SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart – Episode 1


Hello guyz meher is back with very first episode of this ff hope u all lyk this too ..
Here we go

♥SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart♥


Year 2016

A big glass building is shown..”maheshwari group of industries” is embossed on main gate… a white car stopped at the gate n a man in late 50s or early 60s steped out of car from the rear seat..
As soon as he enters the office everyone stands n greets him…
He enters the conference room everyone congratulates him for his deal…
Emp 1: congratz sir … we were sure that no one can win this deal except u
Mr mehra(a man in 50s ):congratulation dp ji… u hv done it again
*yes that man was dp*
Dp:(smiles with a feeling of proudness) no… no mr mehra.. i hvnt done this.. my sanskar does this.. (says with gleaming eyes)

” he can’t do that without me” a voice from back said this with puppy expressions.. a young man of 26 was seen in formals

Dp:(smiles) hmm.. i agree afterall u hv done so much… u both guyz are my both hands.

Dp:(opens his arms) ahh ! Come here my son… u both hv done equal hardwork for this deal
He hugged dp”no dad 90% was bhai’s hardwork i hv only 10%credit” he said
Dp:(realeses hug) achha laksh where is our hero…

Lak: he will be here at any point..

A black car stopped in front of building… a young dashing man stepped of out driver-s seat n throw the car keys to watchman to park the car.
He buttoned his blazer… run his fingers through his hair to adjust them.. n starts walking in… n he removes his shades too… as soon as he enters the office… the environment becomes still..
When he was passing by two female employees dashed into eachother as they were gazing him…
Emp1: omg he is so hot!
Emp2: most eligible bachlor yr!
Emp3: bt he is heartless
Emp4: correct u can’t do anything..

He was listening to their talks n a smile appered on his lips from side..
He entered the conference hall
Lak:there is our hero.. the sanskar maheshwari…
*yeah he is sanskar*
He goes n touches dp’s feet … dp hugged him” m proud of u my son… m proud of u”
Lak:(pouts)only on him…
San:yup.. any problem(laughs)
Lak: bhaiiii
San:(holds his neck with his hand in fun) haan lucky…
Dp:(admires the bond of two brothers) atleast behave urself u both u r in office…
Lak: itz all bhai’s fault m innocent…
San: ya damn innocent…
Dp: lets go n let me announce about our victry…


Year 2016

A small house… filled with colors n happiness… two young girls were bzy in decorating the house for some small family party… n they start fighting over a cake

Girl1: give this to me i will decorate this cake
Girl2:no way i will decorate this
Girl1: nooo… u hv putted one layer of cream now itz my turn
Girl2: uhhh… bt this two layer desigen is my speciality..

They keeps on pulling that cake n **smash** the cake shows stunts n hit directly a Man’s face standing at door…. both the girls were shocked they cover their mouth with their hands n says “mr lalwani you”

The man wipes his eyes n face with his finger n replied”yes lalwani”

By the tym a lady enters n shocked to see the senario n says”ohh god mr lalwani who has done this to u”

Lal: ask ur daughters mrs. Devika
Devika:(angry) kyra , aalia whats this?
*the two girls were kyra n aalia*
Kyra n aalia: sry mom… sry mr lalwani..

Lal: mrs deevika m leaving will see u tmrw
Deevika: ya sure n m sry mr lalwani…

He left n deevika hold ear of kyra n aalia in her each hand
Kyra: ahh mom leave this itz paing
Aalia: i agree mom leave it
Deevika: whats this mess..

Aalia: we want to give u b’day surprise (sad)
Deevika: aww my girls m sry.. n ya no need for this surprise m happy to hv u both..

Trio shares a family hug

Kyra: mom y mr lalwani came
Deevika:itz a surprise i will tell u tmrw…ok
Kyra: ok.


A big bunglow is seen…. ahh !! Itz like a palace.. evey nook n corner of the home is filled with positivity , love n compassion… everyone is having their dinner

Dp: annapurna tmrw is a business party r u free?
Ap: no i hv to study a case m bzy…
Lak:(giggles) dad u r asking as if mom is ur gf…
Dp n ap gives him an angry glare while sanskar smiles..seeing them
Dp: then sanskar can u..??(he knows he wont go bt still he asked him)
San: sry dad u kno m nt intrested in parties
Lak:aree m here na.. i will go.. just tell me is it a couple party or nt(exited)
Dp: if u want to go then go alone i dont want to see any of ur gfs in party..
Lak:(sad)kya dad m single… i broke up
Ap n dp:(shocked) what!!. again!! When !!
Lak:(in a devdaas mode) bhut tym ho gya mom.. kya batau
San:(laughs) ya mom he broke up some 5hrs back..
All burst into laughter n laksh pouts
Dp:(teasing) laksh beta then y dont u share ur feelings with me.. tell ne whnever u hv breakup… i will definately apprciate that girl to bear you (laughs)
San: then dad u will listen abt his breakup 10tyms a day..
Dp n sanky gives hifi
Ap: are u guyz r teasing my son… itz nt his mistake that no girl can handel him more than a week
Laksh who was hugging ap as she was supporting him.. he realses hug n keeps a big pout
Lak:u all r very bad… i will nt talk to you.. huh..
San:(side hugs him as they were sitting besides) no ma his 5 gf’s broke up with him after 7 days…
Lak: bhaiiiiii
San:(innocently) what!!!
Lak: uurrghh…

