SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 4


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: SwaSan childhood memories… SanLak landing in Assam… SwaSan first meet


Sanskar came hotel but still something is bothering him… a smile… yes he is bothered by swara’s smile…

“Uufff whats happening to me.. y m thinking about a girl… y.. there was something which attracts me towards her.. some unknown bond.. hey hold on sanskar.. u cant fell in this trap… u cant luv anyone… ya u cant… these females are nt luvable… bt baby is different…where r u baby”

He then starts removing his shoes n socks… he was touching his shoe with lots of affection.. as swara had touched this shoe… lucky enters n saw him in deep thoughts

“Bhai !!”

No response


No response

He took a deep breath n said “bhaaaiiiiii”

Sanskar came out of this dream land “ha lucky y r u shouting??”
Lak:r u ok bhai??
San:ofcourse..now go n sleep..
Laksh followed his orders n went in…



@a crowded place
Everyone was shouting… some were going here n there… some were wispering about what just happened then… police came n sealed the crime area.. the place where a man in 50s has been murdered… somone has stabbed him straight in his heart… he died on the spot. police was interogating the nearby ppl but all were clueless But two ppl were smriking seeing all this… they both were on bikes helmets were covering their faces… they drove a desolate place n removes their helmen

Prsn1:we hv did it arjun
Arjun:yeah we hv done it swara

★the other person is none other than swara who has just killed a man in a crowded place….
Arjun is swara’s best friend he knows everything abt swara… from her past to present★

Swra: haan arjun….(tears skips her eye)
Arjun:(put his hand on her shoulder) shona dont be sad… u r so strong.. now only he has left..
Swra:(wipes her tears) now be ready durgaprasad maheshwari… live the few days of ur lyf… m coming to kill u..
Arjun: swara now we shld go..
Swra: u go i will catch u later
Arjun: (concerned)r u sure.?
Swra:(smiles) ya m sure … u go..

Soon arjun left n swara broke down in tears…
She keeps on cryng n soon day changes into night.. now moon has taken sun’s place… the sky is full of stars (i hope stars are visible in assam’s sky cz here in delhi i hv seen only one star … literally there is only one star )

Swara shows her reflection in the running crystal clear water… in the beautiful moon lyf.. bt she was not looking beautiful.. her eyrs swell due to continous cryng.. she touches her face with her hand n says “this is not me… this.. this is not me… not me..”
She splash the still water with her hands..

Then she looked at sky n says” dad look what ur swara has become. a murderer
A cold bloded murderer… that incident has snached everything from me… my happiness… my smile.. my.. my father… u kno dad hw difficult it was for me to live without u.. i want to share my happiness when i top the board exams… when i got my first salary.. but u were nt with me… i also want to demand things from u… bt u were not with me…. i kno dad what m doing is wrong bt still i will do this… i will.. dad i want to live.. i.. i want to love bt i kno no one can luv a murderer”
She cried vigoursly… sanskar was passing by the area as he want to spend some tym alone … he heard someone sobbing …

San: i think smone is cryng !!
He started to move towards the direction of sobs bt then he stops “so what … if someone is cryng then mujhe kya matlab”
He turned n started to move.. bt he again stops “i dont kno y … bt i think i shld check”

He goes there n found a girl cryng… seeing her cryng he went near her…

San:umm.. excusme ! Do u need help ?
Swra lifts her face : no thanx..
San: hey u r that girl na who saved me..
Swra:(composes herself) ya… hwz ur foot now..
San:(sits besides her)itz good actully u did magic
Swra smiles
San:so what r u doing here? I mean do u live nearby ?
Swra: hmm just walking distance of an hour(laughs)

Sanskar gives her”r u kidding me look”

Swra: n what r u doing here
San:ahh nthng just want some peace..

They chatted a while n left.. but still they didnt ask each other’s name..

Swra:i think i shld leave itz late
San: hmm but would it be safe for u to go alone?
Swra: dont worry itz the safest place bt still if u want to join me i will not mind(winks)

N they started going towards swara-s home

Swra: hey come let me show u a shortcut
San: where i cant see any way
Swra: aree look at that(points towards a step farm) from there

(Hope so that there are step farms there too.. bt if nt then m sry)

San: r u serious.. m nt going from a farm n all
Swra:(holds his hand n drags him) chalo na..

Sanskar felt a shiver from his spine by swara’s soft touch… as it is for the first tym a girl dares to hold sanskar maheshwari’s hand.. he simply smiled n follows her…

Laksh and ragini were seeing all this from a distance

★RagLak knows each other as they hd taken part in writing competition n became frnds n yesterday they met again while helping the accident injureds★

after sending all to hospital ragini turned n started going… but someone called her “Ragini ??”
(She uses her real name for writing)
She turned “laksh ?”
Lak: yaa laksh..
Rag: hwz u ??
Lak: m grt … itz been long since we last met ryt ?
Rag:(smiles) ryt
Lak: then come lets hv dinner tonight
Rag: umm sry nt today…
Lak:(sad) itz kk..
Rag:(smiles) bt m free tmrw.. lets meet tmrw @2 n i will take u assam visit then on dinner.
Lak:(exited) ofcourse..

