SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 8


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swara’s conditions… n sanskar’ new look 😛

15 days later
Swara was talking with ap on a case n sanskar was seeing her.. dp came n put hand on his shoulder “sanskar”
San: ji dad
Dp: beta swara is a nyc girl..
San :What dad??
Dp: dont pretrnd sanskar.. i kno swara is that girl whom u were finding… who had gifted u this locket..
San:(shocked) hw u kno this ?
Dp:(smiles) not only me everyone knows this.. swra has told everything about u “CHIKU”
Dp: think abt marriage my son.. u too need someone.. n swra is perfect.. we all luv her.. she is so sweet..
San:(in mind) marriage that too with her !! No way.. she deservs my haterd not my luv.. she is my baby bt everyone has to pay for their deeds n she too hv to …
Dp: sanskar where u lost..??
San: no where dad… achha dad i hv work i will talk to u later…

He was going in his room bt swara called him.. “chiku”
San:(pretends) ha baby…
Swra: come lets go out..
San: no i hv work u may go…
Swra: u r still my slave dont forget…
San: hmm lets go…


They stopped at an icerem stall on roadside..

Swra: cm lets hv ice cream na…
San: u go m nt intrested..
Swra: kk.. khadoos
She takes ice cream n was about to hv its bite then She notice some children of ragpickers… gazing at ice cream… then she ask the ice cream seller to give more ice cream… n she distribute that among them… everyone was so happy…
Sanskar saw this n thinks”hw can u act so well baby… i must say acting krna koi tumse seekhe… bt i kno u only pretents to be nice..i kno hw dark ur heart is… i will continue this act of being ur frnd till i dont get correct opportunity”

Swra: chikuu lets go… m done..

Swara locked her room n take out a bottle… she takes a pill n after having that she sleeps… rembering her worst day…

swara was 9 yrs old… ragini n her parents came to swara’s house for vaccations… as shekhar n ragini’s father madhav were best frnds…
Ragini was very attached to sumi n swara… ragini use to demand things from sumi… n swara use to demand things frm janki…
One day sumi n ragini went to market… swara was in her room.. shekhar madhav janki n swara’s dada dadi were sitting in garden…
Suddenly swara heard sound of gun shots … she peeps frm her room window n saw sm ppl .. shooting her family… she ran towards them… n said cryngly.. “dad” “chachu”.. then a man said ” they hv gone now itz ur turn” n he points a gun towards swara.. then some other person shoot that man n saves swara… she got scared n hide herself behind a nearby tree…
She cried bitterly there… then a man came there n he called dp “hello dp ji … shekhar Gadodia n madhav malhotra are dead now”

Swara was listening to all this n she miss understands that dp is behind all this.. so she wanted to kill him..


swara gets up n was sweating badly..she eat 1 more tab n goes in lawn n there she found dp…

Swra:uncle app iss tym. Yaha ??
Dp: hmm beta i was thinking abt sanskar… m worried for him..
Swra: uncle i hv promised u na… nw he is my responsibility… i will change him completly…
Dp:(puts his hand on her head) i kno.. i trust u beta…
Swra: uncle.. m sry.. whatever i hd done..
Dp: swara beta… dont be sry whatever u hv done was cz of missunderstanding…
Swra: uncle i was abt to kill u…
Dp:u hv saved my lyf recently !! Correct ??
Swra nodded yes..
Dp: now just focus on sanskar 😉
Swara blushes n dp left…
She sat there for sometime n rember her stupidity..

6 yrs ago i wanted to kill dp uncle… cz i thought that he is behind my dad’s murder.. n lyf gave me opportunity to kill him.. i was working as an intern with a event management firm.. n dp uncle’s business party was organised by my firm… after party i found him… n i was about to stab him bt stopped i.. seeing smone coming.. i hide myself in cupbord.. a young man enters n hugs him… n said smthng to uncle… uncle said”beta koi tumhare sth glt kre to tum bhi uski trh glt kro ye thik baat nhi h” then another man enters he has a slight smile on his face n my heart skipped a beat seeing his smile… i Came back home n keeps on thinking abt dp’s words n ya he was ryt if i want to catch dad’s murderer then y not through justice… so i decide to join raw… n after joining raw i came to kno dp uncle was innocent it was my missunderstanding… i catch all culprits n when i got dp uncle’s case i met him n told him everything… n he simply forgives me n told me that he sent that guy to call dad as he was his frnd..i feel so guilty… then i came to kno that a smile that has stolen my heart was of none other than sanskar’s.. n wow after case i got to kno that sanskar is chiku.. now i will acomplish my new mission “mission change sanskar”




Everyone was temple n were praying..

