Swara: ok here I am time to meet mr sanskar maheshwari

Sujata: sanskar come and have your breakfast beta
Sanskar: ok mom

*sanskar comes down stairs and has his break fast

Sanskar: bye mom
Sujata: bye

Sanskar walks out of the house and gets into his car
Swara goes out into her car as well
They both get out of their car and head the same way and then they both bang heads

Swasan: ouch
Sanskar: sorry
Swara: sorry

Sanskar leaves to go office

Swara: so I finally met u Sanskar maheshwari thinks wow i should try make him fall for me otherwise me plan will flop and my ragini will never get her revenge *she said it very harshly and left
Sanskar: in his mind wow she was very pretty but she looks very stubborn and arrogant but she is very beautiful. No sanskar u can’t fall for her no sanskar maheshwari never falls for girls they fall for me.

Precap: swara goes to sanskar a house as a servant

Hey guys it’s Alisha I am running out of ideas u help me choose should they fall in love or should there be revenge?

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  1. I guesz, they should fall for eachother, my heart pains when i see swasan in any ff getting away from eachother ?

  2. Yaar yeh servants wala topic Bahut time use ho chuka hai……..Please try to make something new……….Just a request otherwise your update is awesome

  3. Nice..

  4. shubhangisingh

    please continue but make little large

  5. Soujanya


  6. Vyshu10


  7. in the starting itself u are short of ideas?

    1. Abirali1

      Actually I am new and I don’t have any ideas

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  9. nice but no servent drama… any other..

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