SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 17)

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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swara confronts ragini


A week later

Itz been a 3 months since swara has entered in Sanskar’s lyf… She has completely changed Sanskar’s lyf… She has filled his heart❤ with luv n emotions which was once lyk a stone… Everyone notice the change in him… N were blessing swara for this change

@swara’s room
She was talking with shekhar’s photo

“dad plz help me.. I don’t kno whether m doing right or wrong… I luv sanskar bt”

“but what swara” dp standing at door said

“nothing uncle” she said while wiping her tears

“so now u will lie to me… Nt good beta” dp said while showing fake anger

He sat beside her n put his hand on her head ” beta u kno me n shekhar were best friends in skul… Then my family shifted to Cape Town n we got separated…. We use to share secrets with each other… Now u can also count upon me.. Upon ur father n share ur secret with me”

Swara hugs him n cries. Miserably

“beta tell me.. What happened sanskar ne kuch kaha… I will scold him ” dp said while caring her head

She finally broke the silence n tells each n everything to dp… Dp was hell shocked n got dishearten listening to truth…

” beta I don’t know what to say.. Cz whatever I will say Would not affect anything… Bt beta there will be hope.. I kno my daughter can’t die lyk this.. U don’t worry I will provide best treatments for you… U n sanskar can cross any hurdle.. anything.. When u r together ” he said while controlling emotions

“uncle just tell me.. Maine Pyar kar ke galti to nahi ki” she said in choking voice

“mere bachhe.. Pyar krna galti nahi hota..now stop crying… N take rest”he said lovingly

She nodded n dp was about to leave then swara called him “dad”

Dp stop listening to her dad n feel proud.. He turns back n swara hugs him..

“thanku swara for being my daughter… For changing my sanskar.. God bless you beta” he blessed her


everyone was bzy in their own works then arjun came with a girl n said

“she is the culprit swara.. This girl is blackmailing ragini” arjun said

Laksh was shocked to see that girl “kavya you?”

“ya me..? “she shouts while struggling to release herself

“will anyone tell me what is happening here?” dp said in anger

“i will tell u dad” swara said n explains hw she had kidnapped ragini’s dadi n blackmails her to make laksh fall for her n then she want Rags to ditch her

“what!!? Why u did this kavya??? ” laksh said

” cz I want you to suffer heartbreak the way I suffer when u rejected me in college? ” kavya shouts

” i rejected u cz u were mad.. Sry sry u r mad… U need doctor u shld nt be jailed u shld be in mental asylum ?”laksh said angrily.

Arjun took kavya.. N told them that
Ragini’s dadi is now safe n is at her home in nainital

Arjun left n laksh explains that in college kavya had a crush on him which turns in obsession… N she proposed him in front of whole college… N he rejected her n she suffered heartbreak… N now she wants him to suffer same pain

“swara I want to meet dadima” ragini said in restlessness

“ha ragu we will go to her don’t worry we will go tmrw ” swara said

” swara if u don’t mind can I take ragini to nainital “laksh offers

” sure lucky.. Bt y u want to go with ragu.. Smthng is fishy ?”swara smiled

“vo.. Nthng ☺” he said while blushing..

” bol de lucky what if ragini ko koi or pasand aagya toh.?. “sanskar continued to tease

“ni ni i don’t lyk anyone else?” ragini said in between

“ahem ahem what did u say ragu… Come again?? ” swara continues

Here heat reaches to RagLak’s cheek

” ohhh look swara smone is cherry red?” sanskar said

“enough stop teasing my children… “sumi said n hugs ragini

” what’s their mistake.. They just luv eachother na ?” sumi too tease them

“mom☺” she said while blushing

Amid all this light happy family moment swara starts to feel dizzy.. Sanskar notice that n hold her hand as he was standing beside her.. N take her to room making an excuse

“if you guyz are done then can I spent some quality time with my luv and sautan?? ” he said

” ha ha ha sure beta”?? ap said

He takes her to room… N with each step she was loosing control over her body.. She is completely dependent on him He makes her sit n gives her medicine

“r u fyn baby “? he asked

” hmm” a weak reply

“what’s this?! ” he ask while picking a diary up

” itz mine” she immediately get up to take diary bt fall on floor

“it ok… Yr what happened..? I was just asking ” he said while picking her up

” it-itz my personal ?”swara fumbmes

” ok ok.. Chill baby ” he said with no express

He made her sit on bed again n sat beside her… N holds her hand… Swara rest her head on his shoulder n ask” sanskar ”

” hmm swara” he replied

“what if I die… Will u be able to mange urself without me ” she ask in cracking voice

” hey hold on!! U r not gonna die… I hv told this to u already… Tell me one thing.. Why u become negative when it comes to you ” he ask lovingly

” don’t kno ?” an innocent reply from her

He kissed her forehead n cups her face” we will be together always… No matter what.. We will not get separated smjhi”

She nodded.. He was about to put his head in her lap bt our sautan sry sry his sautan occupies that lap first… ????

