SwaSan Revenge : a smile that has stolen my heart (Epilogue)

Hello guyz… Miss kia mujhe.. ??

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SwaSan Revenge :a smile that has stolen my heart




27 years later

Maheshwari house

The house is decorated like a new bride… Colors of happiness and joy is spread in every nook n corner…
A big mandap is placed in the center of hall…

“oh god kaka.. Plz do this fast na.. Abhi sara kaam rehta hai…??” a lady said in nervousness

She was going towards a room but a strong hand pulled her…

” don’t take tension… Everything will be fine ragu?” man said

Obviously that lady was ragini

“laksh… ItTa kaam rehta hai… Kaise hoga.. Look at the time itz 3 n muhurat is at 8.. Kaise hoga??” ragini said to laksh

“mom m here na don’t worry.. ? ” a young man said

” rohan beta… Kaise hoga ?” Rags was damn nervous

” sab ho jyega mrs ragini laksh maheshwari ?” rohan n laksh said together

” uh… Jaisa bap vaisa beta..? ” Rags said in irritation

{rohan maheshwari raglak’s son… Ucan imagine mishkat verma ..kabir of nisha n uske cousion}

” mom ur son is here so don’t worry… I will arrange everything perfectly afterall itz my princess’s wedding ” rohan said

“she is xerox copy of her Masi?” ragini said with teary eyes

“no ragu.. She is swara.. She came back to us.. ☺” laksh said while hugging her

” ahem ahem! Hv some shame.. Ur son is standing in front of u n u guyz r bzy in romancing… Hw bad dad… Itz my age.. To do these things??? ” rohan said naughtily

” achha beta u just wait” laksh said

“coming… Arjun chachu ” rohan ran making an excuse

RagLak laughs

@Dp’s room

Ap n dp were standing infront of swasan’s photo

” today my wait is over… My children are becoming one.. ” dp said with teary eyes

” ji I agree… Today our wish to see our swara n sanskar getting married will be completed… M so happy for my sanskar n swara ?” ap said.

” dadi… In this birth ur swara is known as roshni” a girl standing at door in red lehnga Anarkali said..

“roshni beta y r u standing there come here ?” dp ask her to come in

{roshni maheshwari RagLak ‘s younger daughter… N Swara’s look alike.. Rember only look alike}

” dadu.. Y u n dadaji call me swara n that bookworm as sanskar… I mean I kno our face resembles their’s but still m not masi ” roshni pouts

” but u r just naughty lyk her” dp said

“n stop calling him bookworm.. U r getting married to him” ap scolds her lovingly

“annu don’t scold my roshni … Ab he is a book worm to bookworm to bolegi he na?” dp winks

“correct dadu?” roshni give hifi to dp

” if m a book worm then u r a kid?” a young man standing on door said

“varun what r u doing here… U n roshni r not supposed to meet each other before marriage ?” ap said

” vo kya hai na dadi.. I was missing u??” varun hugs ap

{varun malhotra… Kavita’s son n Sanskar’s look alike… Only look alike}

“huh.. Stop buttering my dadi.. ? “roshni said

” achha ji q.. She is my dadi also ??” varun revert in attitude

” ohh hello she is my dadi first ” roshni said while showing her index finger

” no way… Now she is my dadi” varun said while lowering her finger

They keeps on fighting n then dp shouts “enough!! She is my annu first… Now u guyz go n get ready for ur marriage”

VaNi giggles “ohh hoo aapki… Haan daduuu” ???

Dp gave them a glare n both ran..


“u kno bookworm… Lyf is so unpredictable na” roshni said while holding his hand

“can u plz elaborate my sherni” varun ask her while tightening the grip

“are mtlb.. We r besties from childhood n now we r getting married… “roshni sighs

” n now I will protect my sherni “varun says lovingly

” do u remember that when those guyz use to tease u… Hw I protect u… N vo.. Hw we use to tease that mali uncle ” roshni said with a bright smile

” hw could I forgot that moment… When my sherni saved me” varun winks

Varun (11) roshni (8)

Varun was stealing mangoes from neighboring garden… N the care take of the garden caught varun n he starts to scold him very badly… Varun was very innocent n calm.. Whereas roshni was bold n active.. When roshni saw him in trouble she thought smthng n help him.. Roshni enters the garden n starts firing those mangoes on that mali.. N shouts

“varun ko datega tu… ? Mere bookworm ko datega.. Le.. ?Ye le… ? Or le… ?Sare aam le ?”

