SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Last part)

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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swasan shoot each other


Here arjun was standing with a smile on his face n calls someone “work is done”
Then he rush down the cliff.. Two people were standing there facing their back to him he ask

“swara sanskar r u guyz fyn ??”

SwaSan nodded

Yes both of them are alive ??

” yes n thanku so much arjun u helped me alot?” swara thanked him

“com’on princess anything for you n vese bhi u were doing nothing wrong?” he said

Now u must be thinking kya hua?


Sanskar on call
*on call*

“guru bhai.. News is confirmed.. That police officer nandini is a part of that terrorist group ”

“what!! ?“

” yes n she wants to kill u..last month u killed her gang member She knows ur true identity.. Be careful ”

“ok dont worry she will be dead tmrw.. U kno guru never shows mercy” he said with a smirk

*call ends*

@swara’s room

She got call frm arjun

“swara Sanskar’s lyf is in danger ”

“what!!! ?”

” yes do u remember about that officer Nandini.. Our doubt was correct she is a terrorist.. N karan her right hand has been given task to kill sanskar last month sanskar has killed her gAng menmber.. They came to know that he is guru.. I m gonna inform seniors bt we hv no proofs.. I dont kno yr.. I can kill karan bt what abt nandini”

” no.. I will kill him.. But u need ur help ”

“m with u… I will help you. They are threat for our nation”

” done then… I will handover his dead body to u tmrw ”

*call ends *

After call swara goes to sanskar n told him everything

” baby don’t worry… I will kill that nandini n karan… Nthng will happen to me” sanskar assures her

“sanskar tell me one thing… Do u want to live a normal lyf… Only sanskar no guru” swara asked

“ya swara… Bt itz impossible ” he sound hopeless

” i hv a plan ” she said with a smirk

Next day arjun covrnce nandini that anothr office will kill him… N she just need to check that ..then swara kills karan first.. Swara dress herself in uniform she looks lyk nandini… Then swasan shoot each other… N arjun click some pics n make sm ppl saw that as eyewithnesses.. Then arjun calls nandini that swara has killed sanskar…


” now that terrorist nandini… Itz her turn” swara said

“ya she will be here at any point of tym.. ” arjun said

” n then I will shoot her.. N arjun will portray it as an encounter… In which a police officer nandini has died in order to kill a gangster guru” swara said

Soon nandini came n swara shoots her…

Then arjun calls his officials that nandini n guru are dead now…

Finally swara has taken sanskar out from the dark streets… Now only sanskar… No guru.. Not only sanskar but his whole gang is thankful to swara… For ending the complexity of their lives



Swara was sitting in her room when dp knocks the door

“may I come in beta?” dp ask

“dad u don’t need to ask for permission? “swara said

“hmm.. So tell me now.. When u want to marry sanskar”? dp said

“dad.. Plz nahi.. Jab zindagi he nhi rhegi .. To shadi ka kya fyda ?? “swara said with teary eyes

“but beta sanskar has told me Yesterday that u guyz hv met doctor n he said that you hv survival chances.. Then y don’t u marry him” dp said

” dad.. Vo.. I.. I mean.???. “she fumbles

” beta what u hv hided tell me?” dp ask

“vo… Dad… I.. I ask doctor to lie… I hv no survival chances… ?????” she said with guilt

” What ???”!!! Sanskar standing at door said

Both dp n swara got shocked to see him

“sanskar listen… Vo nthng… I can explain ??” swara said

She goes towards him n hold his hand… He jerks her hand in anger
” u lied to me..??. Stay away from me… ??? ” sanskar said with broken heart?

He goes downstairs n swara follows him…

” sanskar plz stop.. I can explain u.. I don’t want to hurt u.. ??? Plz my intentions were not wrong ??” she said while cring

He stops n hold her shoulder tightly n shouts” what!!! ? Ur intentions were not wrong… ? Haan.. U.. U cheated me swara… U lied to me… Do u kno what it means?????… Seeing ur lyf..? Ur luv dieing is not so easy swara…?? U hv really hurted to me…? U should not give false hopes… Accepting reality would be better.. But breaking hopes is worst”He said while crying..

“m sorry sanskar…? I kno my way was wrong bt my intentions were not wrong… ??I kno u can’t take that news.. M sry… M… Sry????” she fall on her knees n cries.

“i don’t want any sry??… Swara” he said n left

Whereas swara keeps on crying.. Dp sumi ap n all tries to calm her down but all in vain..

Laksh tries to call him bt he was not picking up..

Here sanskar was driving in full speed… N tears of helplessness were sheding from his eyes…

“I can’t save my swara… ? I can’t… She is dieing..?? Every moment.. Death is coming near her?? n.. I sanskar maheshwari is unable to do anything…? I hv never felt this much helpless.. .???? ”
He cried his heart out…
He was lost in his own thoughts… Then a truck collided with his car..

