SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 16)


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swara becoming sanskar’s teacher n laughing class ?



Sanskar enters the office n passes smile to everyone as it was his homework ?

Dp was smiling seeing this change n thinks “swara has done a magic on my sanskar.. I wish they both will be together?”

@dp’s cabin

“sanskar can u go to a party tonight ?”he asked hesitantly
” sure dad..? Just tell me time n venue” he said smilingly

“wow she has done a great magic on him.. M blessed to have a daughter lyk my swara? ” he thinks in mind

” dad??? ?” sanskar waves his hand

” ha.. Vo party is at mehrauli at 7… N Plz take swara with u?” dp told him

“ofcourse dad hw can I go without her?” he said with a bright smile

“ahem ahem… Looks lyk smone is deeply n madly in love ??” dp teases

“vo.. Vo… Ya dad.. I luv swara alot… She has become my lyf ☺☺??” he said while blushing

“ohh come here my son ” dp hugs him” m happy for you.. At last u think about marrying n all… M happy that swara has taught u to luv ?”

Both were bzy in spending father-son moments unaware of upcoming tragedy



” swara r you r-e-a-d-y “he said n his mouth fell wide open touching ground.. ???????

“itz nt good sanskar u r Checking me out.. That too without my permission ?” swara said while wearing earings

Swara was wearing this

Sanskar realizes that he was actually checking her out.. He closed his his mouth n said to swara while scratching his head” vo nthng lyk that☺”

“don’t blush mr chiku ur hotness increases when u blush ?” she said

He came closer to her n hugs her from back… N put his chin on her shoulder…
“this tym u r looking more hot than me. ??”

His compliment make her blush… “n blushing makes u more beautiful” he continued

“we are getting late sanskar☺ “she said while blushing hardly


Mr shah welcomes them
” hello Mr maheshwari it my pleasure to see you here”

“congrats mr shah… For ur wedding “sanskar congratulates him

” i think she is ur fiancee?? Ryt?? ” mr shah enquired

Before sanskar could say anything swara spoke” no no mr shah m his best friend ”

Sanskar was shocked? with her statement…

After party

“y u said that u are my best friend y dont u tell him that u r my fiance” sanskar asked her calmly

“i don’t want to… That’s it ” she said while avoiding eye contact

” swara what bothers you tell me “he asked out of concern

” nthng… Plz drive fast m feeling sleepy ” she said while resting her head on window pane


Swara was standing infront of mirror n was Removing her earings…

“y r u playing with Sanskar’s feeling “her reflection in mirror said

” i m not playing with his feelings… I truly luv him” swara revert

“oh really!! Kise dhoka de rahi ho khud ko ya sanskar ko ” reflection taunts her

Swara was speechless she has no answer

” luv gives strength.. Luv gives power.. But ur luv is making him weak.. N don’t forget ur conversation with doctor ” reflection continues

Swara recalls her conversation with doctor
****FLASHBACK ****

After the date swara recalls that she knows Dr max.. She had once organised B’day party of his grand daughter N that tym he gave his num to her.. She tried the num n ask him to meet a day before their appointment

“so what help u want frm me miss bose”doc asked

“sir hv a look at this ” she passes her latest reports to him

” who has prescribed these medicines.. They are banned.. ? n.. Whose report is this” doc was shocked

“mine” swara said

“who has prescribed these to u n over that frm where you got the pills ” doc ask her

” Dr revti n she has given me these I don’t know frm where she get that… N m nt intrested in knowing that either… I just want a small favor frm you ” she sounds low

” what ” he asked

” tmrw I hv appointment with u.. Plz just say that there are chances that I can survive.. To My fiance ” she said

” wait who is ur fiance? N y u want me to say lie… Itz impossible for u to survive “doc sound serious

“he can’t take that news.. Plz doc… Plz just show Lil hope to sanskar that I can live.. I beg u??” she said while crying

“oh so u r Sanskar’s fiancee.. I must say he luvs u alot.. He forced me to get appointment.. Itz nt permissisable bt I will do this for u” doc agrees


“where u lost swara tell me… What will sanskar do after ur betrayal… After ur death “reflection said

” m nt betraying him… No.. I am nt”???? she said n starts to throw things n cries miserably

Hearing the sound babu? gets up n starts to show affection to her by rubbing his head on her leg..

