SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 7


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: dp alive… sanskar feels guilty for hurting swara… chiku baby meet 😉


Sanskar : baby sorry na..
Swra: (pouts) nopes
San: achha just tell me what what can i do ?
Swra:(thinks n smiles naughtyly) u hv to accept my conditions..agree ??
San: ha i agree anything …
Swra: hmm so my conditions are
1. U hv to be my slave for a month
2. U hv to take me everywhere with u… in office.. in meeting.. in any gang war… in bath room… (sanskar’s mouth is wide open hearing this..) ummm… no no… bathroom rhne do 😉
3. U shld nt get angry on me..
Manzoor ??
4. I will stay with u at ur home
San:(shocked)hmm.. kk (uff.. this nautanki) now get up ur mum is waiting… bt tell me about ragini first..

Swra explains that after ragini’s parents death.. sumi adopts her..

She tries to get up bt was in pain. “Aawwooo..”
San:(worried) itz still painging ?
She nodded a cute yes…
San: when chiku is here then no fear…
He takes her in his arms m take her to mm



everyone was happy n shocked
Sumi: beta !! Where u found her ?? I mean guru never leaves anyone..
SwaSan were blank
San: aunty… vo.. vo
Swra: mom u kno what guru got scared of me..(proud)
Sanskar giver her “oh really!!” Look
N swara keeps on praising herself..
Swra: are mom Guru was shivering seeing me !!.. he was pleading me to leave him.. oh god a ganster was lyk a wet cat.. he was behaving lyk a mouse..
Sanskar stamp her foot with his
Swra: n u kno mom what aaawwwoo!!
Sumi: what happend shona..
Swra:(glares sanskar) nothing mom…
Dp: leave this n swara take rest.. u must be tired..
San: achha dad m going office..
Swra: sanskaaarr(cutely)
San rembers her condition..
San: umm dad i think i shld stay at home..
Dp:(teases n slowly only audible to sanky) beta u lyk swara or ragini ??
San: kya dad kuch bi..
Dp: are if u lyk any of them then plz tell me sharmishtha ji is here.. we can talk abt marriage (winks)
San: u r impossible dad !!


San: swra u take rest m going..
Swra:(in attitude) wait !!
San: what..
Swra: my legs are paining.. massage them.
San:(angry) r u kidding me !!
Swra:(takes a deep breath n clamly) awaz neeche..
San:(goes near her ) are u crazy.. u r baby it doesnt mean u act lyk that.. m sanskar maheshwari.. n u want me to massage ur foot.. u r out of ur mind.. if ur legs r paining then call servents.. but dont expect this frm me

Swara pulls him closer n brushed her soft lips on his hard lips..
Sanskar was shocked !! He never ever thinks that a girl can kiss him that too in a shocking way…
He was numb..
Swra: now do as i said n stop complaing lyk a kid..
He follows her order..
Swra: ahh i must say u r a good massager.. y dont u work in spa.. vese my hands r also paining..
San:(murmers) gale me dard kb hoga..



@dining table
Everyone was having breakfast..
Sanskar came Late as he was working till late night…
He was about to sit on chair but swara kicks that chair away n he fell on floor with a thud..
Everyone laughs..

Swra:kya sanskar u cant even sit properly..(laughs)
Sanskar pulls her hand n she falls on him… n everyone was watching this scenario shockingly…
SwaSan were so close to each other that they can even feel each other’s breath on their faces.. they were lost in each other… n they came back to sense listening to laksh’s voice….

Lak:kya bhai.. flirting department is mine.. n now u r romamcing with swara..

Ap:(angry) laksh.. whenever u flirt with ur gfs humne kuch kaha.. itz sanskar’s first tym.. let him do.. u focous on ur breakfast..
San: mom (puppy face)
Dp: aree beta… u carry on we hvnt seen anything…

SwaSan get up..
San: baby itz too much…
Swra: what much.. u magarmuchh..
San: i will kill u today..
Swra:(stamp his foot with hers) first cath me u khadoos..
San:(jumps on one leg) aawoo awwoo..!! Baby.. u wait !!

He ran behind swara… n tries to catch her.. n everyone was smiling seeing them..

Sumi: i hv never seen my shona this much happy…
Ap: sharmishtha ji.. we also hvnt seen sanskar so lively..

They reach the backyard.. swara slips in wet mud.. n sanskar laughs..

“Lol..u r still a baby.. ”
He was buzy in laughing n swara slowly ties his shoe lace together..
“Now u stay here m going… bye babyy”(winks)

As soon as he try to walk he too fall in mud.. n shouts ” sswaaarraaaa”
Swra:(laughs) what chiku ?? Rember my conditions u will not get anrgy on me..
Sanskar fumes in anger but controls as for the first tym he was at fault..”ok fyn”

Swra: statchue…
Sanskar sit still in mud..
Then swara starts her art n craft… she put some mud n covers his hair…
San:(fumes in anger) what the hell r u doing…!!
Swra: statchues doesnt talk…
Then she print his light blue shirt with mud… n finally a flower on his head.. n laughhs loud..
“Lol… lol.. u r looking.. handsome.. ”
He gives her an angry glare…
Swra:(controls) ok.. ok fyn.. statchue over..
San: i will kill u today..

