SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 6


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: Swara killing dp… SwaRjun got arrested… swara kidnapped by guru… n swaea shocked to see guru..


Guru removed his mask for the first time..

Swra shocked : “TUM !!!”

“Yes me”

Swra:u monkey…. u double faced idiot.. u khadoos… !!

Guru:(squeese her face with his hand) i hv told u.. mind ur tounge…. n dont worry i will nt kill u easily… hw dare u kill my dad !!
Swra: dad??
Guru: yes durgaprasad maheshwari was my dad !! M sanskar maheshwari… dp’s elder son..
Swra:(in mind) ohh to he is my next mission.. sanskar maheshwari…hmm.. bt kahi ye mera chiku to ni h… ahh no no swara.. chiku’s father was ramprasd uncle…
San: now tell me ur name…
(He still doesnt kno swara’s name)
Swra: m swara… swara bose
San: (in mind) swra!! Umm baby ? No no she cant be my baby.. there r lots of swaras in world… n this one is my dad’s killer… n she has to pay for her deeds. .



3 ppl were sitting in a room in basement …

One gets call


“Sharmishta ji swara has been kidnapped by guru”

“Whatt !!! Ohh no.. do something n save her… we kno how guru is”

“We r tryng our level best.. we can hope.. that we found her alive”

She told other two person about swara’s kidnap n both were Shocked as well as tensed for swara


Swra thinks in mind “what the hell yr.. m feeling hungry… mum was ryt i shld hv brrakfast… are yrr…where m stuck .. this last mission will really be my last mission.. cz sanskar will definately kill me.. hmm bt still m happy atlest my revenge is over now… i can die too”


Prsn: miss bose this is very crutial mission.. do u think u can handel this?
Swra: sir u r doubting on my capability..? Dont u kno my track record?
Prsn: i kno everything… swara bose best raw agent.. best shooter… trained in hand fighting.. in short..perfect combination of shekhar gadodia n sharmishtha bose..bt dp’s lyf is at risk.. n i cant trust anyone except u..
Swra: dont worry sir.. nothing will happen to him n sir this would be my last mission as the reason y i hd joined raw is over now.. bt whenever u need me i will be there …
Prsn: sure swara… u hv done alot.. bt i will miss u for sure ..
Swra: ahh shut up arjun.. dont act oversmart.. we will always be together we r bestis…
Arj: so the plan is(explains everything)
Swra: itz osm


**so here is another twist..swara n arjun r raw agents n they were given task to safe guard dp.. n find out his enemy..**

Sanskar:(to kavita his gang member n bst frnd)tourcher her lyk hell..!!

Kav:(shocked) r u insane.. we fight for justice… n u want me to tourcher her.. we hv already beat her.

San:(angry) hw dare she kill my dad… kavita he is not only my dad but my god… after papa’s n ma’s death bade papa
Becomes my dad. badi ma becomes my mom.. thy never makes me feel that m their nephew… i owe my lyf to them..(a tear skips his eye)

Kav:(puts hand on his shoulder) sanskar i think u shld go home first…
San: i want to see her in pain.. then only i will leave.. i will not let her die easily.. tadpa tadpa ke marunga use..
Kav:(feels bad bt agrees) sanskar i dont feel right in hurting her … bt only for u i will.


Kavita enters the room n untie swara…

Kav: so get ready.!
Swra:(confused) ready for ..
Before she could say anything kavita punched her.. n she fell on floor..
Soon she understand that she wants to hurt her n she revert her with actions…
Sanskar was shocked to see the techquines used by swara… her hands were clean…

San: “osm this girl is osm fighter i must say..she is even better that me…. wait sanskar u cant paraise a murderer.”

Kavita puched swara in left side of abdomen n swara cried in pain… as she got hurt by a bullet here n itz her weak point

Swra:(hold the area tightly with hand) aaaaaahhhhhh !!!!
Kavita feels bad for hurting her… she stopped n left swara crying on floor…
Sanskar also feels sad to see her in pain bt for him she is only his dad’s murderer..
Soon she fainted there..



Sanskar enters mm

San:where is mom laksh ?
Lak: come with me bhai !!.

