SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 5


Meher here guyz n i hv a good news for u… as u wanted me to come with “kuch iss tarah season 2” so bingo guyz.. i will come back with season 2… new story new characters … new twist.. bt with same SwaSan… but u hv to wait for that as i will start that after my exams ie 12 may… cz i dont want to break itz continuity… i will post intro on 12th may…

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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: SwaSan moments… swara killing a man..


Finally the day has come when swaragini can live their lives normally… n SanLak too are coming back to delhi…


SanLak were sitting in plane
Both were sitting in same column n san was shocked to his partner he is sitting adjecent to swara…where RagLak winks

SanSan:(shocked) TUM
Swra:(frown) any problem
San: y would i hv any problem…
Swra:(murmers)ya when problem is sitting beside me y would u hv any problem..
San: o hello .. how dare u to call me problem
Swra: wait(shout)”U R A PROBLEM” lyk this (smiles wickedly)
San: huh…
Swra: huh.

RagLak were smiling seeing all this

RagLak met each other at airport

Rag: laksh!!
Lak:(surprised) ragini tum !!.wow what a surprise..
Rag: what r u doing here?
Lak: scooba diving..lol
Rag:(thinks) what an obvious que rags… airport pe koi kya krega.. ” ahh i mean where r u going”(she covers)
Lak: going back to delhi..
Rag: osm m also coming there…

Then RagLak exchanged their tickets so that they n swasan can sit together…


when flight was about to take off sanskar saw swara struggling with seat belt … n laugh loud

San:(laughs) seems someone doesnt kno hw to tie seat belt..
Swra:(irritated) huh… if u kno than help me out na.. y r u laughing lyk monkey..
San:(angry) first mind ur words.. then talk to me .
Swra:(angry) who wants to talk to u.. bt mind ur laugh first…
San moves towards her their faces were so close that they can feel eachother’s warm breath too … swara closes her eyes tightly… n sanskar locked her belt… then he saw swara’s face.. n rembers his childhood…

San:(9) swra:(6)

SwaSan went in a mela with their families…on a picknic..

San:(exited) Baby … look at that roller coster.. come lets go..
Swra:(scared) chiku.. plz not there.. m scared of height…
San:(thinks for a while) umm.. then lets go on that giant wheel ( not a big one.. bt a small one for kids)
Swra: no.. plz..
San: (holds her hand) baby ur chiku is with u na..
Swra: hmm..
San: then lets go.. m sure u will enjoy..

They sat on chair in giant wheel n sanskar locks his belt bt swara was unable to lock that n he laughs
San:(laughs) baby u cant lock a belt.!!
Swra:(puppy face) m Baby na.. so hw can i ?
He moves towards her n lock her belt.. when he moves back he saw swara closing her eyes tightly….


San:(in mind) yr this girl is just lyk Baby… (smiles) she is nautanki just lyk her..

After take off… airhostess comes with food..

AH: sir what would u lyk to hv..
San: umm
Swra:(interpts) do u hv some poision then plz serve that to him..
San:ya fine bt u hv u share that with me..
Swra: sitting with u in whole journey is lyk sitting besides snake who can bite u any tym..
San: oh it means cats r afraid of snakes..
Swra:hw dare u call me cat..
San: the way u call me snake
AH: mam sir.. u guyz together make a perfect couple .
San: excuseme its better to die… than to marry this girl..
Swra: as if m dyng to marry u…
San:(to AH)do u hv sonething to paste lyk fevicol ?? If yes then please give that to me.. i want to paste her mouth..
Swra: if u hv something lyk smiling serum then give that to this khadoos
San: oh n u want a barbie doll
Swra: y would i
San: cz u r a kid
AH interepts..”mam sir what u want ?”
SwaSan:(together) peace..!!

They keeps on fighting lyk this.. n soon swara dozze off on sanskar’s shoulder..
Sanskar too put his head on swara’s head..
His sleep got disturbed.. when he felt something wet on his shoulder… he wakes up n saw swra cryng in sleep.. he was shocked…
Swara clutched sanskar’s hand tightly… she was having her nightnare..


