SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 11


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SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart


Recap: sanskar realises his luv for swara… ragini n dp slaps sanskar… swara uncounsious


Itz night n swara is still uncouncious… everyone was tensed sply arjun… doctors words were roming his mind..
That she may slip into coma or even die..

Sanskar keeps on trying to enter her room bt everytime ragini or anyone else stops him..

“Ragini plz… i request u let me see her once”??sanskar cried

“Dont think sanskar that i will melt by seeing ur crocodile tears… u r nt allowed to meet swara in any condition”? ragini said in strict tone

“Ragini u go n take rest m here”☺ arjun said

“Arjun bt sanskar ?”? Ragini sound worried

“M here na dont worry i wont let him meet her… u go”arjun assures her

Ragini left

“Sanskar what ever u hv done is disgusting … bt still i kno she luvs u.. go n meet her” arjun said

“What!! Thankyou.. thankyou so much.. i can’t repay u??☺?” sanskar got shocked n happy

“Go n dont come untill she wakes up.. i will make sure that no one will entr room by morning” arjun patted his shoulder n left

“I wish swara will fight back.. n she will survive ..sanskar’s luv will give her strength” arjun prays

Sanskar enters the room n saw her lyng on bed with an innocent face.. his eyes were filled with Tears of guilt… guilt of hurting an innocent soul again… guilt of hurting his luv twice.. He sat on bed beside her n hold her hand…

“Swara m sry..? m sry i hv hurted u alot na… u hv loved me selflessly.. bt m selfish.. i can’t see ur innocence i was stupid… swara plz get up na… n talk to me.. i am still confused with ur reaction.. m sry.. just wake up n i will shower my luv on u… i will be with forever… i will never leave u.. u r my princess”??

He kissed her forehead.. n cares her head Slowly he dozze off holding her hand…


@4 am

Swara slowly opens her eyes n saw sanskar sitting besides her… then she recalls sanskar’s betrayal… n tears starts to shed off her eyes..
Hearing her sobs sanskar gets up ..

“Swara finally u hv opened ur eyes… u kno i was scared as hell.. r u fyn now ??” ? Sanskar takes relief..

“Why me sanskar?”? She asked in a choaking voice

Sanskar has no answer … swara tried to get up n he helped her..

“Let me call ragini or arjun”? sanskar avoids her question n tries to escape situation..

He was going bt swara hold his hand

“First answer me… sanskar”? swara again asked

He sat besides her.. n she rest her head on his chest.. Again he got shocked with her gesture.. then he wraps his arms arond her taking her in his warm embrace…

“Swara m sorry.. i hv missunderstood u” he said with lots of guilt..
Then he explains everything…
Sanskar feels his shirt wet.. he makes swara apart n saw tears flowing from her eyes He immediately cups her face n said”m sry baby.. ur chiku is very bad… ur chiku has hurted u alot.. bt i promise i will never repeat my mistake again.. i luv u baby?”

“I luv u too chiku n will always do…”swara said with affection

“Y r u trusting me again ??”? Sanskar asked

“Cz i can see ur luv in ur eyes… u cant hurt me.. my chiku cant hurt me”she said while hiding herself in his chest..

N again sleep peacefully on his chest..


“I think i shld see swara once.. arjun must be tired now” ragini said to herself

She enters her room got furious over the scenario Swara was sleeping while resting her head on sanskar chest n sanskar has wrapped his arms around her…

“Sanskarr!!!”? Ragini shouts

SwaSan wakes in shock

“Y r u shouting ragu” swara said in sleepy voice

She makes them apart in rage.. she pushed swara slightly on bed

“Raginiiii!!” ?Sanskar shouts

By the tym all members gatherd in the room…

“Get out frm here sanskar… hw dare u to enter her room” ??ragini said in anger

“Sanskar i hv told u nt to come near swara then what r u doing here”? dp said strictly

“M sry dad.. bt i will not leave my swara in any condition”?sanskar said while holding her hand tightly

“Firstly m nt ur dad … n secondly she is nt ur swara”? dp revert in anger

“Bas kijiye aap log… m sanskar ki he hoon… srf or srf uski.. i agree he has done mistake bt itz normal… everyone commits mistake..he too does.. why r u making this an issue” swara supports sanskar

Sanskar was Overwhelmed seeing her luv n support

“Swara u r nt well it doesnt mean that if u demand anything we will give u that” ?sumi roars

“He is not a thing mom.. he is my sanskar” swara said clamly

“Swara enough!!” ?Ragini said

In the mean tym arjun comes n smhow handel the situation bt sanskar have to leave swara this tym..



