SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart (Episode 13)


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: swasan date



SwaSan were sleeping peacefully on the bare cold floor on terrace… But their luv was warm enough to comfort them.. Swara was sleeping on sanskar’s hand… He Has his one hand on her waist… She has clutched his shirt even in sleep which clearly shows her fear of losing him… For the first time swara didn’t get panic attack in sleep…. Bt for how long?

Sanskar feels some tickle on his face which Indeed disturbs his sleep bt he ignores that… Soon that tickle turns wet n he wakes up n got shocked “aaaaaaa” he shouts

“what happened sanskar” swara asked

“tumhara pilla mujhe kisses de ra hai that too wet kisses ???” he said in frustration

Yes that tickle was the licking of that pug puppy.. ???

Sanskar wipes his face with hankey n swara burst out laughing

“seems he too luv u????”said while Controling laughter

“urrhh come lets go we r getting late ?” he said while forwarding his hand to her


Sanskar was driving car n swara was adoring her first date…

“swara may I ask you something ” he said

“hmm”repiles bt still bzy in gazing her ring

“why u get these panic attacks??? N how u get addicted??arjun told me itz cz of ur past bt i want to kno everything” He asked her

“sanskar I will tell u bt u also hv to tell me whatever I ask agree?? ” she put her condition

” agree” he accepts

**she explains that her father’s murder affected her little heart alot n she can’t get over that… N it would be difficult for any 9 yr old kid to see murder of 5 ppl n forget that… Sumi sent her for counseling n finally she lead a normal lyf… Bt still hv a perfect picture of those murders in her eyes.. Bt everything get changed when they shift to ahemdabad as they keeps on changing places n identities due to safety reasons… Swara is now 15 n there she met them again in a charity event… They again try to kill her as she was the eyewitness… She smhw escape from there n luckily nxt day Sumi n swaragini left for dehradun… She stops sharing her room with ragini cz she gets nightmare… N she doesn’t want to disturb Sumi or rags… 3 yrs she managed all this bt at last she decide to meet doctor… N doctor clearly ask her nt to take these medicines regularly use them only when needed cz it contains a drug which makes ppl addicted to it.. she never shares her feelings with anyone as result she starts to consume pills on regular basis N now after 7 yrs she got addicted to them so much that she can’t sleep without them.. **

Sanskar was hell shocked to listen this he stops the car

“m sry swara I don’t know u hv been through this much” he hugs her tightly

“itz OK sanskar now tell me why u become guru “she asked

” I will tell u everything bt nt today.. Tmrw ok? ” he assures her

She nodded yes

“arjun ko kb se pta hai?” he again asked

“he knows this from past one month.. I fainted in office n then he came to kno everything… N I smhw manage to stop him from telling this to all ” swara sounds low

” swaraa” he holds her hand.. ” ur hands r cold swara r u fyn” he touches her forehead it was also cold… “r u fyn cz I don’t think so” he asked in worry

“itz cz I didn’t hv that pill since last night ” she said while shivering..

“swara let’s go to hospital..” he panics

“I… I am fyn.. Just feeling lil cold don’t worry… ” she said in weak voice

He removes his blazer n makes her wear that…

“sanskar m fyn” she assures him

“keep ur mouth shut swara? u r not gonna take those bl**dy pills again” he said in anger..

Swara keeps her mouth shut.. As she got scared seeing his anger.. His anger is clearly seen in his eyes… He starts to drive… N didn’t notice her in his anger.. But someone was seeing her condition n that someone seeks sanskar’s attention n got succeed..

“bhoww bhoww” that Lil pug keeps on barking sanskar stops car in irritation n look at back back.. That pug jumps on Swara’s lap n sanskar saw her shivering badly..

“o shit… M sry Swara.. just a min u will be fyn”

He took out a tablet n ask her to eat… Till then he keeps on rubbing her hands..
“r u feeling better now?? ” he asked in concerned tone

“hmm bt this medicine?” she asked

“I hv talked with Dr max… N he suggest this medicine for u..” sanskar said

“what!! How!!?” she was in utter confusion

” u r my fiancee so I can do this much for u.. I hv discussed ur case with him n we hv an appointment with him after 2 days” he said holding her hands

Both were lost in each other’s eyes

( Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujh mein kahin baaki rehna
Mujhe neend aaye jo aakhiri
Tum khwabon mein aate rehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna
Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujhme kahin baaki rehna
Kisi roz baarish jo aaye
Samajh lena boondon mein main hoon
Subah dhoop tumko sataaye
Samajh lena kirno mein main hoon
Kuch kahun ya na kahun
Tum mujhko sada sunte rehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna)

They came back in senses hearing his bark again…


Everyone was having their breakfast while sumi was going out

“ma where r u going? ” swara enquired

“Beta ur nani is nt well m going to Kolkata “sumi replies.

” bye mom take care n call me tym to tym” swara orders her

“yes mam” sumi laugh n left
“bhai come hv breakfast with us” laksh ask him

“sure lucky vese b m damn hungry” sanskar said while fetching a seat for swara

He n swara starts eating he was about to gulp his first bite… Then dp says “hwz ur date?”

Sanskar starts to cough
Swara rubs his back n fetch water for him

“swara u tell us do u lyk ur engagement “ap continues

” aunty ye aap” she said with a Crimson face

“swara beta don’t be shy we all kno about sanskar’s surprise for For u??” dp winks

“dad I didn’t tell anyone that m gonna propose her hw u kno?” he asked in shock

N swara stamp his foot under table n gives him “keep-ur-mouth-shut-or-else-i-will-kill-you”? look

“Beta yesterday caretaker of our farmhouse called me n said that u hv given him leave for a week… N then I saw u taking ur lady luv in ur arms.. So itz obvious na…?”dp said

“dad aapne mom ko kaise propose kia tha” lakh asked with curiocity

“Beta ur mom has proposed me not me.. Q annu”? dp said..