He got seriously injured.. Luckily arjun was passing by the accident spot n he took him hospital…


Swara was restless.. She was standing infront of lord krishna’s idol.. N was praying for Sanskar’s well being… Soon everything turns black..
As soon as that truck hit Sanskar’s car n he fell unconcious…Here in mm her body touched the floor

Ragini shouts”swaraaaaa??”
She immediately took her in lap… Here laksh came n told them about Sanskar’s accident…
All were hell shocked… They dont kno whats happenning… Lucky picks swara up in his arms n all head to hospital…

Dp ap sumi n RagLak were waiting in hospital corridor… Swasan were in adjacent rooms..

Doctor cam from sanskar’s ward n declare him dead.. While swara is still struggling for lyf

@swara’s ward

She was lyng unconcious on bed.. Someone held her hand n she slowly opens her eyes n said in a weak voice”sanskar m sry?”

“shhh dont be sry princess… M with u.. N will always be… Swara tell me onething do u want to come with me??” sanskar’s spirit ask

“i want to be with u everywhere”swara replied

“then hold my hand n lets go.. Away… Away from this world… In a world where death n life are just words… Where no one can seperate us… Where can can be together till end of tym… Do u want to come!” spirit ask

“i willcome with u anywhere… Ijust want to be with u”swara replied

“then hold my hand n lets go” sanskar’s spirit forwarded his hand n swara’s spirit hold his hand.. N starts to leave her body

{ Aasmaan ke pare ek jahaan hai kahin
Jhooth sach ka wahan qayeda hi nahin
Roshni mein wahan ki alag noor hai
Saaye jismon se aage jahaan jaate hain

Chal wahan jaate hain
Chal wahan jaate hain
Pyaar karne chalo
Hum wahan jaate hain

Seene se tum mere aake lag jaao na
Darte ho kyun zara paas toh aao na

Dhunn meri dhadkano ki suno..

Chal wahan jaate hain
Chal wahan jaate hain
Pyar karne chalo
Hum wahan jaate hain

Oo.. jaate hain
Chal jaate hain
Jaate hain… jaate hain…

Koi subah wahan raat se na mile
Ud ke wahan chalo aao tum hum chale

Pankh laaya hoon main ud chalo…

Chal wahan jaate hain
Chal wahan jaate hain
Pyar karne chalo
Hum wahan jaate hain }

After a while doctor came n declare swara dead too

Whole world turn upside-down… In one day.. Just few hours changed everything.. The family has lost.. The two members of the family…

They completes the funeral. of swasan n came back home..


“babu? plz hv this.. Plz?” Rags tries to feed babu

But he was not eating anything… Laksh came with swara n Sanskar’s photo.. He put that on table.. Babu? ran towards that photo.. N starts to cry.. Laksh pick him up in his arms.. He jump off this arms n land on Table… He starts to lick their photo… Seeing his actions ragini too broke down… Laksh hugs her n consoles her “ragu we hv to be strong… ??” he said with much difficulty…

Ragini composes herself n serves food to everyone.. No one wants to eat.. But laksh n ragini takes the charge n make everyone eat… But still one member is not eating anything.. Babu.. He is not even touching the milk.. Laksh thought smthng n plays a video it was Swara’s video..

” babu… ?? my baby.. Ese tang ni krte chalo… Hv ur food.. Jldi jldi ”

Seeing that video babu ?starts to eat…

” laksh ye??? ” ragini ask with teary eyes

” ragini vo once.. SwaSan had been to party n babu wasn’t eating anything so.. I ask swara to send her video” laksh told her.

Everyone was crying listening to Swara’s voice..

SwaSan’s death affected dp most… One side he lost his son n other side his daughter… Each n every moment his heart cries…

Time is the best healing medecine… But time too cant help the family to cope with the situation…
Itz been a month since they died… N whole mm is now dull without any joy.. No happiness… Just a bungalow to live… It is not home anymore… A home which is once filled with laughter n positivity… Is now filled with heart wrenching cries… Ragini n laksh becomes more responsible after swasan’s death… Ragini is taking care of home… Where as laksh is handling the business all on his own…
One day ragini was searching something in Swara’s room.. Then she found her diary… N a letter slips frm that

“to my dear sanskar”

Was written on it.. Ragini took that letter n read that in front of whole family..