“go away babu…? I am betraying u too.. M gonna die… Go away?? ” she cries harder

And finally fainted while crying.. Babu? tries to wake her up by licking her hand bt she was nt getting up.. Babu ran out n luckily Sanskar’s room was open… He went in n starts to bark

Sanskar got irritated n get up” what’s ur problem… Can’t u let me sleep ????” he said in irritation

Babu jumps on his bed n hold his track pant in his mouth.. N signals him to come.. Sanskar’s found his behavior suspicious n went back of him.
He enters Swara’s room n found her unconscious on floor.. He put her on bed..

Her kajal n liner was completely smudged due to crying.. Her lipstick was smudged n tears Marks were clearly seen..

He covers her with blanket n brings a wet towel.. He wipes her face with towel.. N then he notices her hand was bleeding so he bandages that..

“what happened to you swara… Y r u behaving weirdly..” he sound worried n scanned the room which was a complete mess.. He cleans the room n picks babu up

“today u helped me alot champ… Sry to shout on you.. Just take care of her”he said lovingly


Everyone was sitting on dining table Swara was shining lyk a star lyk nothing happened last nyt.. N sanskar too doesn’t raise the topic

Swra serves him with a naughty smile…

“lo sanskar hv sandwitch.. N here is ur juice”??? she said

He starts having breakfast.. N shouts after having first bite ” aaaaaahhhhh !!!!! Mirchiiiiii !!!!! Paaanniii ?????”

He removes the bread slice from sanswitch n saw green chillies in his sandwitch.. Where as everyone goes rofl seeing him shouting ???

“lo beta hv juice” ap offers him

He took a sip n spit that on lucky very next moment ?

“bhaii… Whats this.. Yukkk ???????” laksh said with disgust face

“swaraaaaaaa ????” he roars

“ha sanskaarr?” she said cutly

“karele(bitter groud) ka juice.. Chilli ka sandwitch.. What u want.. “?? she said

Yes swara has serverd him bitter groud’s juice n green chilly sanswitch ??

“u r dead today swara.. M telling u?” he said anryly

“oh really… Then kill me if u can mr chiku maheshwari ???” she laughs

Sanskar pick her up n take her upstaris… N she shouts

“help.. Plz help iss khadoos k se mujhe bachoo.. Aunty plz.. Help me”she pleads?

“beta tumhari galti hai khud bhugto”ap said?

He puts her on bed.. N starts to move towards her.. N she moves backward..
“dont..? Dont come near me?… M telling u .. I-i am one of best raw officer??”she said in nervousness

“correction you were raw office”he said with a smirk..

Her back touched the wall behind bed n he blocks her way by putting hands on either side…

“ab kaise bachogi”?

He leans closer to her … Her heart starts to pace fastly… Her bearthing turns shallow… Now they r just a couple of inches away.. But his sautan? becomes fly in ointment?

They came back to senses ” tu sai me mera sautan hai.. Now m scared kahi ye shadi bhi terse na kar le?????” he said to babu

Swara goes rofl

“sanskar let’s go ??” she said with a bright smile

“where!!?” he asked

“u promised me… That u will take me to your gang’s place ” she keeps a pout

” hmm.. I forgot come n if u want u can take my sautan.. I mean babu too”he said with no expression

Swara laughs ???? n pulls his cheeks “aww mera bachha”

He took her to a house in between jungle… N introduce her with his gang members.. Swara was shocked to see them.. They were singer.. Doctor.. Business man.. Actor.. N even police officer..in his gang n They all are leading dual lyf..

“guyz she is swara.. My lady luv” he introduced her

“so she has stolen ur heart” kabir winks(he is singer n important part of His gang)

Sanskar left to call

“tell me smthng what if guru leaves the gang” she asked

“then there will be no gang swara mam” Rahul said
*he is a police officer n calls her mam as she was his senior **

Swara thinks something (will tell u later)


Swara enters Ragini’s room lyk a storm n confronts her” what r u hiding ragu?”

“nthng swara? “Rags said

” i hv seen u with laksh today… N what u were saying that u will never come btwn my n Sanskar’s relation… U leave him for me” she frowned?

“ha vo.. To I luv sanskar it’s true?? “Rags fumble

” i kno u better u kno urself n I kno u luv laksh not sanskar then why r u saying that to him.. Wait.. Swear on me that u luv sanskar not laksh” swara said

“i-i I luv la-laksh ??”she cries

” then what r u doing n y?” swara hugs her

“swra a girl is blackmailing me… N she ask me to say that to Laksh so that his hearts Melts seeing my sacrifice… She want me to make laksh fall for me… “??Rags cried

” what nonsense.. Why she wants this.. N y u r listening to her” she enquired

“she wants k mai laksh ko dhokha doon.. N he suffers heart break… I don’t kno y.. She want all this… N m listening to her cz she has kidnapped my dadima “she cries harder.