“what!!!!! ???” SwaSan RagLak together

“aunty tell me na hw u propose uncle”?Rags asked

N here the heat reaches to ap’s cheeks

“Beta nthng lyk that.. Ye to ese he hain” ☺ap said while blushing hardly

“tell ur children annu hw u proposed me in my office ” dp continues to tease ap

” OMG in office.?? Woww aunty u were so daring na ” swara exclaimed

” swara beta mai btata hoon.. Ap was a new lawyer.. N a junior of legal adviser of our firm… I joined dad’s office n met her.. Ahh that was luv at first sight.. We became good friends n then my dad started to see girls for my marriage n that was it for her.. She came in my office n shouts that she luvs me n wants to marry me” dp takes a sigh

“or aage” sanskar was damn intrested

“then he too said yes n bauji also lyks me so we got married ” ap completes

” awww such a cute couple aunty uncle” ragini said..

While dp n ap blushes

(wait did I write dp blushes?? God knows m kya likhti hoon.. ?????)

After breakfast

“swara sanskar u go n take rest u guyz must be tired” ap advice them

They nodded yes n left..

“wow uncle n aunty were so romantic na” swara said with a bright smile

“so are we ” sanskar said while pulling her closer

” huh.. U n romantic.. Oh please.. Dp uncle was way more romantic than u” she said in attitude

“oh god do u hv any memory loss problem!!! I hv arranged a date for u.. Every girl dies to see me n u r showing attitude” sanskar said

“m sanskar maheshwari’s fiancee itTa to banta h?” she revet

“u r comparing me with dad n what abt u.. Mom has proposed dad in office that too 30 yrs back.. Do u hv courage to do this” sanskar frowned

“don’t u dare to challenge me.. U don’t know swara gadodia” says while pointing her index finger to him

He lowers her finger n pulls her closer n held her firmly frm waist
“prove this then mrs swara sanskar maheshwari? “.

” done… Bt don’t complain me that I make u embarrassed”she warned him

” I don’t care baby” he said in husky voice

“done then”she accepts challenge

He slowly lean towards her n was about to kiss her bt someone disturb them Actually a bark ? that pug disturb them..

“aww babu ” Swara pics him up

” m kaha se apna dushman le aya yr??”sanskar sound irritated
Swara giggles?

He left n repent for giving chlnge
“Zuban pe kaabu rakhna chahiye tha mujhe.. Who can kiss me infront of whole family Proposing me in front of 50 ppl is nt a big deal for her” he thinks


ragini was sitting in her room n seeing some photos.. Suddenly laksh enters room without knocking n that pics fell from her hand..

“m sorry ragini ” laksh apologize while picking the pics

” no no itz OK.. Leave this.. I can collect all this” she said in nervousness

“are m helping u na.. ” laksh forcefully help n got shocked to see the pics

” ragini bhai ki pics tumhare pass kya kr Ri hai.. Ye photos kisi ke pass ni hai.. Only bhai hv theses.. N whts this han bhai’s lyk n dislyks written on back of each pic.. What r u planning rags”

Rags was speechless

“tell me “he ask while holding her shoulders ” answer me damn it” he shouts

“i hv his pics cz I.. I” she can’t Complete

“I I what”? he asked strictly

“cz I luv him” Rags admits

Laksh was he’ll shocked
“are u insane… Do u even kno what r u saying ?.. Wait.. U r joking ryt.. Bhai luvs swara.. U cant luv him ryt” laksh can’t digest her confession

” that’s y m nt telling this to anyone I luv him for 4 yrs.. ” Rags said while sobbing

“u r confusing me Rags.. u behaved so badly with bhai that day when swara was ill u slapped him also.. n ya u too support me in my plan to provke swara.. When she kissed bhai infront of us” laksh is now confused

“i am sane.. M nt blind in luv.. He tried to kill my sister I behaved with him badly cz no one has right to harm my sister? not even my luv.. N that day I was with u cz I want her happiness nthng else” she said

“hw could u luv ur sister’s luv” laksh said

“luving is nt a crime.. I luv sanskar cz I feel some connection with him… We share same past our parents died n then someone else adopts us… N m nt coming in btw them… Cz I want Swara’s happiness” Rags sound determined

“u r great Rags.. M sry I should not shouted on u” lucky hugs her..

“m nt great m a sister lucky… N I kno if she would be at my place she would hv chosen same” Rags respond to hug…

To be continued…

Precap:reason behind sanskar becoming guru.. N Swara’s proposal

Guyz m sry I forgot to mention that the butterfly kiss is not my imagination itz Taken from a novel “I too had a love story” by ravinder Singh… Itz an autobiographical account n a must read… U cant stop urself admiring this accidentntal writer’s work..

This is a true story of luv.. A luv by chance n one tragedy changes everything…

If u hvnt read this then don’t worry I will write a short story on this novel after my exams…


Now something about myself…
I was overwhelmed to see ur luv n support… N as I hvnt tell anything about myself till now so m telling u all now..

My real name is mugdha and m from Delhi..
I am 18 n currently studying in DU(Delhi University) …
My favourite past tym or hobby is laughing ????
I can laugh for hours… N my partner in crime I mean laughing is Kiara… She has joined TU yesterday only… I made her write on swasan though she didn’t even watch swaragini ??
She is the only reason cz of which I go to college ?

N ya plz read her first one shot “a beautiful mistake”


Credit to: Meher

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