SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 14)


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: family tym n ragini’s Confession



Swara’s room

She was searching for her pills as she was longing for them couldn’t find them… She was throwing things hither n thither bt all in vain…
Her breathing turns heavy..

Sanskar enters her room n bolt the door

“r u searching for this” he shows her a small bottle

“yes… Thnku.. Thnku so much ” her eyes shines seeing them n she tries to take that

” m nt gonna give this to u” he said rudely n throws that bottle out of Window

“why u hv done this… I hate you “she said while holding his collar

She sat on floor with a thud n cries.. Sanskar feels bad to see her lyk this… Then he saw her heavy breathing n recalls his conversation with doc


” mr maheshwari those pills contains a drug which creates the illusion in mind of consumer that they can’t breathe without having that” doc said

“it means she will not suffer physically bt mentally ” sanskar asked

” correct.. But she can harm herself.. Cz she would be in the illusion that itz nt possible for her to breathe ”
Doc sound worried

“so what can I do for her that tym!?” sanskar asked

“divert her mind.. Do whatever you want bt just divert her mind frm tht”
Doc advised him


“do something sanskar… U hv to do something for her” he thinks in mind

He sat on floor beside her n immediately pulls her in his embrace while she was struggling to release herself.. She keeps on hitting him hardly with her hands…
He held her face n brushed his lips on her’s but all in vain she doesn’t respond.. He bites her lower lip in order to make her respond n soon he got succeed.. She responds to kiss….

They broke the kiss n he cups her face”r u fyn now??”

She nodded n hugs him tightly “m sry.. Dekho na sanskar m pagal ho gayi hoon ???” she said

“don’t u dare to call my lady luv pagal… Smjhi.. I luv this pagal” n he kissed her forehead

“thanku for being with me.. “she thanks him

“r u serious… Y r u thanking me” he asked in shock

He hit her head slightly
N swara’s body guard attacked him..
That pug jump onto him n he lye on floor that pug stands on his chest n keeps on barking….
Seeing that swara goes rofl ????

“are yr swara keep this dog away.??”he sound irritated

Swara opens her arms n calls that puppy “babu come here?”

N he jump into her lap

“tumne esa kya khila dia iss kutte k bachhe(swara glares him n babu barks) ok ok… Iss babu ko.. Jo ye tumhare isharo pe naach raha hai. That too in one day” he said

“cz I luv him (to babu) hai na babu?” she said cutely

He left blabbering “huh.. Apna sautan to m khud he le aya.. Wait wait.. What we call male sautan ????”
Swara laughs seeing him this way..

Nxt day

Sanskar ask for swara bt she was nowhere to be found… He ask ragini “hv u seen swara”

“yup she has left with arjun” Rags said

“ok thnx.. (to ap) mom m leaving for office ”

He thinks” wow I think that chipkala wasn’t enough to disturb me that’s y I bought that pilla no no babu… Well done sanskar… Sb tere pyaar k dushman hai”

He was about to open the car’s door n found a chit
“get ready for the dhamaka”

He smiles seeing that..

@MM office

He step down the car n enter the building the environment becomes still with his entry each n every girl present in office starts to gaze him.. He was wearing blue jeans with white tee n pink blazer (smoking hot ???)

Employe 1: uff I think he is becoming hot day by day ?
Employe 2: ya he is bt yr he doesn’t even look at us
Employe 3(new employee): u just wait n watch.. My magic

He doesn’t enter his cabin n ask”ria give me mehra n sons’s file”

Ria: ( his pa) sir vo… This.. This file is still incomplete

“what!!! I hv given that file 3 days back n still that’s incomplete.. U came here to work or to rest… (shouts) tell me” he was fuming with anger

“sir naina didn’t Complete it” ria said in scared voice

“who the hell is this naina” he asked in anger

” m naina” a girl in mini, with white shirt said this

“m nt gonna tolerate this behavior… Got this.. U r fired” he said in rage

“oh com’on sir don’t be so rude” she said while going closer to Him

“aawwoo” she fake a leg spin n fall on him.. Here sanskar held her

Swara was seeing all this as she was Standing near reception
Here naina starts to run her fingers of his chest… Everyone was gulping in fear cz they don’t kno what gonna happen next..

Swara took a paper weight from desk n throw that directly on her foot.. N bingo!! On aim

“aaaahhhhh” naina shouts n sanskar left her…

“now u actually hv an injury on foot”swra said with a smirk

Sanskar smile slightly seeing her actions

“hw dare u to hit u u cheapster” naina said n makes sanskar furious

Swara saw peon fetching glasses of water she took a glass n pour water on her
“stay in ur limit.. First mind u actions n words” swara said firmly

“you” naina fumes n was about to slap her but sanskar held her hand..

“enough of this nonsense get out… U r fired.. Out I said NOW” he said

Sanskar throw some files on swara n said”miss gadodia Complete these files asap n after that bring coffee for me… Then check abt mr basu’s agreement.. N umm I will tell u later till then finish these ”

Swara’s mouth forms a big” O” ?

“u want leave na u can go on leave ria.. Kitti Din k lye jana tha tumhe” he asked ria

“sir 10 days” ria said

“m allowing u 15 days leave u may leave now n ya I will not cut ur allonces.. “sanskar allows her

“bt sir office work??” ria asked

“miss gadodia will be my new pa in ur absence”sankar said with a naughty smile

“everyone she is my new pa swara gadodia… N ya Come in my cabin miss swra??”