Swra:(in mind) god i just want that much tym ke mai sanskar ko badal saku… i will make him belive in luv… i will protect him from all evil… i will take him out from the dark streets … i will make him a happy go lucky sanskar… just give me this much tym..

A tear skips her eye while praying this..

San:(in mind) god i just want to kill swara… hw cheap n double face she can be… thank god i listen to dad’s n mum’s talk n i came to kno that she had tried to kill him… hw dare she… hw dare she think this… i will do anything.. but will nt leave u… u r baby bt no one has ryt to harm.. my dad… my god…

After prayer…

Swra: ap aunty…mom. m going to meet my frnd arjun..
San: baby let me drop u
Swra: no chiku i can manage u may go…
San: kk..


She was driving car n suddenly face blackouts…. she immediately park her car aside… n took a bottle n about to eat that pill bt smone held her hand “arjun tum”
**u can imagine anyone as arjun or u can imagine harshad arora**
Arjun: leave this swara…
He gets in the car
Swra: arjun u kno what r u saying..
Arjun: i kno.. itti jaldi kya hai tumhe marne ki..
Swra:(smiles ) marna to hai he…
Arjun:(teary eyes) shut up … dont talk rubbish.. i will nt talk to u…
Swra:(hold his hand) dont behave lyk this.. u kno everything… dont run from reality accept this..
Arjun:(hugs her) no i will not… itz not reality…

They both were sharing friendly emotional moments n sanskar was seeing them…

San:(angry n jelous) hw cheap this girl could be… ghar pe merese chipakti hai or yaha iss arjun se… whatever… i dont care she is just my next target nthng else…

Swra:(wipes her tears) aree yr.. stop cryng… cm lets go..
Arjun: (composes) where ??
Swra:long drive u idiot..
Arjun: wait !! Wait !!! U come here i will drive… i dont want to die soon..
Swra: sure…

Soon they exchanged their seats n went…

They were roaming in ridge area n arjun was not talking to her..
Swra: arjun.. atlest now talk to me..
Arjun: what to talk with u..
Swra:(fake anger) huh.. jab chali jaungi tab miss karna.. then u will cm to kno my importance..
Arjun immediately stop walking…
Swra: what happened??
Then she notice arjun crying.. she immediately turns his face n wipes his tears… “Save this tears for future”

Arjun hugged her n cries alot… swara too cries …

Arjun: m sry i.. i cant help u.. being ur best frnd m of no use.. m useless swara.. m use less
Swra:who says u r useless.. u r my bestii n whatever is happening to me.. itz only cz of me… so stop this cryng.. rember u promissed me u will nt cry.. now get up.. n chase me.
Saying this she starts to run..
Arjun:(tensed) swara dont run !!! Swara..!!!

To be continued…

Precap : SwaSan romance n proposal

So guyz i hv revield every mystry… swara once want to kill dp cz of miss understanding…. then she realises her mistake… sanskar wants to kill swara cz she tried to kill dp(there is one more missunderstanding in this will tell u soon)… n sanskar can go upto any extent for his family… so lets see hw true luv blossom.. btwn the two.. ?? One side true luv one side true hatered… !!

Guyz we all kno about further devlopments in swaragini… leave shomi n her pregnancy tell me which typ of memory loss u prefer

1. Total memory loss
2.rembers only dida n ma..
3.rembers till swaLak wedding when ragu pushed her
4.rembers frm fake marrige

I prefer 1 or 2 option bt i kno our great cvs will definately go with 3rd one..

Credit to: meher

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  1. Why Swara is taking pills?