A beautiful bunglow is shown.. surrounded by Beautiful rose garden…

A small girl is drawing in her room n some elders evere sitting together in garden…spending quality time…
Then some firing sounds are listend.. the girl saw everything from her room…
She came down n calls “dad” “chachu”
“They r gone now itz ur turn”a guy with mask said this…

Sanskar held her hand tightly… n slowly pats her face.. “hey listen!!! Get up !!”
He turns around n saw ragini sleeping.. he was confused … he doesnt kno what to do… he sprinkle sm water on her face n she wakes up …her eyes are red.. n she is scared n its clearly seen in her eyes
San:(concerned) r y fyn??
She nodded yes.. n composed herself…
San: r u sure that u r fyn ??
Swra:(angry) should i give this u in writig..
San: hey relx miss gabbar m just asking !!
Swra: mind ur own business..
San: thankless kid!! Huhh.. (thinks in mind)” sanskar … u kno hw these females r then y u put ur nose in btwn ?..i dont give a damn to her”..
Swra:(in mind feels guilty) yr he is concerned for u n u behave so badly…


Sanskar left for faridabad for sm work where as laksh left for mm
Sumi n swaragini left for their home…


Nxt day

DP was talking with someone on phone… outside his office while going towards his car… he suddenly stopped to see two ppl pointing gun towards him…
N they are none other than SwaRjun

Dp:(shocked) whats this ?
Swra:(evily) ur death mr maheshwari !!
Dp: what rubbish !!(angry)
Arjun: look at there mr durgaprasad (points towards dead body of guarda) u will soon join them..
Swra:bye bye durgaprasad maheshwari

And she shoot 2 bullets straight in his chest…

Dp fell on the spot btwn pool of blood … then only his body guards came n swarjun’s badluck they held them

Soon police came n arrest swara n arjun for the murder of durgaprasad mahrshwari… one of the best businessman.. the god of business world is no more.. this news spread in the business world lyk fire in woods.. everything changed in a second.. business world sufferd a great loss today.. which cant be revived..


Lak:(cryng) hello bhai..
San:(worried) lucky y r u cryng ??what happend
Lak: bhai dad
San:what happened to dad ??
Lak: dad is no more bhai..!! He left us…
San:(hell shocked) what rubbish.
Lak: bhai m saying truth a girl has shooted him outside office… bhai plz come here ..ma is cryng…we need u..
San:(cries bt composes) lucky m coming..


Police was taking swara in one van n arjun in another van…

Suddenly the driver applies breaks in which they r taking swara..
Swra:(her hands were handcluffed) what happened??
Police: u shut up.. n keep quite…
Swara fumes in anger but controls..

Suddenly the van filled with white smoke n eveyone fall unconcious…



When constable gains his senses he called someone

“Hello sir”

“Ya constable where r u ?”

“Sir swara has been kidnapped”

“Oh shit !!! Try to find her”

“Yes sir”


Swara opens her eyes n saw herself in a dark room tied with ropes… she shouts ” what the hell! Where i m ??? Who dare to touch me ??”

“Keep clam miss” he replied

“Who r u ?” Swara enquired

“Guru !! Naam to suna he hoga na”

Swara was shocked as well as confused

Swra:(angry) untie me.. NOW..
Guru: just lower ur pitch.. or else
Swra: or else what !!

Everyone was shocked with guru’s reaction he slapped swara… as guru has never raised his hand on a girl…

Swra: r u insane !! U bl**dy nonsense… hw dare u … n y u hv brought me here !!

Guru:(fumes in anger) shut up u murderer… hw dare u kill an innocent ?

Swra: i killed an innocent ??? Who ??

Guru :(hold her hair tightly) durgaprasad maheshwari… was innocent.. !!

Swra: aaahhhh !!! Leave me.. he was (stops n thinks)”swara control u cant blurt everything out…”

Guru: speak up !!

Swra: go to hell. !!

He again slapped her…

Then for the first tym he removed his mask… n swara was shocked to see him


To be continued…

Precap : guru’s tourcher on swara… sanskar came home n got shocked

So guess guyz who us guru !! Just one more part then our swasan’s story will start… n sry for irregular tymng bt now onwards… i will post this at kuch iss tarah’s tym..

