SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 18)


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: dp knowing truth…


Yet another beautiful morning… The sunrays were giving hope… To everyone.. As soon as the sunshine touches Swara’s face it glows… A golden beauty… A girl with pious love… She wakes up n found herself in the arms of sanskar.. She saw his face n again start to cry… The emotions which she tried hard to suppress is now out of her control.. She sob quietly n composes herself… N kissed sanskar on cheek n said”good morning sanskar ??”

“good morning swara” he kissed her back.. ” now tell me y u cried last night”

“offoo tum bhi na… Kya purani baat le ke baithe ho.. Come m hungry “she said to avoid his question

” swara I want answer now?” he asked firmly

“then listen I was missing my dad that’s why I cried” swara lied

“really ?” he confirms

She nodded n push him out of room


After breakfast sanskar was doing his office work n swara was poking him continuesly

” sanskar ?” she started

” hmm?” he replied

“let’s go smwhere ???” she said

” where ?” he ask

” umm… Janpath ??” she suggests

” nopes? ” a flat reply

” kamla nagar??” another suggestion

“nopes ?” again flat reply

” sarojni nagar????” suggestion with big smile

“bilkul nahi? seedhe bolo u want to go to shopping” again denies

[guyz janpath, Kamala nagar n sarojni ngr are markets… Here u can find shops n patri Market n both are osm…]

“umm.. Nthng lyk that then Hauz khas village ?” her eyes shines saying this

{Itz one of the best place to hangout.. Itz name is village but there is nothing lyk that.. The place is beautifully upgraded with history n Modernism… U will find best cafes, restaurants, bars, N much more here ? I think I shld stop here n focus on ff ??}

” itz better… Get ready we will go there at 5?” he agrees

“aww luv u… Sansku ?” she said while kissing him

“pagal” ?he smiled

Dp was watching all this n thinks ” the girl who knows that she can’t survive… Is filling colors in each n everyone’s lyf… Sply in Sanskar’s lyf.. Oh my loard if u ask me to make a wish… I will wish Swara’s lyf from you… Give her lyf.. Give lyf to my daughter”? a tear skip his eye…


Sanskar enters her room n always she is playing with his sautan ?
Babu? starts to lick her face… N she laughs.???. Here sanskar was feeling jealous of him.??. Yes he is jealous of a dog?

“ohh hello she is mine stay away from her..??? ” he said while taking babu? frm her hands

” what the hell you were doing with my baby..? Haan m telling you stay away…? N think for ur future… Koi ladki vadki dhoondh.. I mean b*t*h… Search one for u.. N leave my fiancee ?????” he Said to babu

Swara goes rofl listening his talks with babu ????

“r u serious sanskar he is a dog… N what r u saying him????” she control her laughter

“m telling truth..? U mine no one can touch u not even ur babu ?” he said with determination

She hugs him” I luv u sanskar ”

” i luv u too swara” he tightens the hug


They left for Hauz khas village but they got stuck in between… Their car ditched them…

“now what sanskar..??. Abhi toh ghar se bahar nikale aur abhi car kharab.. Lets go back I don’t want to go anywhere ???” she said with a sad face

“no we r not going back.. I hv an idea… We can go to India gate?” he tries to cheer her up

“no.. I don’t want to ??”she is damn upset

” what if I told u that we will do boating there… Then also u won’t come? “he winks

” what!!! ? sachhi!! ?” she was shocked

He nodded

“but u never lyk boating…? Then” she ask

“i didn’t lyk u too earlier? ” he said while pulling her closer

@india gate

They hired a boat n stopped that in a peaceful corner

Sanskar was in deep thoughts then swara splashes water on him

” swaraaaa ?”he said

” yessss??” she said cutely

“u r becoming naughty day by day?? ” he said with naughty expressions

He pulls her closer they were just couple of inches away… They were about to kiss bt Swara’s phone rang

” shit yr…?? Sab mere romance ke dushman hai… Ye zalim duniya?????? “she said in irritation

Swara giggles n picks up call

*on call*

” ya mom”



“ok we r coming ”

*call ends*

” sanskar let’s go home ” she said in hurry

” what happened? Is everything alright?? ” sanskar sound worried

” don’t know.. But ragini’s massi has been to our house n she wants to meet me” she told him


As soon as swara enters MM ragini’s massi folds her hands infront of her n starts to apologize n swara was shocked to see her