Then that mali held roshni’s ear n she cries… Varun saw watering pipe near… He opens the tap n point that towards the Gardner’s face.. He left her ear n varun hold her hand and roshni shouts” bhag topper ”


Both laughs

Roshni said” n do u remember ” before she could complete ragini interepts” n do u remember that u both r not supposed to meet each other n you guyz are romancing here haan”

“mom itz nt romance.. Romance vo h jo aap or dad krte ho ??” she winks naughtily

“naughty girl… Just wait” ragini said n roshni ran while shouting ” mandap pe milte hai topper”



“look roshni looks so beautiful na”? sanskar said

“ya afterall apni masi pe jo gai hai?? ” swara said proudly

” ohh plz.. Roshni is more beautiful n sensible than u baby” sanskar argue

“ooooooo hold on Mr… Don’t forget that she is my xerox copy… Vahi chehra wahi aadat ” swara said while narrowing her eyes

“ye toh hai..” sanskar said looking at her eyes

“i luv u sanskar ” swara hold his arm

“i luv u too swara… Btw can I suggest u one thing” he ask

“what ” swara said

” lets born again… N live a lyf again.. ” sanskar suggest her

” no way I don’t want to go there.. I don’t want to loose you” swara said with teary eyes

“u r so selfish na” sanskar comments

“what do you mean by this ?” swara frowned

” no I mean if we born again… I can find a better match for myself? “hw winks

” don’t worry chiku maheshwari I am not gonna leave u… ?? ” she giggles

” swara.. Come lets see our marriage… I mean roshni n varun’s marriage ” say said



Varun was sitting in mandap then he saw an angel coming downstairs

((Eri sakhi mangal goa ri, dharti ambar sajao ri,
Dharti ambar sajao ri,
Uttregi aaj mere piya ki sawar,
Arey koi kajal lao ri,
Mohe kala tikka lagao ri,
Unki shat se, dilhun main to pyari,
Laxmi ji waro, nazar utaro,
Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge.))

He gets awestruck seeing her… The Bridal lehngha… Jewelry everything was increasing her beauty…

Nitya(arjun’s daughter and Rohan’s wife) make her sit with varun..

“ohh to sherni also knows how to blush!!! Intresting? ” varun teases her

” shut up☺” roshni said hardly

Pandit starts the rituals.. VaNi completed the seven woes… They are now at the door step of entering a new new… A new journey will begin from here

((Rangon se rang mile,
Naye naye dhang khile,
Khushi aaj dwar mere daale hai dera,))

Varun fill her mang with a pinch of vermillion..

“now u r mine” varun whispers

Roshni blushes..

((Peehu peehu papiha tare,
Koohu koohu koyal jape,
Aangan aangan hai, pariyo ne ghera,
Anhad naad bajao re sab mil,
Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge))

“now m satisfied… My children are Happy ” dp sighs

” haan.. But now our princess will go away from us” ap said with teary eyes

“ohh god annu don’t get sad… Itz just a matter Of an year… After that our roshni will come back to us.. ” dp consoles her

(varun is orphan kavita n her hubby rahul died long back in accident… N varun use to live with maheshwaris…
He is going to Australia for a year cz of sm business)



“are … Come in na ruk q gai!”varun aaked in confusion

“we are entering in a new journey… So i want to start this new journey.. In ur arms… ” roahni said him luvingly

Varun smiles n pick her in his arms… Swara’s last wish.. Became roshni’s first wish… Swara wants to end her journey in two arms n roshni has started the new journey in two arms



” awww they look so adorable na???☺” swra said while resting her head on his shoulder

“so are we?” he winks

” u will never change na☺” she said

“never… Ever… “he said proudly

SwaSan keeps on adoring their family… The family which once get shattered cz of their death… Is now celebrating marriage of their look alikes… They search for happiness and finally found that in new generation…



everyone was sitting in living room… Then they heard a soft bark.. A bark of dog…
Then a small white Maltese puppy came in running

This is Maltese puppy


Roshni pick that up in her arms.. N said “aww my babu u r soo cute?”

