SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 3


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♥SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart♥


Recap: mystry solved kyra is swara n alia is ragini… sanLak to go to Assam after 2 days



@some office

Prsn:we are proud of u sharmishta ji
Sumi:itz my duty sir…
Prsn: sharmishtha ji now u can live ur lives normally…u dont need to be devika anymore..
Sumi: yes sir.. now everything will be fine sir..
Prsn:(handed over a packet) here is ur passports, n other identity proofs … that too with ur real names… i appreciate ur hardwork alot.
Sumi: itz my job sir… but sir i-i..
Prsn:(understands) dont worry sharmishtha ji… we will arrange security for ur daughters in delhi too
Sumi: thnku sir… i am really thankful to u… my daughters really suffers alot cz of me..
Prsn: sharmishtha.ji… i can understand the struggle of an undercover raw agent
N her family

**yes sharmishtha is an undercover raw agent…n due to safety issues they are faking their identies**



dr: hmm.. i think itz cz of that incident which u sufferd in childhood…
Rag:doc bt… is there any treatment ?
Doc: m sry … there is no proper treatment for this… she need to move on… i hv prescribed few medecines… follow this for a month then .. came back
Swra: ok doc…
Doc: n one more thing… dont get addicted with these medecines… or else u wont be able to leave these tablets..
They nodded n left



sanskar was standing infront of mirror n recalls swara

Swra(6) sanskar (9)
Swra was playing n sanskar came in
San: swaraa
Swra:(happy to see him) san -sans
San: sanskar
Swra: ha wai…i hv a gift for u..
San:(exited)Whatt !!!
SHe took out a locket… it was a detachable locket with makes ‘S’ when joined together
Swra: itz for u…
San: thnkyouu
She took that locket n detach it into two..
San:(confused) what r u doing ??
Swra: sshhh.. wait…

She then took out a chain from drawer n put one part in that chain n makes sanskar wear that

Swra: never remove this
San: why ?
Swra: cz we r married now
Swra: are buddhu.. hvnt u seen in serials when groom makes bride wear a black locket pndit address them as husband wife
San: are haan … correct… so now i will protect u.. no one will harm u baby

Both hugs eachother..with innocent smiles on their faces


San smiles ” oh god hw childish we were …. bt ya m missing u baby…. my baby… where r u… i hv tried alot to serch u bt all in vain… bt ya i will keep my promise i will find u one day… i dont kno how will u react to see me… or when u will come to kno who i am… u will leave me… n it will be good… cz love is just waste of tym.. .”



rag: baby come lets hv icecream
Swra:(angry) i hv told u na only my chiku can call me that..
Rag: (laughs) lol… ok ok.. now plz be clam.. chiku’s baby..
Saying this rags ran away n swara recalls her past
Swra(5) sanskar(8)

SwaSan went to a near by park to play… sanskar started talking with his friends n swara realeses her hand n ran towards

Rides there those bully again starts bulling swara

Swra:(scared n cries) San-sans–san
Boy 1: where is ur friend who has saved u ??
Swra: dont come near me… (shouts) san-sanss-

She cant pronounce his name… bt luckyly sanskar has already seen them n he came with security guard..

Guard: y u guyz r toubling this lil girl… if i see u near this girl again i will complaint to ur parents….

After listening to this they all ran away n swara hugs sanskar tightly
San:(wiping her tears) y u dont call me swara?
Swra:(sobbing) i tried.. bt ur name is bigg
San: swara try once.. speak after me ‘sanskaar’
Swra: san-san-sans …. urrgghh i cant …..change ur name(pouts)
San: m nt gonna change my name for u
Swra started cring loudly.
San:(shocked) shhh ssshh swara stop cryng … i hv an idea !
Swra:(stop cryng) what!?
San: choose a name for me… n u can always call me with that name… n i will give u one name n only i can call u with that name ! Ok??
Sera:(exitrd) yessss
San: ummm… so i will call u BABY
Swra:(angry) m nt baby
San: no u r nt bt ur name is baby ok… i will always call u baby..
Swra: yeyyy ok…
San: now my name ?
Swra: ummmm haan chiku
San:(shocked) chiku !!
Swra:(innocently) ya chiku… i luv chiku… n (pulls his cheak) n u r also sweet lyk chiku..


Swra smiles “oh god my stupidity But now i doesnt belive in luv n all anymore… itz a kid’s game…”


SanLak has landed in assam
Sanskar was driving to their destination n laksh was talking non stop

Lak:(exited) oh god bhai itz so beautiful… such a romantic place… i will come here only on my honeymoon… bhai what if i met my soul mate here… woww m so exited
San:(sarcasticlly) lucky u hv already met u soul mate 100s of tyms…
Lak: ha bhai they were not… whom i want ..
San:(suddenly applies breaks)
Lak: what happend bhai
San: i think some accident… we hv to take u turn..
Lak: stop bhai.. they might need our help..
San: then u go n help them…i will see u in hotel (he steped out of car)
Laksh tries to stop him bt he doesnt stop n laksh went to help them

Meanwhile swaragini

Rag:hey look i think itz an accident i think they might need help lets go
Swra: u go.. m nt intrested in helping anyone…
Rag: atleast show some humanity
Swra: when i need help did anyone show humanity to us… no then y would i
Rag: that happen 15yrs ago swara
Swra: u wanna help them then go m nt coming will cath u at home
Ragini went to help them

★★RagLak were helping injured of same accident★★


Swara was sitting on the bank of river.. it was very clam… surrounded by nature’s gift… greenry everywhere..chripping of birds can be clearly listened
(Guyz i hv never been to there bt i kno that bhramputra river flows there… i dont kno wether a place actully exists there or not… so m sry in advance)
She was crying n rembering what had happend to her 15 yrs back… which incident destroys two families… which changes a jolly person… n swara is still burning from inside cz of that incident only… she knows revenge will never do justice bt still she wants that…

At the same tym sanskar too reaches there …. he was at a distance then his leg slips n he fell into river… his leg was hurt so he was unable to swim properly… swara saw him n jump into water to save him…
She herself doesnt kno y she helpd him bt she saved him n took him out.

Swra:ur welcm

Both hv an eyelock…

He tried to get up bt his leg got sprained

San: awwoo!!
Swra: what happened??
San: i think sprain.. well itz kk .. i will manage
Swra: wait show me
San: hey look i dont need ur help..
But swara has already removed his shoe n sock…
Swra:hmm itz a sprain… n now dont shout
San:(confused) y would i shout
Swra: cz what m gonna do now..after that u will shout..
San: n what u… aaahhhhhhh!!!!!
Before he could say anything swra twist his foot n bingo… he is fyn now
San:(shocked) how u did this?
Swra: (smiles) ancient indian technique… now bye n ya consult doc for sure…

N then the left for their respective destonations…

To be continued…

Precap: another shade of swara…SwaSan roaming Assam…

Credit to: meher

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    1. Ahh thnx alot… it means i still rember class 5 geography 😛 well actully i was hesitating in writing cz i dont kno anything abt the place

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