swara’s letter

Dear sanskar…
If u r reading this then itz obvious that m no more…
I kno u must be very angry with me… n u shld be afterall i ditched u.. but sanskar what to do.. i was helpless m dieing from inside… my illness my addiction is eating me.. it makes me hollow… n a hollow heart cant spread happiness… m Sry u tried alot to save me.. but it was me who makes your every attempt idle.. ur luv was true for me… n i think no one can love me more than u do… but sanskar i can’t live without those pills.. 7yrs… i was taking them for 7yrs.. i hv ruined myself… doctor has clearly said to me that i can die any moment.. so i decide not to fight… not to fight with my addiction… i lied to u i never left those pills.. i manage to hv them.. cz i ..i can breathe without air but can’t without those pills… n i hv no regret in dieing now as i hv done my duty… i hv caught papa’s murders… i hv found u… i make u belive in luv… i taught u hw to live… Now I want freedom… freedom from this addiction… freedom from this pain… freedom from this world… u hv fullfilled all my wishes.. i hv no regret in dieng… n ya kavita loves u.. i kno u hvnt notice this bt she loves u alot… i take her gaurantee that u will be happy With her… she is perfect.. n ya kavita m giving him to u only for this birth… he will be mine in all coming births.. sry chiku.. ur baby can’t be with u in this birth.. but i promise i will be with u in our next birth… n ya dont forget what i taught u… always be happy… n spread love… n now u need not to be guru anymore… guru is dead.. now u r only sanskar maheshwari.. the business tycoon… jiske peeche ladkian pagal hai… but ur this pagal is leaving u… again m sry..and mom dad… Ragu.. Lucky n ma(ap) m sry u must be very angry na.. But what to do.. Smthngs are destined to happen… never loose hope i will be with u… in form of raindrops… in form of chilled breeze… in form of sunrays… u can listen my voice in chriping of birds… u can see my angrynes in thundering… u can see my love in clouds… i will be with u in ur heart whenever u need me just close ur eyes n ask me anything… i will solve ur every problem… one last wish… kahoge kitta bolti hai bt this is for the last tym… do u rember what u said when u proposed me “u want to fill my lyf with luv the way u filled the corridor.. I don’t need to step on bare floor..” so sanskar i want to complete my last journey in two arms not on four shoulders… i want to finish the journey of this lyf as ur bride.. in ur arms… you will do this for me na..i luv u..

Ur baby… ur swara..

**letter ends**

Everyone got shattered listening to her last letter.. Seeing her luv for sanskar

Here another luv story remains incomplete… Swara’s last wish remain incomplete…

“deeper the luv lesser the possibility of being together ”

Swara has never expected that sanskar would die… She wrote her last letter to him.. It reflects her trust on him… She believes that he is capable of handling everything… But destiny has itz own way… Destiny unites them… Not on earth but on heven…

Luv is pious.. Swara’s determination changed sanskar… And Sanskar’s determination to be with her in every condition.. He succeeded to be with swara not only on earth but also in a world beyond limitations… A world beyond lyf n death..


Ahh hwz that emotional? Sad? I kno u guyz won’t lyk the ending… But what to do guyz… Something remains incomplete…
Some stories remains incomplete

M so sry guyz for giving it a sad ending…. It was difficult for me too.. To write such ending.. Sply that part of babu…

As u kno I ask for comments only on last part… So here it is plz Comment n tell me hw may of u hv read this

Tell me do h want epilogue? I will write that only if u want
(it would be happy one bt with a common concept… Rebirth )

m signing off for 5 days… I hv my exams… Phew!!

See u soon ?

Luv u all???

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  1. Plzzzzz a new season plzzzzzz it is so awsome my fav ff plzzzzz plz make a rebirth plzzzz

    1. Sure I will think for this?

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      For now u can read my upcoming two ffs… ???

  6. its awesome…..babu part was very emotional…..swaras letter shows how she loves sanky….its fabulous

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      Babu’s part was the most sad part for me

  7. Meher u rocked.. I was a silent reader but couldn’t help commenting on ur ff and 2 others today.. God u are an excellent writer inherited in genes.. Loved the way u ended.. Not all stories are complete , some are left incomplete to be completed in a better way.. Can u pls post an epilogue.. Pls pls

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      Sure I will post an epilogue too

  8. really loved their lovestory
    . u r right some love stories remain
    incomplete. this ff has stolen my heart!!there were tears in my eyes….
    i have never cried reading so many
    emotional stories…. though i could feel
    the emotions but tears… never…. today i
    dont know when that first drop came n
    then it continued….. so emotional….
    Swara’s pov through the letter I’d
    beautifully expressed.
    are truly amazing writer.
    Yeah plz write an epilogue n
    giv happy ending…

    1. Thank you… M glad that you like it…

      Thanku… N ya I will give epilogue too ??