Everyone laughs…



Alia:(looking into a pic on net) hayeee !! He is so cutee naa
Kyra: tujhe to sab he cute lgte hai
Alia: huh!! Atlest look at him… i hv a crush on him yr.
Kyra: (while doing something in her cupbord) tell me smthng new… u hv a new crush every hour.. whats new
Alia: this tym i hv a crush on the great businessman sanskar maheshwari.. he is so cute

Suddenly a folder dropped from her hand n some ppr cutting spread on floor alia pic a cutting..n read that out
“A good gangster??”
Alia: kyra dont tell me u lyk this gangster
Kyra: sab teri tarah pgl ni hote
Alia:(confused) then these cuttings
Kyra: idiot m resarching on him.. look na he is one of the most powerful gangster bt he fight againts evil… n most importantly no one has ever seen him !!
Alia: hmm seems intrsting.

Deevika shouts” why dont u both sleep peacefully n let me sleep to… save ur chats for tommorrow”

Kyra n alia: ok mom…

Kyra: good nyt alia..
Alia: good nyt kyra ..

Both sees each other n itz enough they laugh loud…

Deevika agin shouts ” tum log so rahe ho ya nahi”

Alia n kyra: yess mom..

N kyra left for her room while alia doze off seeing sanskar’s dream..

To be continued…

Precap: about swara

Who is kyra ? Why she is reseching on a gangster… ?? A good gangster?? Really !!! Who is alia n devika…? What importance these four hv in story will know soon….
So guyz here is the first episode… so tell me do u lyk this or not ?

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Wow..an amazing eiside AMD sanskar’s family like aww. I loved it. Even I was confused at first reading about devila, alia and Kyra without swara but reading A/N I understood that you are planning something big..eagerly waiting.

    1. Thnkyou so much sree… n ya i hv planned smthng hope u lyk that 😀

  2. i didnt lykd it… cuz i luvd it dear….
    it so damn intresting dear…

    1. Thnku janvi… ahh u scared me first 😛

  3. Mystery hmmm… girl u rocked it… who is kyra n alia…. n plz assign actors for these role as it will be easy to imagine…lucky was too cute… Sanskar as always classy n dashing…waiting for the next

    1. In nxt epi everything will be cleared… n thnku

  4. Amazing dear.

  5. dudee…..
    now i can’t sleep…
    Update soon…
    I loved Sanskaar’s family.. <3 <3

    1. 😀 😀 😀 thnkuuu so much

  6. nyc…interesting

  7. Awesome Meher…..plz reveal the mystery soon……n by introducing Kyra n alia, I m sure u have already planned the next few episodes. They r not swaragini right? Or are they?

    1. Wait for next epi dear 😉 😉

  8. awesome…..update next asap

  9. Awesome……n you take the place as assam its great thank u for taking it as in the ffs those I have read no one take Assam so m rly happy…n do u resides from Assam…n pls add tge beautiful sceneries of Asaam…..If u r an Assamese than m rly happy as I can get someone from Assam

    1. Thnku dear n sry..m nt frm assam.. m a delhite.. born in delhi … lives in delhi.. bt i want to take a beautiful place so i hv choosen assam… n i will try to describe itz beauty… as i hv never been to there bt wsnts to go…

  10. wow..u included Assam here.. 🙂
    thanks Meher dii
    lov from Assam

    1. Aww!! Thnku dear

  11. Great one….lucky is soo cute….eagerly waiting for next..plss update asap…luved it

  12. meher ji I say u send yr stories to ekta kappoor … seriously … high on trp..!
    sanskar entry jus amazing.

    1. I will definately 😛 😛

  13. It was awesome I loved it please post the next epi asap

    1. Sure dear n thnku

  14. i know u will create more magic as u created in your previous ff

  15. Awesome re…post soon

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    Hmm…… Waiting to knw more abt thm….. ??

    1. These girls might be ??? Complete this na 😛 😛

  17. Ohh wow. ..awesome

  18. I was also thinking who are they?But it seems u have planned something and waiting for swara’s entry

    1. Yup i hv planned … bt u can guess… na 😉 😉

  19. this one is also seem to amazing
    …… upload daily yrrr….as I can’t wait for ur ff

    1. I usually upload daily … 😀

  20. Meher

    beautiful start dear. waiting for the next update

  21. U r such an amazing writer…kuch is tarah wwas awesome and this plot is just so so so awesome…luvd it…waitng fr ur nxt update

    1. Thnx harshita dear

  22. Vry nice meher ….

  23. Hii meher,Interesting & awesome

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