SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart (prologue)


Hello guyz meher here…

Love and childhood both are same… no harsh feelings… only pure care n affection… luv in itself is a pious n divine feeling n when it happens in childhood itz purity increases… so what will happen when the pious childhood luv which is now burried somewhere … will the dust of time be cleared from their souls ?…. lets see

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“SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart”


Year 1996

A girl of 5 was crying n some elder boys of 10 were bulling her….
Then a boy of 8 came”leave her”

Boy1: look another kid has came to save a kid..(laughs)
Boy2: who will save u mr newbie…

“Shut up … i hv a name.. m nt newbie m sanskar … sanskar maheshwari..” says with lots of confidence seeing straight into there eyes…

Then those bullies move towards sanky n ask him to do sit ups..
Boy 4: do sit ups.. now
Sanky: what if i dont?
Boy 1:( holds the hair of girl)i will cut her hair
Girl(cries vigoursely): plz leave me…
Sanky:(thinks) umm ok fine…

He bends down n takes some soil n throw them in their eyes … he ran towards the girl .. n holds her hand tightly n both ran from there. …

After reaching at a distance..

Sanky: r u fyn ?
Girl hugs him tightly n cries hard…
He too hugs her tightly n makes her clam…
Sanky:(kneel down in front of girl) hey what is ur name?
Girl: (still cryng) swaraa
Sanky:(forwards his hand)m sanskar so.. friends?
Swara:(shakes hand) friends..

Sanky: where is u home n ur mumma papa?
Swra:(points towards a bunglow at the end of road) there…
Sanky:(smiles) wow!! My home is just next to urs …
Swra: (happy) sachhi…
Sanky: haan…
Swra:(jumps in exitement) yeyyy !!! yeyyy!!!
Sanky holds her small small soft hands… n take her home….

He was leaving bt swara called him
Sanky:(smiles) sanskar!
Swra: yup…

She signals him to come closer
N ask him to bend he does that…
N she kissed him on his cheak”thnkuu for saving me..”(smiles)

Sanky:(kisses her back) ur welcome…


YEAR 1999

A car was going out of colony… n a boy of 11 was sitting in car n was crying badly… then he listen a familiar voice calling him… she peep out from window n saw a girl of 8 running behind car in school dress ” sanskaar stop… plz dont go…. i will never ever trouble u.. plz dont go”

Sanky: swara i will come back… promise… i will never leave u… dont cry… be strong…
Swra:(cryning n running) plz i promise i will never cry… bt dont go…
Sanky:(cryng too) i will come back swaraaaa

Swara keeps on calling his name n atlast fell on road when car escapes her view…


Year 2016

Sanskar: i luv u swara… i luv u alot
Swra:i luv u too sanskar….
Sanskar: i hv something for you..
Swra: i too hv something for you ..

Both takes out a pistol n “dhishkiyaaon”

Both shooted each other….

If they love each other then why they both shoot eachother? Is this is the end of their love life or a begining of a new saga ?

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Amazing dear!! Like last part was unexpected…. Quite interesting!;

  2. superb.. loved it.. amazing

  3. Wow very nce

  4. Hawww..End main Jhatks dediya yaar ?? Wat is this ?? Everything was going on Perfectly bt at end ??..wat happened suddenly dst they shooted eachother..Continue soon. .n plzx unite dem asap

    1. Thats the twist dear πŸ˜€

  5. Babah! Meher dear. Glad to see you with a full on story. Keep it up. that scene of 1999 was similar to Ganga serial when Sagar Ganga were separated. Anyways keep writing.

    1. Ya that is indeed a common scene

  6. wow awsm episode…n last wala twist toh super duper awsm….
    meher u have god gifted talent yaar…ur r truely blessed with ur writing…
    I’m just loving ur writing skills…

    1. Thnkyou so much for thus luv πŸ˜€

  7. Interesting

  8. very beautiful meher…..seriously u r such a talented writer meher….

  9. Omg wow!!! Childhood sweethearts plus mystery plus romance and written by meher!!! Its a treat to read ^_^ Please update soon bae ?

    1. Thnkyouuu soooo muchh πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. Wow..seems interesting and last part was shocking also…but is it a tragic story???

    1. We hv to wait …lets see hw the story moulds

  11. meher ji always high on trp shows ..

    1. N u keep a check on my ff’s trp (lol) … abi to dekhna trp kaha tk jyegi πŸ˜›

  12. Quiet adventrous….

  13. Wow awesome prologue Meher….i just can’t wait to read the episodes….. N its romance + mystery so I know u’ll rock it…..loads of love n best wishes to u…..

    1. Thnkyouuu so muchh dear πŸ˜€

  14. Hey Meher… Just saw it..
    And now i can’t wait…

    Loved the prologue.. <3

    Am really glad you started a new one… πŸ˜€

    1. Thnkuuuu πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  15. Great start!! Last part was dhamaka..i loved it..
    please continue ?

    1. Sure… thnkyou

  16. That was scary……in a good way… Y am I rambiling………keep updating

  17. its damn intresting damn….
    i feel lyk reading d whole story now only….
    u r realy one of my favourite writers….

  18. Wow…their childhood moments are soo cute and adorable…quite interesting…they shooted eachother…eagerly waiting for next meher di…plss update asap…well i dont need to say it as u r a regular one….keep smiling πŸ™‚ :-D….luv u.. β™‘β™₯β™‘

    1. Thnkuu n ya i will be regular till frst week of may… πŸ˜€

  19. Don’t tell me you are going to pull a Ramleela on Swasan!!!

    Waise awesome beginning sis!! continue and why did you leave IF?

    1. I hvnt seen ram leela so dont kno what r u taking abt.. πŸ˜› n i hvnt left IF i dint get tym to go there too… πŸ˜›

  20. story interesting hai…..par sad ending mat karna……

    1. I will never end anything on sad note … u can trust me πŸ˜‰

  21. I’m d same silent reader,who commented on kuch iss tarah…
    Urs s fabulous!!!jst waiting for episode 1
    Pls post t faster!!!!its a request!!!??☺️

    1. Sure dear i think tmrw i will post

  22. Strt of d epi ws soo adorable……???? Bt in end u hv a heart attack……. Phew……??. Gota see wt comes nxt n y thy shot eachothr…… Hmmm……. Seems vry interesting concpet………
    Love ya ……. ?

  23. Sry….. Its gv nt hv?

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