  9. Why everyone is making me cry today? Mrng Anu made me cry wid fixing broken hearts..and arranged to be his..now u wid dis?? Anyway…wow.. But sad.. Tc..rock ur exams.

    1. Thanks..
      M glad that you like it..

      Surely I will rock that too..

      See You soon ?

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  10. Priya tripathi

    Awesome ending yaar realy i was read ur ff always but because of servar prob i couldn’t comment ur last episode full of emotion bye n plz come back with another story

    1. Thanku dear… Keep encouraging me ??

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    I used to read all your ff… I am luv with all of Jr ff.. I hope u will continue writing. I will wait for it
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      I will resume writing frm Friday ?

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    1. I will give you an epilogue…
      N sry to make u cry

  13. It’s really nice dr. my tears haven’t stopped. I was watching Neerja and I was crying. as soon as I finished I came to tu and ur ff read it and I started to cry completely ????

    I felt that this chapter finished fastly. I mean you summarised everything. think it’s because of your exams and you will not be able to update. But I will really miss this di

    1. Ya itz all cz of exams.. I thought it to be a 25 episode ff… Bt lol it get finished in 19 episode ??

      Thnku so much for reading ?

  14. Missed the last couple of chapters so went back, read those and came here now….

    I didn’t cry….. in fact I smiled…. I understand the power of death in love….
    And besides incomplete love stories are the ones which are legendary….

    Romeo Juliet
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    Awesomeee meher!!!! ???

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    1. Exactly… All luv stories hv not happy ending…. Some are beyond end…

      Thnku anji ???

  15. Meher I won’t kill you bcoz its not incomplete on or the other way it’s complete their love completed… Yes I really felt bad for babu Now u showed how much he loved swasan really pets are very loving n caring felt bad for dp also…
    N that letter that was worst she believed sanskar would accept her death n handle the situations but little she knew that he left his breath before her…. Ok I want epilogue it’s not happy ending swara’s last wish remained unfulfilled but they are together in heaven…. It’s too emotional yaar now I need something to alter my mind n mood tc love you

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    2. Thank god… Actually I was desperate to give it a sad ending… I thought u all will not lyk it… But m happy that u lyk it…

      Yup pets are more attached to their masters… They may not show that but their luv is pure… My rabit use to bite me whenever I play with other rabit.. N now same goes with my dogs… Lol they are jealous of each other ???

      I can tell you a joke… If u want ????

  16. I Still have tears in my eyes….but you are right kuchh stories adhuri reh jati hai pr apne aap mein vo puri hai…radha kishan…romeo Juliet…heer ranjha kisi ko apna pyaar nhi mila…pr phir bhi unki love stories puri hai..and same is happened with our swasan…thanks for this beautiful incomplete but still a complete story…luv you and see you soon…DELHI WALI HU AASANI SE NHI ROTI PR AAJ TUMNE RULA DIYA???????

    1. Thnku so much….

      Ab ek dilli wali ko dusri dilli wali he rula sakti hai…. M happy that I make u cry… Cz actually itz difficult to make a dilli di Kudi cry.. . ????

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  21. U made me cry
    Plz update epilogue soon
    Usme to kam se kam swasan completely together honge

    1. Sry to make u cry shagun…

      Sure I will post that soon?

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    Sissy..!! What was that..!! It was unbelievable ending.. I was crying literally.. 🙁 But hats off to ur writing skills sissy.. luv u.. & Eagerly waiting for Kuch iss tarah season 2

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    It’s a awesome story meher….. .. You know what I love a story which will end with a line ” and they all live together happily for ever after”… .. .. I dont know whether it is called happy ending or not….. U know if you give swara a new life then it would be called magic or super magic like she serial…. I am so much happy that u made sanskar die…. u unite them in heaven…… U r superb….. I am a big fan of yours… .. Love u meher keep writing ?????????????

    1. Aww thanku so much dear ??

      Yup if I make her live then it would defeated the laws of medical science..

      But smthng if more beautiful when they remain incomplete

  29. This.is really awesome..well done
    .loved this story soo much
    .and I gonna miss it…keep writing…god bless u..

    1. Thank you so much…

      Thnx for reading n encouraging me ??

  30. Mugdha I wanted to say that I didn’t find the story to be incomplete ….it’s complete in all respects….they lived their 4 eachother….sanky s life revolved around swara how to make her fight the addiction n swara life revolved around sanky how to bring sanky back leaving guru behind….n as they say we will be together till death so us apart….but their love surpass this level also….even death failed to separate them….I loved the ending….it wud have been a sad ending if one wud have survived….but there souls were united so what if there body cudnt …..well done mukku

    1. Thanku so much… ?

      Yup their luv was beyond lyf… N they are together in the world where no one can separate them…


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