Lak: ye bhai kiske sath hai.?.
Rag: swara ke sath ye kon hai?
RagLak looked eachother n says “u kno him/her”
Rag: who is he ? U kno him
Lak: ya he is my bro.. bt he is smiling omg !! N do u kno her?
Rag: ya she is my sis .. n wow !! She is also smiling !! U kno laksh she never smiles with anyone except me or ma
Lak: oh teri ki !! Same pich yr bhai is also ditto..
Rag:(smiles) itz good.. that she is smiling
Lak:(smiles too) ya m also happy to see him smiling…

Here SwaSan are bzy in roaming the beautful Assam.. they hv icecream too while going.. n enjoyed alot..



Swara went to her office to resigen…

Boss: hmm itz ok miss bose bt u hv to do one last work.. actully u hv to give these pprs to mr maheshwari
Swra:sure sir !!
Boss: here is the address…
Swra took the ppr n left

Soon she reached her destination..

She knocked the door n someone ask her to come in
She went in n Was shocked to see shirtless sanskar her eyes poped out as if they will come out of socket… she keeps on gazing him..

Sanskar doesnt kno that swara has came in he thought itz lucky..
San: la lucky give me that shirt
No reply
San: lucky give me my shirt..(as soon as he turned he was shocked to see swara n shouts)”aaaaahhhhhhh”
Swra immediatly put her hand on his mouth “ssshhh r u insane stop shouting”

Both hv an eyelock…

San: is this a way to enter in someones room
Swra: o hello i hv knocked n u ask me to come in..
San:(thinks) she is ryt yr… uff i hv to be angry… “get lost”
Swra:(angry) listen m nt ur servent so u better mind ur tongue..
San: what if i not..(angry)
Swra: i will cut ur tongue..
San: try it then..
Swra:just wait..
Swara moved towards table where knife is kept 😛 bt he hold her hand pulled n twist that in a way her back was meeting his bare chest..
San: never try to be oversmart with me..
Swara:(stamp his foot)same to u..
She starts to go bt she slipped n fall…
San:(laughs) ohh baby has a great fall …
Swra:(angry) dont call me baby… m nt baby..

**sanskar rembers swara n his childhood when she replied same**

San gave his hand to her bt he too falls on her… both were lost in each other’s eyes.. their lips were just a couple of inches away…sanskar was about to kiss her bt soon they realises their position n gets up..
There was awkard silence btwn them..
Swra: vo.. ye pprs.. mr sen has given me to hand over to u..
San: u wait outside let me get ready..
Swra:(murmers)whats need of wearing clothes now… u r already looking smoking hot..
San: i heard u baby
Swra:i dint say anything m going out .
Swra:(thinks) uuurgghh.. hw can i say lyk thiS swara control ur emotions.. u r not a normal girl.. u r a murderer such things doent suits u..

San:(thinks)what the hell i was about to do.. i was about to kiss her … damn.. i cant luv anyone … rember who r u sanskar… u cant fall for anyone … bt this girl is cute(smiles)

To be continued…

Precap : SwaSan nok jhok… swara feels guilty… guru kidnaps swara

Link to os http://www.tellyupdates.com/cz-m-luv-u-one-shot/

Credit to: meher

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  1. very nice

  2. it was amazing meher…

    1. Thnx janvi dear

  3. Superb meherdi!!! U r awesome !!!
    Till nw it’s somethng mysterious!!

    1. Thnku dear !! Hope aage b achha lage

  4. Hey Meher!!! I am a new refer of ur ff …. actually I noticed “Kush iss tarah” only in its last episode??…..I have just now completed reading it…..wow its just FANTASTIC + FABULOUS = Fantabulous ???now I have started reading this ff…. I have already guessed that kyra and alia r swaragini when I read ur 1st part …. ahhhh this ff is full of mystery ….. gonna have a great time reading it like ur previous one … a slight difference is I read that at one go whereas I need to read this part by part … seriously hats off to ur talent?? ….. loving the way u write ….. try to update next fast please ? waiting for u to reveal the past as well as waiting for next excitedly but y guru kidnaps swara …… ➡▶❗P.S.please read my full comment and I have a feeling that guru is none other than sanskar but am not sure?

    1. Thnku so much yr… i can’t belive that u read all 52 episodes in one go !! 😛 omg !! I never thought that u can tolerate my ff in one go… but seriously yr thx for reading… u read my writings is enough for me to write more… to be honest if i saw a ff ending at 52nd epi i would never ever dare to rrad that completly… so thnku so much … n ya i always read whole comment… n rahi baat guru ki we will see that 😉

  5. justawsome..

  6. hey! meher i started reading ur ff tody only !!!
    assam is my hometown yaar! have u evr visited

    1. Thnx… n no yr i hvnt been.. bt desperatly want to

  7. Wow awesome Meher…..but I have one question… If swasan knew each other in their childhood then even RagLak must be knowing each other na n also SwaLak RagSan must be knowing each other.

    1. No dear no one knows each other except SwaSan … na Raglak na ragsan na swalak… n neither she knows that dp is sanky’s dad ! Just wait 😉

  8. Awesome dear as always

  9. Meher, I always love your writings like hell. U r awesome here too. I loved SwaSan bonding. The cuteness is radiating from the story. And I am Really in love. The suspense is also killing. I wonder what will hsppen when their truth is out. Keep writing. Couldnt read Kuch Iss Tarah, but ur os has always inspired and encouraged me. This line I am going to repeat in comments dear 😉 keep writing

    1. N i will alawys say that ur one shots are far better than mine… bt the problem is every good writer doesnt kno hw good they are… n same problrm is with u… plz post yellow rose n faith asap ….
      Loads of luv…

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