swasan – revenge of love full prolouge


Hello friends. Actually I have mistakenly posted incomplete prologue. Here is full part.
At West bengal
A small village . With narrow roads, green environment , lovely river narasunda flows across the village. Birds sing melodies songs. All people help one another and lives in harmony.
But one fine day everything changed.
Nattu shop keeper : she has come back
Birju farmer : oh god how can you do this to us ?
Bhola : let’s go to shekhars house
All assembles near a house
All are crying. Their lovely daughter has returned. Who can’t stop talking for a minute is completely silent . Who can’t stay at a place for a minute is not even moving. Who had gone from here 5 months ago in wedding dress has returned covered in white clothes.
Her mother is crying vigorously ” no she can’t leave me swara my bacha come back I will die. Please don’t leave me. ”
She is trying to see her face but villagers stop her cause face is damaged completely.
Her father does her last rites.

At Delhi
A big bungalow is shown a woman is sitting in front of a girl’s picture with garland.
Two man comes down and sees the picture with a smirk on their face.
A woman comes and says ” jaan let’s go this drama won’t end soon.

A young man comes in stylish dress with earphones. He looks at the picture and become sad. He gets a call.
Yes kavi I am coming don’t worry we’ll party till night.
He goes away
Women 1: look it’s not even two days his wife have died and he is going to party !
Women 2: yes he used stay with her all time couldn’t leave her for a minute and now. ..
Women 3: arre all that was fake now this is the real face. One has gone another will come.
Guys please support me I need it very much. And tell me what should I post first royal love or my savior ?

Credit to: sinin

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