” idiot y don’t u tell this to me earlier… Now no need to listen to her… I n arjun will rescue dadima… Ok.. N ya confess ur feelings for him??” swara assures her

“thanku swara… U relieved me today… I luv u… U r best sister .. All these things were killing me” Rags hugs her

” pagal kahi ki “swara smiled

” today I solved many lives… N I will take each n every member of Sanskar’s gang out.. I will.. “swara thinks in mind with determination

To be continued….

Precap : girl’s full chapter and a new sanskar

Sry guyz I kno this part was not at aLl good as I wasn’t in mood to write bt my inner voice scream that u can’t leave lyk this so I end up with smthng lyk this…

N I hv a news abt swasan track..

Swara will fall for a new guy post memory loss… ??? now this is what I definitely want to see ????

Credit to: Meher

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  1. naiii…. aap kya news bata rahe ho… I agree k sanskar ki intesity achi h..and he will get his lady love back but…. but swasan fans agar dekhna band kar de toh trp bachega nai swaragini walon ka…

    1. Yr it would be fun na… Seeing him. Jealous n he making her fall….

      Now auditions are going on for new entry…. ????

  2. Why Swara lied? Who is that girl? What will Swara do next? Why it will end so soon?

    1. U will get to know soon y she lied..

      Girls chapter will be cleared in next part

      U hv to wait to kno what she will do

      Itz ending soon cz I hv exams nxt week n I don’t like to break itz continuity as I post regularly so m simply ending this ???

  3. this episode was also awesome meher…. in precap the girl u mentioned is ragini’s blackmailer?? n what happened to my happy-go-lucky Meher today that she is not in a good mood??
    one more thing u have still not giving me the solution…… (if u r wondering which solution, plz see my yesterday’s first comment)… waiting for ur reply…. all tgw best…. love u loads….

    1. yup that blackmailer.. .

      M feeling damn sleepy that was the reason ?????

      I don’t hv any solution…. Ummm bt.. I kno I can’t stop myself from writing for whole week.?.. Bt ya I can’t post Monday to thrusday … I will Stat posting frm Friday….. Actually my exam tyngs are very odd itz 3-6 so basically whole day waste…

      Luv u loads ????

      M really in luv with u… Nt that luv bt sisterly luv ???

      1. ya even we had samr timings for exam. so after coming home at 6:30 i used to do timepass only…. n i also have exam on 15 so i guess it will be good for me as well…
        n ya love u as well…. i understood what u meant meher, sisterly n friendly love….

      2. i was wondering if u could give me your email id?? that is if u dont mind…. it is totally up to u… plz feel free to answer that….

      3. Sure I hv no problem in that dear… Bt itz just I check my mail umm.. Once in 2 months that’s it.. ???????

      4. its ok.still give.

  4. Arey yaar…..
    If u end a suspense u r starting another one and u know I am very poor at guessing…….????
    Even then this is going very humourous…….just laughing and laughing ????
    Thanks for the update…..????

    1. What to do yr I can’t digest my food without adding suspense ???

      Thnku dear ??

  5. bkwas if swara will fall for someone else….but such news is not heard anywhere…neither on youtube not twitter insta fb or any other interview or source yet….how do u know? the news is that a new swasan love story will began after swara’s memory loss

    1. I read it on fb a swasan page posted this… we hv heard alot abt ragini n kartik’s marriage bt thay didn’t happen… May b ye bhi kuch vese ho…

  6. Di now I think that swasan in mandap with babu in swara’s lap scene is confirm??????and swara’s going to die????it was awesome but today I was literally crying???.
    Di can’t get the precap.
    And correction swara will not fall for guy actually guy will fall for swara as swara has already fallen that to toooo deep for sanskar?????

    1. Lol… Hope so ???

      Yeyyy u cry dear ???

      May b I interchange the words as I was in sleep????

      1. Di I cried coz u wrote swara’s part amazingly.?? which made me cry. And update soon???? u know I can’t wait ????

  7. epi was nice….meher plzz Saba k ff k jese matt krna in her ff sanskar was addicted of sleeping pills n all n in last he committed suicide …..n now in yr ff swara
    So plzzzz don’t do like her

    1. Saba is a great writer… I actually didn’t notice this facts that my ff n Sara’s ff r bit similar in this…. . Now I hv to change ending ?

