SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 15)


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swara proposing sanskar in office



Sanskar keeps on honking which shows that he is nervous

Swara keeps hand on his shoulder” relax sanskar nothing will happen ”

” what… I-i am relaxed swra?” he fumbles

“ya I can see that… Hw much relaxed you are ” she said sarcastically


Doc: hmm.. Actually her condition is not good… 7 long years m surprised that u r still alive
San: (angry) what the hell do u mean by this ??
Doc: keep clam mr maheshwari.. M just telling u that if she can survive with these drugs for 7 yrs there r chances that she can survive… Here is new prescription n ya don’t touch those pills again
San : (hopefully) m sry doc.. N thnx thnku so much


While coming back sanskar stop the car n step down to bring water… N swra was waiting in car… Soon goons notice swara n starts to tease her

Goon1: hey beautiful
Goon2:looking hot

Swra ignors them… Then a goon forcefully open the door n hold her hand n took her out..

Swra: (shouts) leave me?!!!

That goon then touches her face.. N she hit him.. He was about to hit swara back bt before he could do anything sanskar shoot him
N swara shouts “aaaaaahhh”

San; (angry) stay away from her Or else I will kill you all??

The goons left n he goes towards swara who was scared lyk hell

“r u fyn swara ??” he cups her face n ask in concern

She nodded n ask” y u shoot him”

“he deserves that no one can touch my swara” he sound determined

“kab tak maroge or kitno ko maroge ” she said

“come we are getting late” he ignores her question



Sanskar was still in anger n swara tries to calm him down
“sanskar atlest smile for once… I kno u can.. try it ” she said

” swaraaa?? buy whatever you want to n come” he gives her angry glare

“i don’t want to buy anything… Huhh ????” she pretends to be angry

“done then come I hv lots of work in office “he said with no expression

” haww how mean?” she gets irritated


Everyone was sitting in Conference room n discussing smthng…

Dp laksh sanskar n few staff members

“what you think on this sanskar “dp asked his point

” dad I ????(then he starts to laugh) ”

Everyone was shocked seeing him laughing then he stops

” bhai what language was that.. I can’t understand ??”laksh said

“sry dad.. Ha to I was saying k this project (he again starts to laugh ???) ”

” sanskar are u ok.. Or u hv inhaled laughing gas” dp said

“m sry dad bt smthng is disturbing me.. Don’t kno.. KUCH THANDA THANDA LAG RAHA Hai???? “he said while laughing

Dp laksh n others too burst out laughing

“u may leave.. Jb sanskar ko thanda thanda lgna ban ho jyega we will resume meeting ???” Dp orders them

Finally sanskar look under table n shout “YOU”

He hold her ear n took her out…

“aaweooo” she cried

“swra what were you doing under table “laksh asked

” she was rubbing ice cube on my leg ???” sanskar said in anger

**yes swara was sitting under table n rubs ice cube on his legs which makes him laugh **

“u r dead today swara” he gave her a death glare

“first catch me??” while saying this she put the remaining ice cubes inside his shirt

Here sanskar starts nagin dance ?????

“aaahhh lucky help me.” he said while laughing n dancing ??

“bhai kapde utar do ??” laksh laughs

“luckyyyy??” he said

“ok ok m helping u”he controls his laughter n help him



Sanskar enters his room n got shocked…

Swara was standing there wearing a pinned cotton saree… With glasses.. N she tied her hair in a simple bun…..

There was one portable black board n on the top of that “laughing class” is written
She was standing with a wooden ruler in her hand.. N signals sanskar to sat on chair which was infront of blackboard

He sat there n swara shouts “lucky”

Laksh came n tie sanskar with chair

“what hell r u doing lucky????” he roared

Laksh finally tie him to chair n he left

“what this swara?? “he was angry

” mam.. Swara mam m ur new laughing teacher “swara said strictly

” r u kidding me swara??” he shouts

Swara stamp the ruler on side table n shouts “lower ur pitch… M ur teacher nt ur fiance ???”

N sanskar gives her “oh really” look

Swara starts her class.
She draw a smiley on black board…

“this curve is known as smile” she said while highlighting the smile of smily ??

She continues “this smile should be here.. On ur lips… Everytime… Now try it for once (Shouts) TRY IT NOW I SAID”

Sanskar gives her a slight smile

“good.. Now focus here ” she said

She draws a heart on board n said” this is heart… If this heart is happy then it will result in a smile…. They both are interconnected ”

She point towards his chest… ” Here is ur heart… N if ur heart is happy then (slides her finger upto his lips) it will reflect here”

“that’s it for today n ya tmrw don’t be late n ur home work is to pass a smile to everyone ” she said while untieing him

She turns n he pulls her closer… He slowly removes her glasses… N then opens her bun

” thanku mam” he said in her ear


On call

“attract that man asap”prsn on phn said

“y r u doing all this… U ask me to tell laksh that I luv sanskar n m sacrificing my luv for my sister… Where as I hv no intrest in him.. ” ragini said

” i want u to make laksh fall for you.. That’s it.. Or else u kno the result ” prsn on call said n cuts the call


@swara’s room

Swara was playing with babu.. Then sanskar enters n shouts” mam this is known as medicine n u hv to eat them… I hope u r getting me” ???