Everyone’s eyes welled up listening the name “babu ” as after swasan’s death babu too died..

“i luv u babu…? Look dadu he is cute na??” roshni said with smiling face

“n I luv u…? Sherni… U always wanted a pet dog na.. So here he is” varun said while adoring roshni’s happiness


“nahiiiiii don’t do that…?? M telling u… U will repend surely.. ?Beta chachu ki baat maan le mt kr glti ???” sanskar shouts

” what happened… ? Y r u shouting “swara asked

” look varun is Repeating my mistake” sanskar said in serious tone

Swara gave him a confused look..

“aree look there..” He makes her saw varun roshni n their new pet “now this new babu will tell u hw to romance.. Jaise mere romance ki baji thi.. Infact bajti hai???” he said in irritation

Swara burst out laughing and babu barks on him… ???
Then babu stats to run to catch sanskar.. Sanskar aage babu ?peeche.. ??????

“aree stop it guyz.. Or else I will die??” swara said while controlling laughter

“swara u r already dead.?.. Bt plz save me… ” sanky said while running

Swara then picks babu up in her arms…

” phew thank god bacha lia.. ? Otherwise ye kutta”(babu barks) ” ha ha sry ye babu mujhe kaat leta??” he sighs

Swara giggles..


Roshni was in her room… Then varun came… N hugs her from back

“hmm.. So do u lyk my gift?” he ask

“i luv that?” she turns..

Varun goes closer to her… He was about to kiss her but new babu became fly in ointment… ??
He barks… N roshni pick him up “kya hua mere babu ko???”

“aree yaar galat gift le aya???” varun repends

Roshni laughs ???

Finally everything is fine… Swasan’s soul are happy… They are together… N now no one can separate them…

Varun and roshni are… Swara n sanskar of the new generation… All found their happiness in them….
All the broken dreams are now fulfilled… Swara’s last wish became roshni’s first wish…

That’s why life is unpredictable…

Happy ending

Guyz m sry if It doesn’t match ur Expectations as m still in the trauma of exams ????

Tmrw I will post intro of my new ffs…

Credit to: Meher


  1. Sueño

    Yaar……. U R toooo goood…….. U R jus mindblowing……… Atleast heaven mein bhi Babu……… N bechara varun………. Agn another Babu cme as kabab mein hadi……. LOLzzzzzzs????????????
    Seriously…… M nt able to stp my laugh?????
    Awesme epilogue dear…….. Superb???

  2. Serena

    ?????di u made me emotional m shedding tears.???but it was awesoawesome and the best part was sautan no 2 but Di m already crying coz of episode and u made me cried again but really I’ll miss ur this ff.

    • Serena

      Di please help me m trying to post a ss since three days but everytime TU is saying that”plz don’t direct post”
      Wat to do.

    • Hey kiddo why are you sheding tears on this…. N in episode I was lyk.. TV tor doon.. That shit ssk… Urrgghh..

      N try again.. If it still doesn get submitted then contact tu cz of server up gradation there were sm issues

  3. Anjali



    This epilogue was so typically meher…. loved it……

    Soo cutee…. especially the flashback part, the gardener and all…Lol….

  4. angel

    aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwesome………..i loved the part when sanskar said u r already dead….hehe……….zabardast

  5. tani

    This was literally nt expected
    It was literally a BOOM
    awesome episode yaar….loved it….
    d heaven part is too cute…..
    awesome epilogue I have ever read…
    will miss u

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    Love u meher and what an epilogue….. ?

  7. Hope

    My whole family thinks now dat i’m mad now coz i was lol reading dis..esply Babu waala.. Bechara Sanskar usse heaven pe bhi apna Sautan peeche nhi choda…VaNi kaa babu bhi shuru se kebab mein haddi ban gaya.. Tnk u meher 4 dis..otherwise i shud have felt sad whenever I think of ur ff..which was one of my fav..still is..
    Waiting 4 ur nxt ff..all d best..and me too in the exam trauma…

    • Hw can babu… Leave his swara… Yr.. ?