Here swara was giving him “u r dead look?”


Swara enters the cabin n throw the files on floor except one n starts hitting him with that ” m ur pa.. U idiot… Chiku k bachhe.. M ur gf.. No no fiancee n u r calling me ur pa.. N that girl was drooling over u n u were enjoying… Today I will make u late sanskar maheshwari” she said

He hold her hand n pulls her closer n said … “I luv u too”
“but I hate u”she said n release herself she turns around n starts to walk bt her leg twisted n she fell on sanskar… He grabs the opportunity n held her waist tightly n she continues to struggle “leave me”
Both hv an eyelock

{ Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi}

They broke the eyelock n swara tries to get up n her locket stuck in his blazer

“look baby no one wants k tum merse door jao??” he said

“shut up.. N u kno what I thought to propose u in ur cabin only bt now m gonna propose u infront of ur whole staff… Just wait n watch ” she said while getting up

” nahiiiii m sry swara… M sry don’t do this… Meri image ka kya hoga “he gulp in fear

” u shld think this before chalanging me SIR” she said in attitude

whole day sanskar tries to avoid swara n this makes her furious



Rags was talking someone On call “I hv done that bt rember ur words” she said

“i will keep my works dear ” person on phn replied her

She cuts the call n cries miserably


It was lunch tym n sanskar is still avoiding her so that she can’t propose him.. Bt Swara to swara hai ?

He was checking files in Dp’s cabin n she entered

” are swara beta do u want anything “dp ask

“yes uncle” she said

“what! “? Dp enquired

” sanskar maheshwari “she said in confident voice

Here sanskar was pleading dp not to allow her to take him?????

” why u want him” dp smiles

“cz he has given me a challenge that I hv to propose him just lyk ap aunty does n he is now avoiding me so that I can’t get an opportunity.. So basically I want to propose him”she said all this in one breath

“ha ha ha ha go n propose him”dp allows her

N sanskar hit his head with his hand “where I got stuck”

She hold his hand n takes him out.. Everyone stand up seeing them as no one dare to touch sanskar maheshwari

She left his hand n took out a rose n kneel down infront of him.. Everyone widens theie eyes in shock

“i don’t kno any romantic lines… So m just proposing u… Simply… I luv u will u allow me to be urs forever “she said with affection

Here one female employee fainted seeing all this n everyone was gossiping abt Swara’s courage

Sanskar keeps on smiling n this makes her irritated

” u idiot say yes… ?My knee is paining” swara said in anger

“m nt intrested in marrying u”he said

“I think u r intrested in dieing then” ?swara fumes.

“sanskar don’t tease her it enough.. “dp said from his cabin

” ok dad… M ready to marry you” he said

Swara gets up n throw the flower on his face “huhhhhhh … M nt intrested in marrying u… Search anyone else SIR” she said

He hold her hand n pulls her closer n hv a cute eyelock

{ Kaise bataaye, kaise jataaye
Subah tak tujhme jeena chahein
Bheege labon ki, geeli hansi ko
Peene ka mausam hai peena chahein

Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai
Ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai
Tere ishq ki mujhko..
Aadat hai o.. aadat hai..}

“guyz if u all are done with ur proposal proposal can I talk with u”laksh said

They came back in senses n dp too came n announces “m very happy to share my happiness with u all.. Meet her she is swara.. My sanskar’s fiance”

Everyone got shocked
????? bt they all congratulates them..


SwaSan were roaming at India gate

“10 saal phle shuru hua ye sab”san said

“what?? “she sounds confused

” i became guru 10yrs back… To seek revenge ” sanskar said

” revenge!!?? Kisse??! “swara enquied

” mom n dad k killers se.. Yes they were murdered in a business rivalry… That was nt an accident.. Bt a conspiracy ” a tear skips his eyes

Swara holds his hand tightly
N he continues” I want to choose the path of justice… Bt the police officer who was investigating the case was a courpt one.. She also helped them in showcasing it as an accident frm that day I never trust any female except mom n kavita… Then I chose wrong way.. A way to kill them by myself n in that journey I met many ppl with same story n we made a gang.. N frm that day we fight for justice… We all are leading dual lives… Bt I hv no regret in this”

“m sry I shld nt hv asked this from you “she feels sad

” u hv right to ask anything from me.. U r my lyf swara” he said lovingly

“i will take u out of this Word ” swara sounds determined

” there is no way out swara… Itz a vicious cycle” sanskar said hopelessly

“i will take u in light from this darkness… I will end ur worries… I will teach u to luv… To laugh…. I will do this surely before dieing”she thinks in mind

To be continued…

Precap: meeting with doctor… N swara becomes sanskar’s teacher

Guyz memory loss tack is confirmed n we all will get to see new luv story of SwaSan ???

Credit to: Meher

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      Luv u??

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      U kno what 3yrs back dogs use to run behind me… I can’t tell u that fear.. Damn u r driving an activa n 3 dogs were running behind u in same speed… Bt now those dogs r lyk my pet… I use to irritate them.. N slap them bt they are normal…

      May I ask u the story behind dog fear

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      Itz works for me ???

      1. I said about the beach bcz in every ff it happens…n I felt good at the mention of India gate bcz I have sooooo many memories there ….its my favourite picnic stop….plus boating there on the night its heaven
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    3. Lol… I thought kuch darawana hoga…

      Ya bt it happens dar jate jate jyega… Pet a dog best idea…

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