This is my first ff hope like it

Swara p.o.v
Kolkata the city which took my sister’s life. The city which killed my sister. The city my sister found love and betrayal. And in this city is where I MISS SWARA GADODIA elder sister of MISS RAGINI GADODIA will avenge ragini’s death. I will ruin that family. My sister cared for them a lot. She cared for them MAHESHWARIES especially him that selfish MR LAKSH MAHESHWARI the reason of my sister’s death. I will ruin that laksh maheshwari’s brother MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. So mr sanskar maheshwari get ready.
P.o.v ends

Sanskars p.o.v
My brother mr laksh maheshwari got kicked out of the house for some reason. Probably because of some girl. But I won’t have any girls in my life. Well some do try they never succeed. Take Kavita for an example she was so mad over me oh my god. I am so not having any girls in my life.if any do try I will just kick them out.
.p.o.v ends

Sanskar will never know what is going to happen. What happened to ragini in which she did suicide. What happened between raglak. And will there be any love between swasan?

Precap: swasan meet

Credit: Alisha

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  1. lovely…v nice….for the first tym in betrayal stories ….I am reading betrayal will be from swara …and this makes it very diff….keep it up…n do continue soon
    …..waiting eagerly

    1. Abirali1

      Thank u very much this is actually my first ff ever and I never thought that this many people would like it

  2. Interesting

  3. It’s interesting but plz write long update next n sooner

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  6. interesting

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    Nice dear

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