Credit to: meher

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  1. nice one yaar.. 🙂 hey can oyu give me all parts of kuch iss tarah as i didn’t see swasan marriage chapter

  2. I think Sanskar is Guru

    1. Nyc guess lets see 😉

  3. Wow! Loved it. Commented in the last chappy too. But i am always late u know. Lol. Awesome to see my encouragement back with a new chapter. I am eagrr to know this Guru, Swara’s past. Everything. Stomach gurgling suspense. It seems sometimes Guru is Laksh, then I think Sanskar even I think Arjun too sometimes. My poor guesses lol. Anyways keep writing dear.

    1. Thnx that u read this… n dear itz enough for me that u read this…. n u always encourage me… 😉

  4. Guru must b Sanskaar plz yar update next today plz

    1. I will dear n thnx for reading

  5. Is sanskar guru?? Or is it laksh?? Whatever it is. Superb update. Eagerly waiting for the next

  6. Awesome
    Thanks that u ate starting the new season of kuch iss tarah

    1. Ur welcm dear… actully i was also missing writing that … so finally i decide to write hope u lyk tthat 😉

  7. who is guru? mostly i think its sanskar or laksh? but precap guru torturs her and sanky comes home and shocked means is guru is arjun?

    1. Keep gussing dear 😉 in nxt u will get to kno

  8. Shalmali Kamble

    Gr8 episode meher.. Wanna tell you something.. I have submitted my article on tellyupdates.. Ishq Wala Love.. As u told me to inform u when I’ll submit it so I did. I’m writing under the name Swarmayi.. Its SwaSan ff..

    1. Sissy i will read that for sure.. n thnx for telling… 😉

  9. awesome……i think guru s sanky

  10. Awesome dr superb cant wait for next ep who is guru i m really excited pls post next ep asap

    1. Thnx dear… n in nxt epi u will kno who is guru

  11. Hey!superb yaar….but my guess failed I think….even then it may even be the same. I am not changing who is guru in my mind.. ahhh…mystery …… please try to update next asap…waiting for it excitedly but I don’t know the timing…u said “kush iss tarah” timing so please mention the time…. an also happy for season2….

    1. Actully i submit kuch iss tarah in morning 6-7 so by noon it get updated… in nxt u will get to kno who is guru

  12. Awesome meherdi!!!
    I thnk so sanskar s guru!!tis s Jst my thought!!!!

    1. Lets see dear 😉

      1. when will u upload next part yar n yah thanx for next season of KUCH ISS TARAH

    2. Haha….I had a friend named Meher. I also use to call her meherdi….

    3. Rosey dear i will try asap..

  13. Y do I hv a feeling tht Guru s oly Sanskar………..?
    Hmmm……. Let’s see wt comes nxt??

    1. Lets see 😉 😉

  14. ya its awesome Meher…..I eagerly want to know the mystery…. N I don’t think Sanskar maybe guru cause he was not in town. It can’t be Laksh as well cause swara had exclaimed ‘Tum’ seeing Guru but she doesn’t know laksh. N Arjun ke alawa koi or male character toh hai but he is swara’s bestie…toh who is guru????…so ya damn confused…. N Meher your story always surpasses my imagination…. So yes eagerly waiting….plz upload today if possible….

    1. Thnxx dear… n i will try… u kno na my exams are comming so pdhna b hai… :-);-):-D

  15. Srry yaar… coment nhi kiya… was really busy…. bt used to read thm.. n as usual they are awesome… guru is sanskar

    1. Itz kk yr… u read this itz enough… n lets see who is guru 😉

  16. Very nice didi , and I was a silent reader till date well , Hi I am Zuha , well nice and 4r guru no idea??

    1. Hello zuha dear!!! N thnx for reading
      … 😉 😀

  17. My sincere apologies meher..I am really sorry for not being regular dearbut will surely read the missed ones and comment in next one.

    1. Ahh !! Itz kk yr… i can understand.. it hapens with me too.. 😉 😀 😀

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