“hey go frm here I want some privacy ??” sanky said to babu in irritation

Babu? ignores him n sleep in her lap

Swara laughs ????

“now this is too much..??. Ese to ye shadi k baad humare bachhe bhi nhi hone dega????” he said

“lol what do u mean by this ????”she said while controlling laughter

He goes closer to her ear n said in a husky voice “didn’t u get me baby..”

Suddenly she realizes what he meant n blushes…
“hayeeeee this Crimson face?” he winks



Everyone was having their dinner n this tym sanskar has a naughty smile on his face n sanskar serves Sweet dish to everyone… All starts eating gajar ka halwa except swara… All were praising ragini’s cooking… As soon as swara hv itz one scoop she shouts “mirrrrchhhhiiiiiiii ???????”

Everyone was shocked

“ragu halwe m mirch kon dalta hai!!??? ” swara shouts

” mirch!!! ? r u kidding me… Sweet dish is sweet swara”rags replied

Swara taste a scoop frm Sanskar’s bowl.. N then ragini then sumi.. All were sweet

Then she gave a death glare to sanskar “uu… Itz u..???? ”

“yup me!! Jaise ko taisa” he laughs ??

” let me tell u kaise ko kaisa” she started hitting him with hands..

Everyone was shocked as well as happy for the new naughty sanskar
But this was not end

She enters her room n as soon as she open the door a whole bucket of color fell on her n she shouts “Sanskaaarrrr????”

All came there n goes rofl????

“seems now ur student is better than u mam ?????” he winked

She marched in room angrily n cleans herself when she came out of bathroom she got shocked to see sanskar standing there wearing pant n checked shirt… With glasses n ruler just lyk she was standing in his room… N portable black board was also there n “discipline clads” was written on itz top
“u copy cat??” she said while showing her index finger

“lower ur pitch.. M ur teacher not ur fiancee???” he said while putting her finger down

Swara’s mouth was wide Open ??? as he was just coping her…

He signals her to sit on chair n she simply follows his instructions

“discipline is the basic rules which u hv to follow… Basically my rules which u hv to follow “?he said

” itz nt discipline u r teaching me wrong???? “she protest

” shut up.. I am teacher I kno ” he shouts

“rule no 1. u hv to wake me up with a kiss daily
Rule no 2. U hv make me sleep with a kiss
Rule no 3. U r nt supposed to play any prank on me sply in office
Rule no 4. U hv to spend more tym with me than my sautan u kno him as babu
N m damn serious abt this rule
Rule no 5. U hv to remove negativity frm ur mind… Which is killing u from inside..

As soon as he Complete the sentence the tears which were threatening her to shed… Crosses the boundary of her eyes and starts to shed… He immediate cups her face
“what happened to my bachha… Y r u crying ”

She can’t control herself n left…

” baby… Wait” he calls her bt she didn’t listen…
He follows her and knock the door bt she didn’t open… Here sanskar starts to feel restless… He thought something n went out…

@swara’s room

Swara was crying miserably she was unable to understand that whether she was doing right or wrong…
Sanskar enters her room from balcony n saw her crying miserably.. He sat beside her and she threw herself in his arms..
She keeps on crying and he too let her cry.. She cry nearly for an hour in his arms.. N finally fall asleep in his embrace

{ Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aasoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Tu har ghadi har waqt mere saath raha hai
Haan yeh jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hai
Jo bhi ghum hain yeh tere unhein tu mera pataa de

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aasoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Mujhko toh tere chehre pe yeh gum nahin janchta
Jaayaz nahin lagta mujhe gum se tera rishta
Sun meri guzarish ise chehre se hataa de
Sun meri guzarish ise chehre se hataa de

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de]

To be continued….

Precap: swasan to shoot each other

Guyz I kno u want to kill me after reading Precap ??

Credit to: Meher is


  1. stoneheart

    u noe meher ji … this is the best eisode so far… I knew u wud take the recent swasan hug and create meher magic with it… and the song that says it all… and about the precap it’s awesome…! increasing ur trp…

    • Aww thnkuuu so much… ??

      N u kno na last episodes m trp to increase krni h na.. N don’t forget I hv mentioned 5his in prologue too

  2. Serena

    Lap wala scene confirmed?????? and I love rule no 4 ???but is swara really gonna die?????
    And are they really gonna shoot each other.?????????and awesome part di.plz update next part soon.