They ran in whole mm.. n atlast sanskar got tired n left for bathing…
But this is not the end for sanskar…

Swara cleans herself n was sitting with all in living room when they heard sanskar’s shout “Swaraaaaa”

Everyone got shocked where as SwaLak gives hifi…

Rag: y i feel that u hv done somthing swara..

Lak: let me tell u..

swra: lucky ur bro is so boaring… same stlye..

Lak: ya swara i agree..

Swra:(giggles naughtyly) i hv an idea bt for that i want sanskar’s shampoo bottle..

Lak: i will give that to u.. bt what will u do?

Swra: just wait n watch

She mix the blonde hair dye.. in sanskar’s shampoo

Then sanskar came in living room n everyone goes rofl..

Dp:nyc look beta.!!!
Ap: ya i must say blonde hair suits u…
lak: ya bhai..
San: swara u r dead !
Swra:(puppy face) aww chiku looks so cute in blonde hair…



swara was doing
Something in her room suddenly sanskar enters n she got angry..

Swra: what the hell… dont u kno how to enter in other’s room
San: m sry baby.. bt. (He notise her eyes) ur eyes r red swara ? What happend ?
Swra: nthng.. m tired… good night m sleeping… now u go..

Sanskar left but found her behaviour suspicious….



swara came n serve food for herself in plate n sat under dining table..

Ap:(confused) swara !! Y r u sitting under table …
Swra:(slowly) sshhh!!! Aunty… sanskar will kill me..
Dp: but y beta
Swra: wait for 5 mins u will come to kno..

Then sanskar came like storm..
San: mom where is swaraa..
Ap:(controls laughter) beta.. i dont kno.. bt u hv changed ur look completly..
Dp: nice beta.. bt.. r u going to wear this in office ??
San: fitstly i will kill that girl… hw dare she change my clothes…

***swara has taken his all clothes out.. n putted some printed colorful flowral shirts there… with shimery blazers n pants***

Imagne his look.. blonde hair…with floral shirt n shimery pants 😛

Rag:(comes n notise swara under table) swra what r u doing under table…

Swara gives rags an angry glare.. sanskar held her hand n take her out ” now itz enough”

Swra: nopes itz not..
She starts tickling him..
N then ran..
San:(to sumi) aunty did u eat wheels when u were pregnent with her.. she starts to run everythime… usain bolt ki rishtedaar kahi ki..
Sumi:(laughs) beta cathch her first.. 😛

Sanskar enters the room n saw her Lyng on floor.. he immediately took her in his arms n sprinkle water on her face.. she slowly opens her eyes

San:(tensed) baby what happend r u fyn ?? Come lets see doctor..
Swra:(in week voice) m fyn sanskar… i just need some rest… n ya dont tell this to mum.. she will be worried unnecessaryly…

San: bt swara..
Swra: plz chiku…
San: ok.. bt u take rest.. n if u need anything call me..
Swra:(kissed his cheak) surely chiku…

To be continued…

Precap: swara’s past revield..

Credit to: meher

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  1. Aww… I ws literally rofl thinking abt sanky.
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    1. Thnku ridhima… i try to write sm funny scenes..

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    1. Lol i too go rofl after imagining his new look 😀 😀 😀

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  7. awesome.. you write so awesome

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  10. awesome……i love swasan a lot in dis…..whether both families know dat swasan know each other????bcoz sanky calling baby nd shona calling chiku but dey dint ask y dey call likr dis???swaras condition of being with sanky s i think sankys life s n danger…..

    1. U will get to kno everything in nxt epi… hope i match ur expectations… 😀

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    1. Thnku dear n i hv opened ur 5 shots in tabs bt couldnt get tym to read… bt surely i will read this n tell u..

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    love you loads 🙂

  14. superb..

  15. meher ji . thrill… but I can’t connect the dots.. guru..ghar… chickoo … how

    1. Aree sanskar is guru… swara was ill so they take her to kavita’s place… where he saw that “S” locket which baby had gifted him… it got detached into to one is with chiku n other part is with bby… so he simply join his locket with hers n it makes a perfect s… then he take her to mm where everyone was tensed for her…

  16. Post nxt asap!!!! Assam is quite beautiful dr…… its beauty is awsome no doubt!!!! Visit once!!!! And there r lots of stars shining in the night sky dr…….

    1. U Kno i always lyk such places…. surrounded by greenry… farms… that sweet fragrance of nature… cold breez.. sky full of starts… damn peaceful place… i daily look up in sky n bingo i found only one single star… but still i enjoy seeing that only… n i will definatly visit assam once 😀

      1. Haha 🙂 meet me for sure!!! And post asap

  17. priya tripathi

    Amazing i just can not stop my laugh u lov it plz update soon

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