    1. U will soon get to kno dear … hv patience 😉

  2. Hy….. D epi ws too gud…… Wt happnd to swara?! She hs sme sort of health issues I thnk bt thn evn I’m waiting to see to wt extent sanky vl go n at he vl do wn al misunderstanding gets clear?
    Waiting fr d nxt epi soon,…….?

    1. Lets see whats tge reason for pills…n sanky has no limit.. bt ya he will repend lyk hell.. 😉 😀

  3. Nice

  4. its an awesome… want to know why swara told to arjun like that she will die and what pills she taking in night… please cleare this soon… update next asap…

    1. Thats only mystry left na so it will take smtym… bt only 3-4 epis not more than that.. till then hv patience 😀 😉

  5. awesome meher…..last story also full f mystry this story s also full f mystery…..fabulous…..i think swara has some disease….hope sankys mu get cleared soon

    1. Pakka nxt ff m mystry ni hogi… that would be realistic.. n thnku so much…

      Keep reading.. ♥

  6. 4thh option is best….remebr fake marrige it create suspense….swara sanskar k sath to rahegi…then return swara fall in love with sanskar….its bettr na…btw dear awsm episode..next half hours k bad meri exm he..bt I’m reading ur ff…that much I luv ur ff..

    1. Samina all the best for exam… but that tym sry to say bt swara behaves lyk an idiot that tym… she keeps on hurting sanskaar…. n after forced marriage too she keeps on chanting divorce … divoce..

  7. I go for a 5th option…… Only remember sanskar……?????

    1. That too would be good.. bt want to see swasan bf gf track.. 😛

  8. Option 2 or1

    1. Yup i too lyk these options ♥

  9. I also hope option 4 is better……ur episode was just awesome…..buthe why is she taking pills…..I cannot understand about that and why is arjun feeling guilty….all again a mystery

    1. Sry dear what to do.. bina mystery add kie khana digest ni hota mera… n they will be cleared in 3-4 epi…

      Till then keep reading

  10. interesting episode….. just awesome….i think swara is suffering from some deadly disease…..
    n i prefer option 2

    n Meher 9-12 continuous exams?? a hectic shedule for u then…. best wishes dear… do well…

    1. Lets see whats the reason for pills…

      N ya 9-12 exams… without any leave… n still i dont hv books 😛 my mun was saying “beta ab to books le le “:P 😉 😀
      Leave hoti b tb b exam se 2 ghanta phle pdhna tha 😉 😛

      1. ya true…. last ke kuch hours mein dimag 100x speed pe bhaag ta hai….

        so will u update then also??
        n ya pills can be for anxiety etc also

    2. Nopes i will end this ff by 8 may 😛

  11. Jus awesum,eagrly waiting fr nxt part update asap

    1. Thnku dear…

      Sure dear♥♥ 😀

  12. i prefer option 2…… but whatever ur ff was great and plz try to post next part soon 🙂

    1. I too prefer option 2 modern swara…

      Thnku dear… keep reading

  13. Meherdi,u r making me crazy day by day!!!when u wil reveal all d truths!!!coming 2 today epi it was awesome

  14. Meherdi,u r making me crazy day by day!!!when u wil reveal all d truths!!!coming 2 today epi it was fantastic

    1. Thnku lil sissy… 😀 i will do it soon as this ff is not as long as kuch iss tarah.. it will most probably ended by 8th so eveything got cleared soon 😀 ♥

  15. height of awsmness di mind-blowing epi jst lv ur ff..eagrly waiting 4 the other truth to disclosed….

    1. Thanku heena dear !!

      M glad that u lyk this.. keep reading ♥♥ 😀 😀

  16. Episode was aweaome.
    2nd will be the Best.

    1. Thnku slarkle…. ♥♥
      Ya i also lyk 2nd option …
      Keep reading

  17. Nice meher.. 🙂

  18. i also prefer 3rd one…den it will be fun

    1. M sure our cvs will go with this option only…

  19. I prefer option 2…. Nd yeah ur ff is really gud & Yes I m a big fan of kuch is tarah simply loved it…..???

    1. Thnku dear so much..
      M glad that u lyk this one n kuch iss tarah too…
      Keep reading♥

  20. as usual meher ji.. really cool.!

  21. please post your episodes on wattpad meher di…episode was too good

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