Here he was shouting at her n babu barks on him?

“shut up??” he scolded babu

Babu ?gets scared n hide under bed

“y r u shouting on my babu ?” she said

“hv ur medicines NOW??” he again shots

Swara simply hv them N pic babu in her arms n left..

“wait swra ” he keeps on calling her bt she didn’t stop

” shadi bhi apne babu se kr lena fir..??sautan kahi ka ” he shouts


Ragini was standing n chilled breeze was consoling her… The pain which she has hided in her heart is coming out through her eyes..

” ragini what r u doing here ” laksh asked

” nthng just recalling my ma n papa… U kno laksh we use to live in nainital it was so beautiful… We enjoy outings there… That’s the reason I luv Delhi’s winter more.. Cz it reminds me of my old tym.. When everything was perfect ” Rags said while crying

” kuch hua hai kya… U can tell me.. “laksh said while putting his hand on her shoulder

Ragini can’t hold herself n breaks down” laksh I want to become kid again… No worries.. No stress… Only happiness n joy… I want to be loved… Just lyk swara.. Esa nhi hai ki mujhe usse jalan hoti hai… M happy for her… Bt I too want someone to trust upon… I want someone who can share my worries… I am craving for that luv laksh… ” she cries harder

Laksh hugs her n consoles her

” u kno laksh jabse mom ne mujhe adopt kia hai tabse mom n swara hv become my lyf.. Swara is bold… She can handle everything bt I can’t.. U.. U kno laksh we both studied in CO ed skul bt I never hv any guy frnd.. N ironically Swara’s best friend is a guy… I am scared Of them.. Cz when I was young a guy tries to misbehave with me.. N swara saves me.. She is always my saviour.. From then I cover myself in an imaginary world were everything is fine n happy bt… Esa nhi hota… ”

” raguu listen to me… U r strong… U r an amazing sister.. A caring daughter… N the guy who will get u in his lyf will be luckiest “laksh said with affection

” sachhi… Am I that good” she asked in innocence

He nodded yes n again takes her in his embrace

To be continued….

Precap: swara meeting Sanskar’s gang… N ragini’s secret out


Guyz I hv some news for u ?

1. This ff is gonna end either on Sunday or on Monday

2. I will post intro of kuch iss tarah 2 and yeh dooriyan on 12 or 13 may

3. I will start new ffs on nxt Monday ie. 16 may

4. So no update in next week??

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Laughter class was too good.

    1. Thnku dear ?

  2. Yaar the teaching part was too good????best teacher-best student ???u know laughter is the best medicine but if u laugh without any reason u need medicine???…..
    Just loved that part vat u ended with suspense…….what is ragini doing???waiting for her secret to be out….

    And about the news am happy as well as sad….happy so much for “kuch iss tarah” season 2 and sad so much for end of this ff………..
    And yeh dooriyan…I dunno anything about it….Is it new or old…R u starting it or posting next part……..
    Also sad coz no update next week but it’s okay (u maybe bust ryt….no worries)

    1. In this case I think I need someone medicine ???

      Actually when I was writing kuch iss tarah that tym I posted prologue of ye dooriya bt then I started this… So I will continue both as I will be fully faltu that tyn

      I hv exams nxt week ???

      1. Medicine????

        Ya….that’s great then and I am looking forward to both…..

        All the very best for ur exams….??Rock it??

  3. Hawwww ur ending this ff….??….I wanna know I haven’t read kuchh iss tarah season 1….so season is a sequel…. I mean can I read it….
    Aur 1week ka break….I will.miss u….??mera Mann ni lagega….
    N today’s episode was full of craziness….. I mean laughing class….most unique n incredible idea….n swara rubbing ice cube on leg ….eghhhh…bichara sanky….watt lag gyi …haha???…tussi chha gye guru…???

    1. This tym story n plot will be different….

      Swara ne laga di sanskar ki aaj bechara… ???

  4. Very nice ep di. Why r u ending this ff so fast??? I love this ff.plz post nxt soon. Poor rags.precap was awesome. waiting to know rags secret.Sanky shot that goon for misbehaving :0 :o. Loved possesive sanky but shocked by his method. Love u di and take care.:) :}

    1. Dear it was not a long ff… I hv told this earlier..

      Reason for short ff is that I have exams nxt week n I don’t like to break itz continuity as I post regularly so m simply ending this ???

      1. A bigggg alll the besttt di. I will Wait for ur other ffs.

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    Oh good.. Too funny.. I m laughing like mad.. N I m really curious to know wt is ragini hiding..??

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    It ws jus hilarious……. OMG!!!! Mischievous swara………. ????

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    1. I have exams nxt week n I don’t like to break itz continuity as I post regularly so m simply ending this

      1. Oh OK……. Anywayz….. Vl miss u alot……..
        Al D BEST fr d examz do well dear?

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      M glad that you like it

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    Sanskar ke laughing class ka toh pata nahi par mera laughter show jarur chalu hogaya… But jokes apart liked swara’s determination to change sanskar n San’s love to make her fine asap… In all lovely epi….. N for this laughter chapter…. a bone crushing hug from me ??

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      M glad that this make u laugh ??

      Thanku with the same hug from my side ????

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      Ragini’s chapter will be cleared in next… Thnku dear…

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