      I will thnk of smthng.. ?

  8. awesome ep. I always love ur ff and u write awesomely even if ur not in good mood. Actually u r awesome di :). Post nxt soon di this precap is really making me restless . What do mean by new sanskar?? I just love babu’s role very very much. All the best for ur exams. Love u and take care.

    1. U r soo sweet dear… ???

      New sanskar is new sanskar ???

      Thanku so much dear????

  9. Awesome meherdi!!!!
    Im feeling sad for swaras condition!!!!hoping 2 hav a good ending!!!!!

    1. Thanks dear.

      Let’s hope ??

  10. Mehar swara would be dead or will she live

    1. To be honest at this point of tym I too don’t know

  11. Aisa ni ho sakta
    Agar aisa hua to swasan fans ka kya hoga
    But it will be awesome seeing sanskar

    1. Exactly that’s why I am excited ?

  12. What yaar I was so happy reading that she has survival chances but she made doctor lie…. Her love is really pious but its wrong giving him fake hopes I hope sanskar jaldi sab jan jaye n this pug Aww really loves swara n I think sanskar also may be irritated love haha ? but karela juice n chilly sandwich Aww my cutie sanskar…. Really bad of swara…. But swara’s determination is something I like most…

    U r ending it due to continuity problem OK all the very best for exams… ? u tc

    1. Ya I kno she has done wrong n don’t worry she will pay for that too ?

      N I too feel pity for sanskar babu n babu ki shona dono tang kr re h use ??

      Thnx for the wishes dear ??????

  13. pls meher dnt make swara die yaar….pls

    1. I can’t tell this to u… U hv to wait for this ?

  14. Tumhare “Sautan” sahi niklaa..ff pe babu..or serial mein kaun hoga?? becharaa Sanskar ..

    1. I wish serial m b babu jaisa koi ho ???

  15. Meher even I m damn excited for the new track….literally I m going crazy to see swasan love story….u know jealouse sanky will b so cuteee…Haaaiiii?
    I hope CVS do justice with swasan….n we get lots of swaaan scene…but i want a hate love story…what say???… I mean swara first hate sanky n then love….kotna mazzaa ayega hai na….haha
    N aweaome update…i really find babu cute…hihi…n swara …ohhh goddd…u gave me tention….but she is actuaally a patakha….jo hamesha sanky pe futt ta h
    ..haha…n raglak confession….chalo badiya inhe b khush rehne do? n ya. …swara ko yaar plz marna mat plzzz
    N one ques…do u like raglak or ragsan or swalak…
    Bcz i toh hate ragsan ….n raglak i m least concerned…n swalak r cute…..but swasan are simply heavenly….now u telll

    1. Thoda jyada lamba ho gya…?

    2. U got me correctly… This is what I want a new luv story… Bt I want a cute nok jhoke wali luv story… Cz hate luv tb achhi LGti jb sanky will behave rude n swara luvs him… Bt here ulta h…

      In starting I too thought it would be swaLak n RagSan… Bt I never lyk SwaLak I hv no problem with RagSan bt I can’t see SwaLak cz of height issue ???

      Swara bhut chhoti h laksh se… Whereas ragLak makes perfect n swasan too are osm..

      So basically I luv SwaSan RagLak

  16. awesome.. why swara lied? after ending ur exams continue season2 of this ff.. please continue…

    1. Thnx dear ??
      I will try to

  17. MEHEEERRRRR!!! A BIG SORRY!! I seriously lag behind as an exam lurks behind me like a horrible ghost :’-(
    But I seriously eead all tge chappies.
    You are oberly awesome dear.
    And I seriously love all those cute smilies in your ff. Even the sad ones are cute. No wonder you are awarded the Queen Of Humor(?) Congrats di!!! 🙂 😀 I love your stories and you too..♥♥

    1. I can understand ur pain dear… Cz I too hv exams nxt week ??

      Ahh thnku thnku ???

      I luv u too dear????? n when will u post faith n yellow rose??

  18. Wow…superb yaar…loved it….u very well conveyed swara’s emotions…babu and swara’s scene literally made me cry..

    1. Thanks alot…??
      I hv no idea tha u too were reading this ??????

  19. hi this is crystal here
    i have recently started an fb page swaragini fanfictions
    if any of u wants ur work to be posted in fb so as it can reach larger audiances pls msg in the page
    it can be ff or os or ss and the pairs also doesnt matter
    also those who are also good at editing can send me ur editz i would be happy to post it in the page
    this is the link to my page

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