      Yup n iss baar varun apne lye sautan laya???

      I CAn understand ur pain… Exams ????

  8. Eva

    Awwww..this one was so cool…..everyone’s lookalike entered..including babu’s…..awesome…Meher…..this was an excellent epilogue…

      • Eva

        Lol?? this babu’s part was the best part then…i loved it..topper and bookworm…and that fb incident gardener thingi..that was funny to…my god…i bet I was the happiest to see this epilogue which scrolling down swaragini tu page….and and and..i enjoyed it…

  9. Dharsha

    U missed u sooooooooooooooo much Meher…..
    arey no no ur ff???just kidding missed both???

    U r toooooooo good ???

    In love with this epilogue ???

    The resemblence u brought are so adorable ???

    BTW how was ur exams??????

    And ya…..Love u a lot for giving us this wonderful ff ???

    • Hawww hoe mean!!! ?
      Koi nhi kalyug hai… ?? that too ghor wala.. ???

      In luv with this epilogue so baat aage chalu… Shld I contact epilogue ‘s mumma mrs prologue and papa mr introduction ?????

      Exams ka naam nhi lete hurt hota hai ????
      (it was nyc vese???)

  10. Serena

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  11. Neha

    Ohhh god…now am happy…very nice and amazing..thanks for giving us such a beautiful story…swarg mein bhi kutte ne…oooops sorry babu ne sanskar ka pichha nhi chhoda…waiting for your new ff…love you??????

  12. bisha

    MEHER! You killed me!! :-O It was SUPERB!! I intentionally dint comment in the last epi. You know emotions mummed me. And I dint comment. But you rocked totally. And love ya dear.

    I really really loved each n every bit of this story. I loved Swara here. She is so so much adorable n cute. And ya, special love is your smileys. They r so so cute.

    Keep writing such beautiful ffs dear :-).. waiting eagerly for the next story. I just need to remember the names!! 😉

    • Plz smone hire an advocate for me… I don’t kno bt bisha is saying that I killed her… Mata rani help me ??????

      Thnku dear… ???

      • Anjali

        I’ll be your advocate 😉 😉 Though idk the first thing about law… 😉

        Issok… I’ll still free you by cinfusing bisha’s lawyer!!! 😛 😛

      • bisha

        Haha!! 😀 . Ab to mar chuki hoon. To Swara Sanskar aur Babu k sath heaven se sab dekhungi!! 😉 :-* . Àur agar badmashi ki to bhoot hoke daraungi :-/ 😉 .Because I am not a good soul like SwaSan n babu. I am a naughty soul. Hihihi. But having soo much fun with them here. 😉 I am soo lucky 😉 :-*

    • Thnku dear… N I don’t kno the reason for ur tension… Bt don’t get bothered with that….

      Keep smiling ??

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    Meher di it was just out of my imagination………di ur tooooo gooooood……..mind blowing………incredible………awwwww heaven Mein bhi babu ? loved Roshni and Varun marriage ?……. Heavenly made couple……LOL ek aur babu?…….. Seriously di hasi rok nahi pa rahi hoon?……. Thnx for the epilogue….. Luv u loads….. ?

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    Awesome meher n ya i write a ff revenge n love story of two lovers in under qubool hai

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    Funniest epilogue ever read…only u can do this…

  17. shani

    Sooo nice sweet and funny…I loved it aoo much and I will miss ur ff .
    .and it’s good that u r going to start a new story…keep writing…god bless u…

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    Woow.. Its mindblowing.. Perfect ‘the end’ sissy… 🙂 U r just fabulous.. I’ll miss ur this ff badly.. 🙁 btw, when u r starting ur new ff?? M soo excited.. Eager to know the concept.. 😉

      • Shalmali Kamble

        Actually, I don’t knw hw to give links.. 😀 sry sissy.. 🙁 & ya.. till 20 th may I can’t post.. I’m going to Kashmir! With my family..

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    • Meher

      Don’t u dare to say sorry…

      U r just lyk my Lil sweetie pie… ?

      I will definitely post that baby ??

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