“m sry swara..?. Plz forgive me… ?? What I had done was wrong plz forgive me?? ” ragini’s masi said while crying

” why r u saying sry masi” Rags is confused

“dr revati?” that’s all WHT swara can speak

Yes she is that doctor who had prescribed her wrong medicines… Basically root cause of Swara’s condition

“ha swara m sry… M responsible for ur condition… ?” she admits

“wait WHat do you mean by this “? sanskar frowned

Then she explains that when swara met her for her panic attacks… She prescribed her wrong medicines which are banned actually cz it’s not suitable for health… Revati managed to give those pills or basically drugs to swara…so that swara dies.. Cz she hates sumi… As after janki n madhav’s death Revati wants to adopt ragini bt everyone chooses sumi as ragini’s mother… She wants to kill swara so that sumi feels the pain of loosing a child… what she felt yrs back..

“Disgusting… M ashamed of you.. I hate u masi ” Rags said

” cz of u my swara is struggling for lyf… I will kill you “???? Sanskar starts to strangle her

” sanskar leave her?” swara smhow frees her

Sumi sat on floor with thud lyk a lyf less body

Swara consoles her “mom m fyn.. Nothing will gonna happen to me.. Hai na sanskar”

Sumi didn’t react

“mom swara is fyn nothing will happen to her”rags pretends to be strong

“now y r u telling us truth ??”dp roars

” cz I suffer same.??. Doc prescribed wrong medicine to my son… N now he is critical ???” she said while crying

” itz OK masi… Aap jaiye.. I will make sure that ragini forgives u… This tym ur son needs u more” swara said

Revati left in guilt



Everyone was sitting on dining table bt no one wants to eat…

“uff m damn hungry aap logo ko nahi khana?” she said with a bright smile

No response

“koi nhi I will serve u all??” she serves everyone

Still no one touches the food

“aree now hv food.. Ya ye bhi mai khilau ? ?” she said in joking way

” if u want u can feed me with ur hands m waiting? ” sanskar joins her in cheering environment

Atlast SwaSan succeed n makes everyone eat with a heavy heart…



Swara was standing there still without any expression… Just emotionless… A blank face n blank mind

Sanskar came n hugs her from back

“lyf is so unexpected na sanskar “she said

” mtlb” he asked

“mtlb… Once I want to kill dad cz of misunderstanding… Then u want revenge cz of misunderstanding… Then our love story… A perfect lyf” she takes a sigh

“then.. Ur changing my lyf… Filling my lyf with luv n colors” he complets

“then all this.. Mom gets really dishearten today ” she sound upset

“but best part is that u can survive… I kno Dr Max’s treatment will definitely improve ur health?” he said with a hope

“sanskar m feeling sleepy gud nyt ??”she felt guilty

” aree wait don’t u remember ur discipline class.. ?”he said while showing his cheek

” gud nyt?” she kissed him

N left…

Here sanskar got a call
*on call*

“what!! “?


“ok dont worry she will be dead tmrw… U kno guru never shows mercy”? he said with a smirk

*call ends*


@swara’s room

She got call frm arjun

“what!!! “?

*pause *

” no.. ?I will kill him.. ?But u need ur help ”

*pause *

” done then… I will handover his dead body to u tmrw ”

*call ends *



“i luv u sanskar” swara said

“i luv u too swara ” sanskar said

” i hv something for u” swara said

“i too hv smthng for u” sanskar said


Both took guns out n shoot each other n fall off the cliff

Here arjun was standing with a smile on his face n calls someone “work is done”

To be continued….

Precap : ( last episode) no Precap ?


U guyz must b thinking kya hua kaise hua.. And kyu hua…

So guyz hv patience… U will get to know everything in nxt episode ????

Credit to: Meher

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    2. Tysm dear.. N don’t worry na.. Kuch iss tarah 2 is coming ??

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    1. Lol dear vo girlfriend ni hogi… Babu ki ?

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    1. Dear m scared that u might not get a happy update…

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  15. Meher what’s this shooting each other I’m sure both are trying to free themselves from the dual faced world….. Revti such a b***h she is how could she…. Doctors are regarded as gods for their patients it’s a profession of worship n she used it for her personal revenge really how will ppl trust doctors….. It’s good her son is bearing the punishment for her deeds…. I’m sorry for sounding cruel but I’m…..

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