Everyone was sitting on dining table.. sanskar was about to sit adjecent to swara bt swara ragini sat there

“Mom plz pass that rice na” sanskar tries to talk

“Ramesh(servent) pass this bowl to chhote malik”? ap ignors

“Kaka give that bowl to me?” swara said to ramesh n passes the bowl to sanskar

“Laksh what happen to mr. Basu’s project” dp enquired

“Dad that project is handeled by bhai”laksh said

“Dad deal has been finalised … n draft of final contract will get ready by tmrw” sanskar agin tries to talk

“Laksh then ask the head of the project n tell me” dp completly ignores him

Sanskar was very upset with the cold behaviour of his family…

Whole day no one talks with sanskar n also doesnt make swasan meet




“Ramesh plz prepare tea for us… we r tired” ?ap orded

“Here is the tea ?for u aunty” ragini came with tea n bright smile

“Thanku beta.. i need it badly” ap tanks her

Ragini serves tea to everone except sanskar

“Ragini my tea???” Sanskar asked

“Ramesh prepare tea to this man” ragini orders ramesh

“No.. no thanx kaka i dont want to hv tea” sanskar sounds low

“Wait sanskar” swara said firmly

She left her cup n went towards him.. he held his hand tightly…

“I dont kno whats problem with u all.. bt y r u behaving so coldly with my sanskar..” swara said

“Swara leave his hand.. he is no one.. to u.. nor to us” ?ragini said..

“Exactly swara . Ragini is correct we dont hv any relation with this man” sumi supports ragini

“He is my everything” ?swara roared

“Prove this that he is ur everything…!!!” Rags said

Then what she does was unexpected… no one could ever imagine that she would take such a bold step…

She turns towards him strech herself up n brushed her lips with his

Everyone hell shocked as if their eyes will fell on ground. Their mouths were wide open touching to ground…

“Omg!!! Atlast someone has courage to kiss bhai… wow !!”???? Laksh jumps in exitement

“Now do u want any more proofs “? swara frowned

“Hmm… sanskar hw it feels.. when u got kissed by a girl ???? ” dp teases

“What !!! Dad??”??? Sanskar asked in shock

“What u think we were angry on u… no beta we hv forgiven you in morning only”??? ap smiled

“What !! Hw !!??”?? SwaSan together

“All thanx to me princess??” arjun said with a smile touching his ears

“Hw ??” ?SwaSan were confused


“Uncle aunty i agree what sanskar has done was wrong.. bt iyz also true that swara recovers only cz of him” arjun tries to convence them

“Hw can u justify attempt to murder”rags frowned

” m nt justifyng anything rags… m just saying that he luvs his family n swara alot thats y he cant harm them” arjun supports sanskar

“Luv.. he has faked his Luv for swara” rags argue

“Tell me one thing when u enter her room yesterday.. cant u see her sleeping peacefully on his chest !?? Hv u ever seen her so carefree so happy with anyone else?,”arjun enquired..

Atlast everyone agrees to forgive him..

“Hey bt plz dont tell bhai that u all hv forgiven him” laksh said with a naughty smile???

“Y laksh?” ?Ap asked

” i want to see upto what extent swara “bhabhi”? can go for bhai” laksh said

“I too agree with lucky” ragini too smiles naughtyly?


“thanku chipk(stops in btwn) arjun… Thnku arjun ” sanky thanked him

“Ha to bhai tell me na hw it feels when a girl kisses u” ?laksh winked

“Are its nt for the first tym we kissed..”?? sanskar said in happiness …n realises what he said

“Then hw many tym u hv kissed”????arjun teases

He was about to say three bt seeing swara’s crimson face he stopped…

“Tell us sanskar hw many tyms u guyz hv kissed.. or let me change the que hw many tyms u hv kissed my bahu”? ap joins hand in teasing

“Kya ma.. kuch bhi.. i hv lots of work m going”☺☺ sanskar escapes the situation

“Aree itti jaldi nhi mere bhai”arjun held his hand

“Tell me when u guyz want to get engaged”dp ask

Sanskar was about to say smthng bt swara says “no… not now… i want tym”

Everyone was shocked with her sudden change of behaviour.. but arjun knows the reason… he said”achha aunty now i shld leave… swara come n drop me to car”

She simply went with him


“What r u tryng to do swara!!”? Arjun said in anger

“Dont act..as if u dont kno anything”??swara revert

“Swara he is ur cure… he is cure to ur addiction trust me”arjun sounds hopeful

“N what if i die immediately after our engagement or marriage??” Swara said

Before she could say further arjun raises his hand to slap her bt stops…

“Dont you dare to say anything lyk this… m warning u?? y r u always be so negative”he said

“reality will nt change.. tell me will he be able to compose himself?? NO !!? i hv committed one mistake by luving him n second mistake by accepting that… after me he will get shattered.. i dont want to see him breaking… so i will go away frm him after making everything fyn in his lyf?” swara sounds low

Someone was seeing all this scenario n was hell shocked to listen this?

To be continued…

Precap: surprise ??

Note:- that someone was not sanskar

Credit to: Meher

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