haven’t seen her since morning.
Kunj : No I haven’t seem to see her anywhere.
Anant :She is missing ?. ..! (Shocked )
Sanskar : You are shocked as if you have lost a precious part of your heart. (Winks)
Samaira intrupts : Sanky bhaiya he loves Navya di..
Everyone act to be shocked.
Sanky : Have you confessed it or not?

Anant :(disappointed )No yaar. .. well where is she right now?
Lucky: she will come as she can’t go outside the camp.
Anant : You are talking as if …. you won’t understand the feeling of love
Neil : Wow what a filmy dialogue ?
Ragini:If you guys are done with your silly chatting we have to find her..
All agree
Sach operation is on. .

Anant finally finds Navya inside the forest near the waterfall. …
Only Anant Navya are there no one else.. as they wanted them to have privacy.
Anant hugs Navya and says :Where have you gone leaving me.. I was so tensed. .
Navya : Why?
Anant :Don’t leave me alone like this.
Navya :don’t I have any other work. . I would obviously leave you..
Anant : I love you Navya. .I can’t live without you. ..

Navya is happy but not showing it to him.
Navya : Umm…. let me think. .OK. .!
Anant :Just OK. .!
Navya now can’t control her feelings : I love you too. .. and hugs him and he spins her.
They reach the tent happily.

Navya :(shouts)plan worked guys and thanks everyone.
Anant :Plan???
Then all narrate the story one by one.

Scene 2: Camp’s last night
SWASAN are having a moonlight walk.
Sanskar : Swara .. they will make a nice couple right?
Swara :Yes… they are so happy
Sanskar :shall I say something u should not feel bad.
Swara :say
Sanskar : You are beautiful. ..?
Swara (smiles ):You are flirting with me. .

Sanskar : no noòooo….. not at all. .
Swara laughs seeing his tensed face.
Swara :thanks for the compliment. .
And they return to the tent only to see the silly Nok jhok of raglak.
Scene : Result declaration day returning day..
Swaragini’s group won the trophy for the best team at the campsite.
All are very delighted and their happiness has no bounds. …???
Galodia mansion

Shekhar:Sumi I wanted to say you something. ..
Sumi: Yes…
Shekhar : I think we need to leave Galodia mansion for sometime. ..
Sumi : What???But why??

(Swaragini are listening to their conversation )
Shekhar : I have been transferred to Mumbai so we need to shift there for few years
Sumi : But what about Swara’s board exams. …!
Shekhar : that is the reason why I have not left for Mumbai. .
Swaragini : (in one voice ) Before leaving Calcutta we would like to visit the Ambe Maa temple. ..That’sa serious demand dad..
They smile.

Shekhar : ok we all will go…

Sumi: I will make the necessary arrangements. .

Scene 02: Ambe maa temple
Sumi and swaragini are lighting diyas
Ragini : How many more maa……?
Sumi: just 30 more beta.. u wanted to come to this place Naa. .
Swaragini: ok maa we will do it..

They light all the diyas and Sumi stands up and she collides with a woman and when she sees the woman’s face she is shocked the lady was none other than Annapurna.
They hug each other. Ap and Sumi are becoming emotional.
Ap: Sarmishta I am so happy to see you. .
Sumi: me too how are you annapurna?

Sumi: Meet my daughters Swaragini. .
Soon Sujatha comes and is shocked to see Sumi and they too hug each other.
SUJATA :Swara kitni Badi ho gayi hai… tu..
Sumi: Sanskar kaha hai ..
SUJATA : he is coming ..Sanskar Laksh come here…
Sanlak and Swaragini are surprised to see each other and greet each other with an hi-fi
Swara:Sanskar bade religious ban gaye ho kya baat hai…(and laughs)
RAGLAK start their silly Nok jhok.

Sujatha : You guys know each other?
Swasan raglak :(in unison )We are classmates and best friends. .
Ap,Sumi, and Sujatha are surprised with their words.
They all have a happy reunion.
Meanwhile at the other side of the temple DP and SHEKHAR are praying to God and while taking rounds around the temple when they collide with each other.
Shekhar : Can’t you see..

And is shocked to see that the person he collided was DP.
Shekhar : Aha.. whose face I have seen today the face which I never wanted to see… .
DP :Same here.. how come you at a temple.
Shekhar : You are still the same. ..
DP : even u I thought about it a lot but…
Shekhar : Leave it we are not friends anymore. ..

Sarmishta Sarmishta. …. (he shouts)
Sumi comes there and both the Galodias and Maheshwaris leave in a hurry.
The children party are surprised by this behaviour.

Scene 03: Galodia and MAHESHWARI mansions respectively

Shekhar : Never thought I will see his face again..
Sumi: (whispers)DP and his family. .
Dada: Oh!
Sumi calms down Shekhar.Swaragini are observing this..

Meanwhile at MAHESHWARI mansion
Sanlak are hiding and hearing the elder’s conversation .
Dp: I saw his face again after so many years. .he has not at all changed..
Ap: Forget it ..consider it as a bad dream. .
Sujatha and Ap calm him down.
Dp : Who were those two girls with sister Sumi..
Ap: How will I know?

Dp: ap! No need to act in front of me. . I saw you and Sumi smiling.
Ap: they are her daughters. ..
Sujatha :Swaragini

Let’s go to bed everyone it’s already very late..

Next morning. …
Swaragini and Sanlak asks their respective mothers about what happened year’s ago..
Ap/Sumi : It so happened that….

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