Laksh take swara to basement where sumi was with two other ppl..

San:(hell shocked) DAD !! Aap
Dp: yes my son..

**yes dp is alive it was all plan to catch dp’s enemy n they got suceed in that bt their plan backfired as swara is now
Kidnapped… dp explains everything to them.. n sanskar feels guilty from the core of his heart**

Sumi : i wish my daughter is fyn (worried)
Ap: dont worry shrmishtha ji.. she will be..
Dp: ya sharmishtha ji… she does alot for me… only cz of her now m alive….
Lak: lets hope for the best…


Sanskar immediately called kavita n tell her everything..

Kav:(angry) i told u.. we r doing wrong.. bt no when guru’s spirit commands on u .. u never listen to me… now what u hv hurted an innocent.. nt only innocent but saviour of ur fatger’s lyf !
San:(guilty) m sry na kavita.. now plz check her … n ya dont disconnect call.. n tell me hwz she

Kav:(still angry) fine

Kavita went in n was shocked to see swara.. she goes near her n touch her.. swara was buring in fever

Kav:(worried) sanskar .. come here fast she is not at all in good condition..
Sanskar got tensed n drove fast…

@Kavita’s place

He was sitting beside swara n cryng holding her hand…. kavita was putting wet bandages on her fore head..
Sanskar then notise a locket in her neck.. n got shocked… he removed his locket n attach that to her’s..n it makes a perfect “S”. “BABY”

Kav:(confused) what ??
San:(happy sad guilty.. exited all together) ha ha kavita she she is my baby… my lilttle baby .. oh god i hurt my baby.. m so idiot… i shld go home first .. omg ! 17 years.. i am meeting her after 17 years..

Kav: ..so she is ur wife(winks)
San:(laughs) ya she is…

Soon she opens her eyes… n found herself on bed in a brautiful room “ohh god m dead it means m in heven ! Wow !! Bt bhagwan ji q… y so fast let me meet my
Chiku… i will miss u chiku.. umm bhagwanji.. i hv listened that there are faires in heven but i cant see any.. u can send a hot guy for me i will manage.”(laughs)

Sanskar n kavita were listening to her
San:(smiles) nautanki kahi ki… she is just lyk that… nothing has changed bt her beauty increases…
Kav:(teases) ya ya ur wife is beautifull..

KavSan enters the room..
Swra:(murmers) bhagwan ji.. it means they are also died?? But how ?? I think i killed them too.. wow swara now they will tourcher u here too..mne to hot guy n fairy mangi thi… ye kya galat order bhj dia aapne”

She tried to get up but feels pain cz of kavita’s hard punch…
Swra: aaawwooo !!
Sanskar hold her immediately” baby aram se”
He made her sit on bed…
Swra: hey m feeling pain… bt hwz it possible.. spirits doesnt feel pain ?? Do they?(innocently)

KavSam smiled

Sanskar hugged her n swara was shocked
San:i miss u baby… i miss u.. chiku miss u baby
Swra:(shocked) chiku !!
San: ha baby m ur chiku…

She couldnt believe her ears !!

Swra: wait.. how… i mean wow !! But how !! U????

Sanskar understands n explains that after rp n sujata’s death his bade papa ie dp adopts him as a son… swara never meets dp ap or laksh as they never been to rp’s home…

Swra: (happy bt hides) m angry … u hv hurted me alot..
San: m sry na baby…
Swra:(pouts) baby is angry…
San: atleast tell me hw ragini is ur sis ? U were only kid na??
Swra ignors n keeps a big pout..
San: areee yarrr

After fighting with sanky
Swra: ragu plz exchange ur seat with me na
Rag: m happy here shona
Swra:cant u dis for u sis(puppy face)
Rag:ummm.. ummm… NO
Swra: urrgghh…
**flashback ends**
To be continued….

Precap: sanskar tries to seek forgiveness… n swasan nok jhok…

Guyz u must be thinking that this epi is bit fast bt ya the main track will start from now..

So whats the reason for swara to join raw ??
N y swara calls sanskar her next mission ??

Credit to: meher

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