  3. Tvisha

    first a fall I loved the start when dp consoled swara and swara dp bondings was awesome…..

    then I loved sasnakar pranks like

    1) putting mirchi in her dishes

    2) the color falling on swara

    ovio I enjoyed the scene when sanskar gave swara rules those rules were really naughty;)


    but the precap is killing me please upload soon and please don’t seperate swasan 🙁

    LOVE U

  4. niya

    your story is wonderful.. and please want a happy ending.. and please say me how to upload a cover pic in an article.. i couldn’t do it.. will you please help me?

    • Thnx dear

      There is an option of uploading file in submit your article… Before that mathematical que… Just choose file

  5. Haai(sree)

    Awesome meherdi!!!2day i cant control my laughter ya!!!!wat a disciplene class!!!bt wat a precap ya !!! Wats that!!!!s they r gonna die at end!!!!

  6. Sree

    what an ep. Truly i just loved it. New sanskar was awesome and his pranks were just rocking. The rules were awesome espescially rule no 4.Poor swara i cant see her like
    this. WHAT A PRECAP! I am
    completely restless now. Plz
    post nxt asap. cant wait anymore di. I am to Goa so i have to do packing but now i would just think about this so plz post nxt before 2morrow eve cuz after that i wont be able to read.Love u and tc.

  7. Hii meher sorry for commenting soo soo soo late… exams dr… kya karu..
    N fab ep… lap scene… sautAn on lap… pranks… swara Dp bon ding. … All were awesome
    Plz don’t separate swasan

  8. Neha

    Meher seriously man kar raha h to kill u but leaving u for next part…..
    Dp and swara’s bonding was awesome sanskar giving discipline classes to swara n rules Wah… What a rules yaar ? Aww babu phirse beech mein aagaya sanskar bache tak pahuch gaya aur yahan toh lap mein sona tak nasib nahi…..haha ? but pranks were amazing ?

    • Omg I can’t see sanskar in pain… Lyk seeing swara infront of his eyes is better but 3 months leap… Nooooooo I don’t want this my poor sanky ?????

      • Serena

        Chillax Di nothing like this gonna be happen coz gurmeet is busy wid his movie and anuj sachdeva has been finalised. So no worries and really I also don’t want devdas sanky???

      • musku

        Same is my condtion…if this is going to separate swadan this is going to b worst track ever….

  9. Nita

    hey mehru…. awesome episode….. dp n swara’s bonding was so gud… an emotional scene…… i was laughing like anything when swasan were teasing raglak n during sanskar’s pranks n rules…. rule 4 n 5 were too good…. n sautan in lap….. bacche bhi nahi hone dega??…. but simply the next moment it was so emotional…. how beautifully u convert a funny scene into an emotional one…. i m so much involved in it….n awesome ending with kuch iss tarah…. n for the precap ??? u asked for it….
    n ur email id???

  10. shan

    awesome…..i loved dis episode a lot….i dont want to think more about precap bcoz we think one but surely u will do it with other….

  11. Myra

    today s epi was just superb…… prank….n lap scene….discipline cls ……overall awesome epi……but plzzzzz chng the precap

  12. Shreya

    Never..! ?? uh are the one writing this one.. Oh ai read this episode and even without knowing the whole story, I am loving it..! Dear plz plz plz seems me the other links too..! All of them.. Don’t you dare miss even one..! ?

  13. Dharsha

    Arey yaar!!! Starting with a smooth start?….. a head to humour? ….. ending with emotional end ?Meher di (can I call u di coz u r elder to me)….only u can do this…
    Loved the part???
    Love u loads for giving it❤
    ALL THE BEST for ur exams next week??

    ??And a help Meher di and my friends (I consider all as my friends even though u don’t but it’s okay)….please SUGGEST Girl baby names starting with T or P as I have a new member in my family….she is my cute niece ??

    • Meher

      Panvi paakhi panchhi peehu panashe pearl pia
      Tia teesta tanu tanvi tvisha taani tanishka tanya

      Abhi itte he yad hai… N congrats dear ??

      I want treat now ??

      Treat!!!! Treat!!! Treat!!! ???

  14. Panvi paakhi panchhi peehu panashe pearl pia
    Tia teesta tanu tanvi tvisha taani tanishka tanya

    Abhi itte he yad hai… N congrats dear ???

    I want treat now ?????

    Treat!!!! Treat!!! Treat!!! ????

  15. Siya

    Haii…im new here ??
    I must say ur ff is just cool…awesome mindblowing??
    I just loved it and I read all ep in one go
    U u really talented dear….loved it a looooooot
    Waiting for ur nxt ep?……

    • Meher

      Welcome to TU dear ??

      Thanku for reading… N a big thanku for reading it in a one go ????

      Luv u loads ??

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